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  1. I have had to bow out from this drive as it is my grandson's birthday. And although we don't celebrate it at 6am, I am expected to be lucid and awake during the day 😁. Enjoy the drive. See you all on the next one.
  2. Congratulations @Vaibhav. Well done and well deserved.
  3. @GauravSoni thanks for an exhilarating drive, I loved the faster pace in the second part. Good to get some adrenaline pumping 😂. And thanks to @Simon Dawood and @salah2u in support as well as @Haitham Khattab in 2nd lead. @Yusuf Esaf I hope you have been able to sort out your car. Fellow dune bashers @Sam K @Ignacio Quindós @Tareq Al Turq @Salim Akhtar below a link with some Gladiator POV videos of our drive. https://photos.app.goo.gl/3JCdLJUDaF3z5mJH8
  4. @Rizwanm2 thanks for an enjoyable drive, well led and executed. Ably assisted by @Gregory and @Senthil Kumar. Thanks to both. Fellow dune bashers @Haitham Khattab @Imran Kashif @Tareck @Tareq Al Turq @Peter Hager @Ignacio Quindós @Jessica Lambert @Sam K, it was a pleasure driving with all of you. Below a link to some Gladiator POV videos of our drive. https://photos.app.goo.gl/PGfKDfGRNjaUroLG6
  5. Hi @Sam K it was indeed nice. Looking forward to more drives together. The camera is the Insta360 X2. Now the X3.
  6. I will have to bow out from this drive as I am being surprised with a staycation weekend away. Will see you all next time. Enjoy the drive.
  7. @Hisham Masaad thank you for a very thrilling drive and thank you for giving me the opportunity to be SL. I was so excited that I made the rookie mistake of driving off in 2H! Causing me to immediately get stuck. Luckily we had @Ranjan Das on hand to give me a quick tug. Thank you! And while the able support of @JeromeFJ was right at the other end of the convoy, it is always a pleasure to share a drive with you. And thanks to @Brette for the advise when I had some refusals. Always good to have a marshal present. Fellow dune bashers @Haitham Khattab @Salim Akhtar @Jose Thomas @Tareq Al Turq @Imran Kashif please find some Gladiator POV videos at the link below: https://photos.app.goo.gl/rsqeYEMbKSY3dt7J8
  8. @Gaurav Soni thanks for a very nice drive last week, ably supported by @Rob Sand @Pacific. Interesting to run my long truck in 2wd @ 2500rpm but we managed 😁. Fellow dune bashers @Gertjan @tarek @Jaro Tuzinsky @Zulfikhar Naiyar @Mohammed Sirajuddin @Naim Aoun @Pieter Potgieter @Jad Moussalli, at the link below some Gladiator POV videos of our drive. https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B1753qWtHG3f2m
  9. @Islam Soliman thanks for an awesome drive and my first Fewbie Plus. Shame to see you damage your car but grateful you are ok. Look forward to the next drive. Dear fellow dune bashers @Amr Aydin @Karthikeyan Govindarajan @Joseph Raju @JamesThorn @Warren Flay @Haitham Khattab @Imran Kashif @Naveen Raj @Karthik Raptor @Gerrit Bus Please find some Gladiator POV videos at the link below. https://photos.app.goo.gl/L3MyCpzEcvhXYjZs6
  10. @JeromeFJ as by now I am used to, yet another awesome drive under your very capable leadership. Thank you. Always a pleasure. And with @Rob S in support and @Richard Franks as sweep we had a very efficient convoy. Fellow dune bashers @Haitham Khattab @Mike. @Sunny84 @TT_Dubai @takeshi sobue @Dinesh Kumar A @Imran Kashif @Suresh K @Waqas Parvez @Gregory Powell at the link below you will find some Gladiator POV videos of our drive. https://photos.app.goo.gl/SPtNU6pZMu5K1Sp29
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