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  1. @Gautam Banka i have 2022 prado as well,i dont have any cutt of issues,i have been trying to tune my car but ecu is locked ,wouldn't mind catching up with you once you're back to learn more about the tunning.
  2. I have encountered it twice as your second lead,your like a lizard who suddenly disappears 😅,hope fully your brake light are working now😅 🤞
  3. Congratulations @Looper you have always been there to support guide and inspire other's with your knowledge and statistics 😃
  4. We all promise are wife the same thing,untill we see that dune Ratatatatatatattatt all the way up
  5. Congratulations on your promotion, @Ale VallecchiYou have always been an inspiration to me when it comes to off-roading, and you were instrumental in helping me comprehend it as well.
  6. Congratulations @Imteeaz you have always demonstrated helping attitude and supported in drives,it is always great to have you in drives
  7. Congratulations @Misha Puskar enjoy your new level 😀
  8. Welcome @Marketa Dobesova to the club,looking forward to be driving with you.
  9. Unfortunately, the break down caused a bit of delay , but aside from that everyone in the convoy drove brilliantly @Maheshwar C.S. @Mehek Merchant @Xavi Moyano bravo and great job on 1st drive , job well done.it was great to make new friends @Misha Puskar @DEEPAK ESWAR @Jeetu Sharma @GeorgeFJ @sohinik, great support by @Looper @Fabien Monleau @Melenany @Gaurav it was yet another great learning opportunity for me to learn how to exit a car that has significant damage, @sohinik hope it is sorted out soon i have posted the photos in the gallery , enjoy
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