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  1. I installed my flag with a couple of cable ties. There is movement of the flag itself but the flag pole I have has a stopper that keeps the flag from sliding down the pole. The stopper itself is just a piece of rubber (i think or plastic) that is held in place with another cable tie - should be possible to make something like this with the right size rubber gasket and a small cable tie or electrical tape. Below image from the internet of the kind of stopper I'm talking about. The stopper also moves but needs a bit of force to move it as the rubber doesn't slide too easily on the metal.
  2. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi for the great drive this morning. All 3 Emirates conquered This was my first time in Sweihan and I see why people like it. Very nice terrain with technical areas and dunes where you can let loose. I fear I may have let loose a bit too much though - got my first pop out today 😅. PSI was higher than other drives I've done in the past, I guess I just took the turn too fast and got the wheel caught in someone's track. Thanks @Cesar Chacon, @nithish468 & @Batuhan Kulac for the help getting me back up and running, much appreciated! Thanks to everyone who joined - was a blast! See you all again soon
  3. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi, @DP1011 & @Shiju Raju for the drive today! Lots of small dunes and technical driving in Dubai. Must say I prefer Sharjah with the bigger dunes and bowls Did get to do a few additional fun lines thanks to @DP1011. Being at the back of the convoy has it's advantages 😁 2 Emirates down, 1 to go! Abu Dhabi in the morning!!
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