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  1. @Ranjan Daslet me know what they say. Very curious and can happen to any jeeper.
  2. @Waqas Parvez @Rob S @ASAD.
  3. @Shaaz ShaI can feel your pain. We are all in the same boat. For me it’s Home minister and secretary (daughter) who are the boss.
  4. Congratulations @george charbelon the promotion
  5. @Shaaz Shaconquering Faqa 💪
  6. @Islam SolimanThank you for today's drive. We started the drive with waking up our mind and warming up with technical dunes. As time passed we went for for big, bigger and biggest dunes in Badayer with pace and control. You did an exceptional job with leading us specially with the wind and soft sand. Kudos to you. @munkybizness after @Islam Solimanyou were the most active on the Radio with giving instructions with obstacles which @Waqas Parvezfollowed exceptionally well. I am sure Islam, you and Waqas had a lot of challenges with the bumps and soft sand. The FJ Boys @Rajiv [email protected] Khalil @Ashok chaturvedidrove exceptionally well. @Mohamad AnwerFirst Intermediate drive of yours but we have driven previously in many drives before and your skills are really good. I love your car. Really a beauty to see it climb big dunes. @James Thorn following the beast is a challenge, good drive today mate. @Matt.T Good to meet you and hope I did not leave the sand churned for you. @Ranjan Das As a sweep i know it gets lonely specially when the convoy drove exceptionally well and though there were refusals it was handled very well by each individual. 3 Wranglers at the back had a big challenge specially with the churned sand But I am proud to say wranglers performed the way their built for. Looking forward to see everyone on the sand soon
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