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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021

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  1. What an eventful drive. An all in one package. Thank you @Luca Palanca Falsini for the roller coaster tug. Have dropped of the car at the garage. Yet to get an update from them. The radiator will need to be replaced. Will go for a thicker skid plate. I had gone for 6mm skid plate plus radiator support. But the support was too close to the radiator and instead of saving it killed it. Will miss one or two drives. 😔
  2. Definitely a wonderful drive. It was my first drive at AD and definitely worth the long drive from Dubai. The trip was fun as planned and had a lot to offer in terms of scenic and huge dunes. Thanks @Aisha Sfor the rear tug and thanks @Gaurav for noticing the wheel spin and avoiding the Oops movement. Actually the car was not engaging in 4Lo and I had to move it R and D twice before I could get it engaged and it left me diverted. Also thanks for the tip on the self recovery. Will work on it.
  3. Thank you all. Looking for the next level of challenges.
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