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  1. Thank you @Chaitanya D for leading us to yellow truck. 30 Mins into the drive after your car hit a bump and went in a limp mode and everyone tried to check on the car to have it restart. The best part of the drive we reached out to @Asif Hussainbhai and he reached to us along with his convoy . Followed by @JeromeFJwith his convoy. @Asif HussainBhai along with his expertise got the car back to normal and @JeromeFJ informing an issue with @Gok Krishcar who had to be exited and hope you reached home back safely. After all the issues were sorted out we moved on to reach the yellow truck. For me personally it was such a pleasure being a second lead and following you lines Doc @Chaitanya D . @Bjoern was the 3rd car who drove well and followed the instructions exceptionally well from me with the path ahead. @Pascalfollowed as 4th car drove really well. Between the drive we got @Jaro Tuzinsky behind me so he could have less churned tracks. who drove well. Good job on self recovery in soft sand. I am sure you got some good workout on the arms. @Patrick van der Loo @Richard Franksand @Senthil Kumar with their Jeeps drove without any issues. Lets not forget the support team @ASAD., @Waqas Parvez and @Karthik Raptor who took care of the convoy and support the refusals. We had a convoy of 13 cars but we did not have much issues specially with experts like @varunmehndirattaanchoring in center and @M.Seidamas a sweep. Gents it gave everyone a safety feeling with your presence in the convoy. Looking forward to meet everyone soon in the sand once again.
  2. There goes everything 😞
  3. Liwa is called the Mecca of Offroaders and Beautiful but it is very challenging . Strapping and keeping all the goods fixed is very important.
  4. Congratulations @ASAD.bhai on the promotion. Mandi in Liwa
  5. Congratulations @Gary F on the promotion. Well done
  6. Congratulations @Fabien Monleau on the promotion. Well deserved
  7. Congratulations @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler on the promotion. Get ready to lose some calories!
  8. @varunmehndirattabhai I had seen it once seems pretty good with space. I have one below the driver seat but summer I nee suffer as I am unable to close the door. I am unable to tell you on the performance of it.
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