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  1. Congratulations @rohit kumar now you can push your raptor
  2. Thank you for your nice thoughts. You have always been a morale booster during our drives and someone who is always upbeat. It has been a pleasure to drive with you, and I know there will be many more in the future.
  3. @Chaitanya Dthank you for including everyone on the waitlist and providing them the opportunity to join the drive. The first drive for 2023 was amazing; the weather was lovely with a light drizzle that was ideal for a 4-hour drive. It was a pleasure driving with some new members @Jeetu Sharma @Klaus Pedersen @Nadeem Ansari @Rashid Alseeni @Bhaskar @essam ibrahim @Bravoecho @rohit kumar in @Carnity you all drove beautifully, thank you @Varun Mehndirattafor supporting the drive Here are the drive statistics. I've also included images of the majority of you climbing the pink rock in the gallery.
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