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  1. Dear @Ale Vallecchithank you very much for yesterday’s drive, one to remember with all my refusals! Soft sand can definitely be traitorous! @Looperthank you for your assistance and a very special mention to @Ignacio Quindóswho literally saved me from a nasty sand pocket with his winch.
  2. Hi @Shaaz Shaand @Looper, thank you very much for the ride of today.You certainly made all sweat and I cannot remember to have experienced so many refusals, crests together with 2 pop-ups. Definitely a first price for it! It certainly challenged us all which is the best way to learn and soon we will all surf on dunes with great ease. Thank you again and see you soon for another fabulous ride.
  3. Thank you all of you for it and for your encouraging words. Credit is definitely to you, the fantastic Marshalls I had the chance to drive with. It has always been a fun and learning time with you Guys. See you soon
  4. Thank you very much @M.Seidamfor this terrific first drive of the year. Amazing video too!
  5. Hi Frederic, I have added my name yesterday on the waiting list. Let me know if there is any cancellation. Best, Pierre
  6. Thank you very much @Mehmet Volgafor the drive of yesterday. A first time for me as SL and I enjoyed it tremendously. Amazing, I got crested once which hasn’t happened for a very long time… These little dunes of soft sand definitely had their challenges and it was an intense work of shoveling 😄. @Veedoosheeyou were amazing, always present and monitoring an incredible number ofrecoveries. @Anish Syou are a great photographer and thank you for the great memories we can take with us.
  7. Thank you @Wrangeld@Niki@Alex Raptorand @Mehmet Volgafor this amazing drive with plenty of technical dunes. @Wrangeldalthough I did not catch all your jokes, my step son in the car enjoyed them tremendously, loving what he called a sensational “50 years old virgin humour”, sorry I had to report that one ! Thanks for the ride and for the fun !
  8. Thank you very much @Anish S and @Frederic for the beautiful drive of yesterday. Really enjoyable and quite technical, presenting all necessary challenges. A very nice pace and a stunning sun set. No better way to en-up the week-end!
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