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  1. Jerry Han

    Jerry Han

  2. Thanks @Srikumar for your guidance and leading this fun drive! The side sloping session was a good opportunity to test the limit of my car and skills 😅
  3. @Srikumar awesome! tks for accomodating the start time. I am driving Pajero 3.5 LWB, with experience of 2 newbie drives. I have flag, walkie, pressure gauge and deflator. No compressor. See you on fri.
  4. Hi @Srikumar any chance of starting at 630am? It takes abt 1.5hr to drive from Abu Dhabi city to Sweihan. Assuming the meeting point is same (24.4020000, 55.3789720) as the previous one i did with Carnity. As we can only start driving at 5am 😅
  5. After 2 sand dune bashing newbie trips, i saw the inside of my bonnet become very sandy. Is it recommended to find a garage to clean the sand away or it's fine to leave it as is?
  6. @samamara i am also driving a pajero. Regarding the kill switch, i experienced a stuck situation during my 1st newbie drive. I was advised by the senior to plug it back as the traction control can help in recovering. It was a pretty hot day and having to open the bonnet to replug it in was a bit of hassle and i guess partly due to inexperience. And after recovering, i had to remove it again.On the hindsight, i considered it would be much more convenient to have a kill switch instead and also avoid the risk of losing the plug if i have to replug and unplug again during the drive, if i get stuck
  7. Hi @Gaurav sorry i accidentally click the manage button. I am not sure how to undo it. Never mind, i manage to undo it.
  8. So if bumper damage while sand dune bashing, do you think it will be covered under warranty? I know this is a cheap repair if done it myself, but i just want to know if such damages will be covered? Say for example, if i damage other parts under the carriage.
  9. Hi, I am new to UAE and offroad driving. Does car warranties here in general cover damages as a result of sand dune bashing?
  10. Hi, i just did my 1st sand dune bashing last week. Rear bumper came out halfway. I was already warned by Frederic before it happens haha. I am looking for recommendations for garage in abu dhabi to install a rear skid plate. Pls PM me or WA me at 547441806
  11. Thanks @Frederic and @Kailas for your guidance in getting me out of several refusals and stuck. I gained valuable experience and had tremendous fun with everyone on my virgin desert trip. Looking fwd to more! And yes definitely need to get the rear bumper fixed haha!
  12. Hi Frederic, I just received my walkie talkie. Can I check if I need to apply any sort of license to use walkie in UAE?
  13. H Frederic, I am totally new. Zero offroad experience. I just bought my 2017 Pajero 3.5 recently. front and rear tow points seems to be there. Where can I buy the required pressure guage? I am based in Abu Dhabi.
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