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  1. https://www.khaleejtimes.com/news/transport/dubai-sharjah-ferry-service-launched-ticket-timings-free-trip-details
  2. I am not sure about the prices. But you can contact this guy, Harry 0523102218. They deliver battery anywhere in Dubai. He sells exclusively Amaron batteries only.
  3. bced73e80aa5363c8bc247cfc0db21ae.mp4
  4. Wow - look how fast the fire took hold. Fire Engine turned up a few minutes later. Brave young man who rushed to this strangers aid. We were working in office across the road when gentleman pulled over and fire sprang out of his dashboard. Seconds later it was a raging inferno.
  5. Bottle Cap Challenge 6dd3ee4.mp4
  6. @shadow79 Would you like to share some input on this topic? What are your thoughts?
  7. I was asking which year models are preferred, for eg 2006 onward or between 2007 to 210 etc.. Just to understand which year model had many issues or not. Thanks anyway for the input. Well that my friend is called getting attention. Otherwise there are hardly people over here who talk about sedans. Its all 4x4 talk only..
  8. Need help buying a Jaguar XF. Anyone here has any experience buying a used jaguar. Need some tips regarding the foll: Which year model is preferable (Price range 30 to 40k) How many kms are ok to consider whilst buying a used jaguar xf Any experience on the maintenance and spare parts costs? Any tips would be helpful.
  9. Any reliable workshops/service station fro Chevrolet cars? For regular service only. No repairs. Since this was one is closed. And it was highly recommended by @Gaurav. Where are you taking your Chevy now @Gaurav ?
  10. Is this service center permanently closed? As per Google maps thats the status. Does anyone have any update?
  11. What's the Cost of Buying a New Car vs Used Car? Does this rule apply for UAE cars as well? ] If not which points to be considered when it comes to GCC cars.
  12. "Customer loyalty and brand perception are looser than ever before, so this is probably the best time for the Korean automakers to jump into the ring."The handsome Telluride captured 10,965 sales in its first two months of availability in the U.S. and became the automaker's fastest-turning model in the nation last month, according to Bill Peffer, vice president of sales and operations for Kia Motors America. The Georgia-assembled crossover accounted for more than 10 percent of the brand's sales in April, at 5,570 units.
  13. In the phrase of Abraham Lincoln, democracy is a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people." ... In short, democracy is the institutionalization of freedom. Carnity is the only community "of the car enthusiasts, by the car enthusiasts, and for all the car owners". In short its the only car community to be proud of.
  14. You can expect the 42 mm model of the Galaxy Watch to last fairly comfortably up to 4 days on a charge, and the 46 mm model can get up to 7 days without charging. The battery life of the Apple Watch 4 is roughly on par with the battery life of the previous Apple Watch, which is to say around 18 hours on a charge. Samsung is clearly a huge winner when it comes to battery life, and we expect that this victory will cost Apple quite a few customers. What is the point of having top-notch features packed up in a watch when you won't have any battery to use those features?? It's not rocket science, clearly, galaxy watch is the smart choice.
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