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  1. Really can't be more happy after those drives. Thank you @Frederic & @Kalaharifor the guidance and support. Thank you all for this beautiful morning drive.
  2. Thank you guys for this exciting drive! Special thanks for @Asif Hussainfor leading the convoy, saving the day and temp fixing my car.
  3. Apologies guys, I had to pull out due to heavy fog. I hit the road on time but unfortunately before Samha things started to look scary with no sight distance. Wish you made it safely to the start point.
  4. Thank you all for this fantastic drive today and a big thank you for @Fredericand @Wrangeldfor the support during the drive. Hope to see all soon.
  5. @Chaitanya DThank you for leading this drive. I drive a 2005 Pajero SWB and I have no previous experience in off-roading. I confirm gear and tow points availability except the radio. Any place I can buy the radio from in Abu Dhabi please?
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