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  1. Hi @Brette - could I ask a favor please, to be nearer the front end of the convoy? It will be my first drive in a different car (Crew cab GMC AT4 truck vs my old 2 door JK Wrangler…) so would prefer to be nearer the front if possible for this first drive. Thank you!
  2. @sertac - yes, I’ve driven in their groups, they are genius’ with their cars for sure. Space issue is more for normal driving, family etc. Hard to balance the two…
  3. Thanks @Nathan and @sertac. I can see logic in all of what you're saying. Power and space vs. nimble and light. As of today its an easy decision as there's no stock of Trail-boss or AT4, so I've got a few more months to make up my mind!
  4. Hi everyone. I currently drive a 2 door JK Wrangler, and love it. For a newbie like me its great fun on Carnity drives. But as those who own one know, it's tiny if you need to fit more than 2 people, and anything more than a pair of socks as luggage. I've been looking the long wheelbase Crew Cab Chevy Trailboss/GMC Sierra AT4, but am worried about the length of them. The power is a big drawcard and the lifted ride height, and I've seen lots of fellow Carnity members driving long wheelbase F150's and some Dodge Rams, but I would really like advice from those who have these longer trucks, is it just too big? Particularly for Carnity drives, has anyone found the wheelbase length to be annoying? Ay advice gratefully received!
  5. Thanks to Ale and the rest of the team for a great drive. It was my first drive back after a long summer break, and it didn’t take me long to remember why I love desert driving, and why I’m sure Carnity is the right club for me. There is a fantastic balance of pushing to learn new skills, but in a supportive and safe environment. Cheers And here’s a great shot of Alex’s well appointed Jeep
  6. Sorry I’ve had to change my plans unexpectedly, so have removed myself from the drive. Enjoy
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