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Well I missed driving in a big convoy camaraderie and throwing banter at each other. Anyhow, competition is healthy but our love for desert driving transcends beyond clubs & DCT teams. Thus I'm gonna share Team Phoenix GPX files here with commentaries and videos. Even after 19th Nov, I will keep adding files here so that this becomes sort of a repository where advanced drivers can pick their flavor of the drives.

Carnity Rules apply - safety first!  Do not venture on your own even if you're Intermediate++ and do not lead if you have not led before. 

Here are the first 2:

1. Endurance Drive 6 hours: Sweihan to Al Saad (for refuelling in Adnoc), then continue towards Al Ain Airport (where the high dunes are).
Levels: The Al Ain Airport section is Intermediate, switches required to get inside where the high dunes are located.
The Sweihan to Al Saad part can be Fewbie Plus, with plenty of ridge-riding play areas.
GPX File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q7frV8f-iHCDypw5yxoFLEv9sfrcxqCf/view?usp=sharing 

Drive Recap video: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CzIvVnnJg83/

ReLive video: 



2. Technical BackDoor to Nagra followed by Highway Express to exit.
Levels: if you reverse and do the Highway Express first, it becomes a Newbie Plus drive with no obstacles. This is the track that people take to do picnics in Nagra.
The Technical BackDoor is for Fewbie, full of dunes to cross whether straight-on or ride-then-slide (switch). 
The Nagra Climb is of course for 20+ Intermediate (need to have minimum 20 Intermediate drives because you have to make split-second decisions everytime you switch at the top).

GPX File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k5FvDzYfZHi_N4zxvWPRO0zTHeF9QnBa/view?usp=sharing

Drive Recap video: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cy5P6SaJU9s/

ReLive Video: 



Enjoy your weekend drives!


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3. Bowls of Ramlat Sweihan then Faya Express to exit

We counted 7 bowls on Gaia, and we visited them all. The most famous Death Bowl was actually muddy due to the rain on prev night, but 360 Bowl and Gohan Bowl was better. When we exited Ramlat, it was on the exact point where there's an opening in the fence, and just outside the fence is Sweihan Pond waiting. There's an easy option from there to exit to Tilal Sweihan ADNOC, but since we wanted to test our fuel tank capacities, the convoy opted for a longer Faya Route. We side-sloped our way towards Faya ADNOC.




  • All the bowls are for Intermediate level, though FewbiePlus may be able to handle them, depends on how confidence they are climbing to exit the bowls (entering is always easy).
  • Sweihan Pond to Faya is for NewbiePlus and above, lots of long range dunes for side-sloping or just driving 70 km/h on smooth flat sand.


GPX File:



Drive Video Highlights:



Relive Recap:


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