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  1. @sertac - yes, I’ve driven in their groups, they are genius’ with their cars for sure. Space issue is more for normal driving, family etc. Hard to balance the two…
  2. Thanks @Nathan and @sertac. I can see logic in all of what you're saying. Power and space vs. nimble and light. As of today its an easy decision as there's no stock of Trail-boss or AT4, so I've got a few more months to make up my mind!
  3. Hi everyone. I currently drive a 2 door JK Wrangler, and love it. For a newbie like me its great fun on Carnity drives. But as those who own one know, it's tiny if you need to fit more than 2 people, and anything more than a pair of socks as luggage. I've been looking the long wheelbase Crew Cab Chevy Trailboss/GMC Sierra AT4, but am worried about the length of them. The power is a big drawcard and the lifted ride height, and I've seen lots of fellow Carnity members driving long wheelbase F150's and some Dodge Rams, but I would really like advice from those who have these longer tru
  4. Thanks to Ale and the rest of the team for a great drive. It was my first drive back after a long summer break, and it didn’t take me long to remember why I love desert driving, and why I’m sure Carnity is the right club for me. There is a fantastic balance of pushing to learn new skills, but in a supportive and safe environment. Cheers And here’s a great shot of Alex’s well appointed Jeep
  5. Sorry I’ve had to change my plans unexpectedly, so have removed myself from the drive. Enjoy
  6. Simon Hope

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