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  1. @Frederic hi fred. Any spot left for a last minute support?
  2. @Gaurav I echo the statement from @Davie Chase such a smooth drive with the right amount of adrenaline rush everytime i get dirty on the sand. Thank you mate. @Alphin Aloor @Arun Menon @Emanuel @Glenn W it was a pleasure to see some new faces for this drive. You all drove well and were up to challenge. until nxt time, enjoy ur week
  3. What a great way to come back to the sand after couple of weeks; the scorching heat does not help with my AC that i am already struggling with (got it checked twice and getting different versions). @Varun Mehndiratta thank you mate for organising this amazing drive; i was a bit surprised with the start time (5 am..); however it was definitely worth waking up at 3 am! We were also well supported by our Marshall @Hisham Masaad who provided accurate advise and instructions to all the drivers (including me). Though most of the drivers were experienced (IM level), the soft sand did not make it easier for us. The pop-up was a result of us trying to manage through the dunes (and avoiding the bushes); well-done to the team to get this fixed very quickly. @Benjamin @Zed @Saverio Arena @MohamedSherif @Gary F @Brett Eicher @Gertjan thank your for making my life easy. Until next time, enjoy the week and see you guys in a couple of weeks. Cheers
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