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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021

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  1. None of the above @Gaurav. We were in the valley crossing on flats; nothing crazy, I deviated once car width to the left to avoid the dust from the Cherokee ahead of me.. There was a ledge it seems that I did not see and boom ! A freak accident honestly, when you expect it the least...
  2. Jumped over a one meter ledge that took be by surprise in the valley at Pink Rock.... Took the car for a "post jump inspection"; all is well. I have no such intentions at all!! Maybe at some point will lift 2.5 inches, but not yet, will see.
  3. You guys are awesome. Great input, thanks a lot.. Yes @Zixuan Huang - Charlie I am having the bumper fixed (it survived it seems); I am getting the bottom part shaved as advised by @Kailasand they will relocate the license plate (until I decide to upgrade to front and rear Rubicon bumpers and get me a winch so I can bail your [email protected]#% out). That was a hell of a jump I took; a real freak accident. Can't get that loud boom out of my head; I never thought the car will survive it...
  4. I was offered by a reputable Off-Gear mechanic shop to reinforce my 2020 4 doors Jeep Wrangler's axles with Dana Monster Truss (Axle Reinforcement Kit). They say that it will strengthen the car and adds safety. Does anyone know anything about that? Did anyone get it done? Is it recommended for the type of off roading, dune bashing we do?
  5. Fantastic drive indeed @Foxtrot Oscar. My poor guest got more than what he signed up for; but he truly enjoyed it.. The last climb took us by surprise; we thought we were done when we saw the tarmac and suddenly we found ourselves climbing like crazy; this is where we got a bucket load of sand go throw the windows as we were literally over a ridge, I had to maneuver it almost blindly. Thanks Miss @Lawrence_Chehimi for the water; needed for the eye rinse... I was one of the drivers distracted by the photo shoot; well how couldn't you? My co-pilot was saying, she is scantily dressed; so
  6. Another excellent fast paced and challenging ride. Lots of fun and technical dunes. Thanks @Mehmet Volga for leading and @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQfor your assistance and quick response. Now I am sold; will get a winch for my Wrangler. Good to practice pulling out a stuck car and being pulled out. It is I guess part of the learning. Kudoes to @Alexandre for managing such a drive with the Montero! Impressive. See you all next time.
  7. Is there a rule that when they are five or more people on a waiting list an Expert volunteers and organizes a drive ? We will treat him/her for dinner.
  8. Excellent ride. Yes it was slow at the beginning due to refusals but the finale ( more like the second half) was sizzling. Both the need for speed and for ridge riding were well satisfied. @Mehmet Volgathanks for organizing and pushing through to the end. Thanks @Veedoosheefor your support and ever presence. @Pierre de Maigret it was fun driving close behind you; I wish I had a hood cam to document side slopping and three wheeling (suction tripod for video cam ordered from Amazon already).. Fun! Looking fwd for the nice drive. Inchallah next week or on a weekday (we need more weekday r
  9. @Janarthan; i don't know how it happened but it seems I am RSVPed for 2 rides tomorrow. Obviously I can't 2 both I will have to get out of this one and will join @Mehmet Volga in Lisaili. I am sorry about the confusion. I hope someone WListed will grab it. Sorry again. Nothing personal BTW; just that Lisaili is only 35 minutes away; i can sleep few minutes more.
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