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  1. [email protected], thank you so much for the details. I do not want to save money I'm looking for the stock like experience, with a better washboard performance and less jumps during approaching the dunes. I made already my experience with custom suspensions and do not want to do this anymore. I think I will follow your approach. Thank you so much! Regards, Felix
  2. Hi @Looper @Ilya, thank you so much for the detailed pictures and analysis. Just one more question - where did you do it and what was the rough price, Jeep directly? Regards, Felix
  3. Hi Neil, I recommend Offroad Zone. My experience with those guys was always great. Regards, Felix
  4. Hi @Neil Jarman, any update on your Jeep? Did they fix it already? Have a great week!
  5. Thank you @Vanessa8580 and @Mehmet Volga was a great ride today. Thank you for your support and patience! Was a Great team today looking forward to the next drives. See you all in the sand! Have a great weekend!!!
  6. Hi @Neil Jarman, really sad that you’ve been stopped by a technical defect! Hope it will be fixed soon! Have a great weekend!!!
  7. @M.Seidam thank you for the nice words! It feels great to be part of the community - I can feel a special mindset here and hope this will be the same during the drives. I’m really looking forward to my first drive tomorrow. I will start bringing my kids again they love the desert and can’t wait to go on their next ride. For the first one I do not want to bring them to be totally focused. Hope to meet you soon on a ride! have a great weekend!
  8. @Gaurav how is it handled? Are most of you use manually or automatic shifting? I prefer manual gear changing even with an automatic transmission during drives. Is this recommended? (if there is a thread already please let me know...still learning)
  9. The Jeep looks awesome! Looking forward to meet you on Friday!
  10. @Zixuan Huang - Charlie @topgear @Gaurav @BHANU PRAKASH VISHWANATH @Enrico Biscaro @Niki @Gregory @Chaitanya D thank you for all your positive feedback during my first hours of membership, I was thinking about joining since several weeks now and it feels like the best one possible for future adventure in the desert! What a great community, cannot wait to meet you and socialize (in accordance with the Covid protocol of course).
  11. Hi @Vanessa8580, 1) Jeep Wrangler JL unlimited (sport) 2) off-roading since 1 year in UAEs deserts (about 20 drives), including a negative experience, now I want to start small again and learn how to master these situations 3) 2 front (Jeep stock), 1 back (also stock) 4) recovery tools, flag, radio, gauge, compressor on hand looking forward to meet you soon!!!
  12. Thank you looking forward to meet you on the drive. I'm happy to share all my experience how not to do it. I'm sure your children will fall in love with the desert, too. It is the highlight of the week for my boys and they are asking every day if we will go on a ride! see you soon - I'm sure you will love it! Hi Enrico, this is exactly what I was looking for. You have to learn it right from the beginning, once it is in the DNA its hard to re-train. I tried it by myself but I want to reach the next level. Looking forward to meet you in the sand!
  13. Hi Gaurav, thank you for the warm welcome. I really love off-roading that's why I was back in desert two weeks later to fight the "fear" and this was probably the best decision. It was hard for the children, took them longer and they played roll-over with their toy rubicons for a long time. I did a long analysis tried to remember as much as possible. I had the perfect set up for the desert and it was easy for me to keep up with an expertise group. But the point in time where the set-up was at at the limit there was no chance for me as beginner to master the situation. I know what w
  14. Thx Charlie, I'm eager to learn and adopt. I'm looking forward to nice drives and lots of fun! Thank you for the nice words!
  15. Hi all, my name is Felix and I joined few hours back. I fell in love with off-roading about one year ago and collected a lot of drives and experiences since then. Unfortunately, one of them was not that great. I had a roll-over in January at the well-known iftar bowl. I was driving up the dune and decided too late to break up was too slow when I turned the wheel and rolled down the dunes with my boys at the backseat. Luckily it was a Jeep and we all survived without an injury but shocked. Needless to say, that the car was a write-off. I did some drives till then, but the experience is not
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