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  1. @Srikumar I apologise but unfortunately I need to cancel for tomorrow. I hope I'm not too late to leave the place to someone else...
  2. Hi @Frederic, I've seen a cool photo of a good looking white Prado on Instagram 😎. Can you share original here? Thanks.
  3. @Frederic & @Danish Mohammad (and the whole team) thank you for a great ride and enjoyable day.
  4. Hi, I've removed myself from WL as I can not come tomorrow. Thank you. Have a great ride. Best, Vasja
  5. Hi, there is a bit of wrong information in the original post. it's saying "When: 12 Feb 2022, Sunday". Got me confused. This drive is tomorrow Saturday 12th. Correct?
  6. @Foxtrot Oscar and @JeromeFJthank you for the great day (and all for digging me out ) looking forward to drive again with you sometime soon.
  7. Hi, I've just got both front and back spoiler removed. Also small front mud flops removed. Not too difficult - approximately 2h job. Yes, it's a number of holes, some rather big May plan for next steps is to trim front bumper, fill the holes and paint all below the line where the spoiler ended black.
  8. Hi @Waqas Parvez, your mod looks super nice, I'm researching to do similar or replace the bumper for fibre one. Metal look nice but apparently one would need to pull it of every year to get trough inspection. Besides we do not have kangaroos here ... I have a 2021 Prado Adventure (with additional lips/spoiler below bumpers - even lower then without). Would you mind sharing where did you get skid plate and bumper trim? My whatsapp is +971525086821. Thanks.
  9. Thanks @Rob S this is super helpful for all newbies as well. I'm also finding it difficult to navigate some Prado mods. I have the Adventure model and I'll need to remove front and back spoiler and add skid plate. Plus eventually replace front bumper as the new model will probably look ugly if only trimmed. If any one has any image to share for the modified or fabricated front bumper for new model, that would be great.
  10. Hi, 1. yes: Prado - white 2. no driving experience 3. yes as shared in my first post
  11. Thanks @Zixuan Huang - Charlie, this is helpful. I'll take a look at options to upgrade asap. Yes, Prado won but not totally without hassle
  12. Hi, I'm driving a stock Toyota Prado 2021 only fitted with stock tow hook back and front, not the heavy duty ones, (pictures included) Is this sufficient or do I need to fix additional ones before first drive. I will do that anyway I'm just not sure I'll manage to do that this week. Looking forward to Sunday. Thanks.
  13. I went with AXA at the end - . Agent was talking about 5m limitation but it's not in the final policy (at least I can not find it). But there is section which was mentioned before. It also mentions off road recovery... I guess this is ok. Best, Vasja
  14. Thank you @Tom B. That is interesting - my agent/broker is claiming none of them do. Including Orient.
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