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  1. Thanks @Wrangeld @imranaasghar81 and @Chaitanya Dfor the assistance Thought it was gonna end early for me when my vehicle was acting up initially, glad it all worked out and turned out to be a great day of technical dunes. The wife had so much fun as well. Thank you!
  2. Great call @Tboneand @Gaurav Our basement parking is dim as hell so I didnt notice at all anyways got new shoes! The view before the tug though
  3. Could be the culprit of the refusals? Didnt notice until @Gaurav pointed out one of my rear tires. Shop said the alignment on the rear was a bit of a mess and caused the uneven wear on the inside of the rear tires. And I thought I didnt miss to check anything
  4. Thanks, I still need to master the throttle control I can feel sometimes I have too much momentum ascending even when I barely step on the gas resulting to a bouncy descent after a crest Hopefully a few drives will be able to help with this
  5. @M.Seidam indeed! I got lost deep in the forums today and picked up a few things I'll be able to apply these on future drives, fingers crossed 😄
  6. Just came across this thread while exploring the forums, so not quite sure if this thread is still alive. I remembered a video I saw previously dug himself in on purpose then provided step by step to get out of it solo
  7. I tried to explain this to her that she may get motion sickness since this will be quite different and will be my first night drive, but she's still game. I'm quite concerned that she may get hooked as well and sell her current car! Hopefully the additional weight will benefit me this time Thanks!
  8. hello @Gaurav, this will just be my second drive but the wife is curious and wants to tag along. Can I bring her as well?
  9. @Frederic Thanks for helping me figure it out! GV is a bouncing baby boy and going lower than the initial tire pressure did it. Had a blast and learned more about my vehicle. @M.Seidam was always there to spot! And gave me more confidence on getting out of refusals. BTW i was holding the brake down and was the reason why the transfer case was not engaging
  10. Thanks Fred! Will use the Suzuki GV as lifts and shocks have been upgraded. Yes, both front and rear has recovery points I do not really have a lot of off roading experience and considers myself a newbie Will go over the points you sent to make sure I’m all set for Friday!
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