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  1. @Chaitanya Dthank you for the opportunity and guidance. I’m looking forward to future rides and improving on my driving skills. @Usman Basit I’ve never been so glad that someone beeped their horn at me 😅
  2. @Mario Cornejo @PaoloMaraziti Thanks to your guidance. I got an 8 mm skid plate for a fraction of the original quote that was given to me.
  3. I’m not sure if skid plates can come removable, Nissan said they won’t honor the Warranty if I made any modifications. I’ll have to sneak it off for servicing 😅
  4. @Mario Cornejo the pics help. I got a big dent under the bumper today 😒 so I definitely need a skid plate. I’ll do some research. Thanks 🙏🏼
  5. @PaoloMarazitithanks for that feedback yes, I’d like your number to get suggestions on WhatsApp. I’m not sure how to exchange numbers on here.
  6. I’m looking to put a skid plate on my Nissan Patrol Super Safari. I’m wondering where you suggest I go in Dubai, what thickness do people usually get, also I got one quote that was AED 3500 with labor for a 3 mm skid plate is that fair? Seemed high to me. Thanks!
  7. @Foxtrot Oscarmy car made me look more capable than I am 😂 But it was mostly your excellent leadership. I really enjoyed myself and felt very safe. And thank you @Veedooshee for your tips and help with the air compressor.
  8. Looking forward to the drive it’ll be my first other than the absolute newbie. I’m nervous and excited 🙂
  9. @Russ thanks for the input. ARB seems like the consensus. I’d rather invest in something once rather than get the wrong things and waste money. @topgear I looked up Mean Mother (love the name 🤣) because a few of you mentioned it, but it seems hard to find in Dubai.
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