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  1. Do you mean converting an automatic car to work with a manual gearbox? If so, forget it- much cheaper to simply apply for and get the right licence.
  2. treks

    Best SUV

    True that. Now if only they'd not make them so damn ugly...
  3. PCV systems can be notoriously finicky, as @shadow79 correctly points out. The best thing to do here is to put a vacuum gauge on the dipstick pipe- it is likely that the engine vacuum is excessive, which must be checked against service information. If it is, the PCV system is sucking oil out of the engine, and the only way to fix that is to check the entire system for anything untoward. However, a good starting point would be to replace the PCV valve.
  4. Here are mine- 1) Astronomy - I've been it doing for 45 years. 2) Cosmology- Ditto 3) Writing about astronomy and cosmology on a freelance basis for clients all over the world 4) Delivering talks and lectures to the paying public- the person or organisation that hires me gets to to choose the topic.
  5. Great job on the paint job, but the tread blocks on your front tyres are wearing unevenly. Pity you can't polish that away
  6. In my (local) experience, the power and torque of this LC is more than enough to carry a load of 800- 900 kg from anywhere, to anywhere in Africa and back. The biggest advantage of the V8 is the fact that it makes most of its power at very low RPM, which translates into super reliability, which is the primary consideration when you are planning a long overland expedition. I agree about the price though- it is super expensive.
  7. I can think of a few issues here- 1) The pull was in the wrong direction 2) The pull was too hard 3) The tow rope was attached to the wrong side of the towed vehicle 4) The towed driver kept his wheels pointing straight ahead- he should have turned into the direction of the pull
  8. I used to build these part-time on contract in a part of my shop- https://www.bundutrailers.com/
  9. I'm intrigued. In what way did the vehicle behave differently? Serious question.
  10. I agree for the most part, especially about using the diff-lock on hard surfaces, but chipped gear teeth won't affect performance.
  11. From the Urban Dictionary- An automotive technician that has no clue what they are doing. That new guy Justin is a real headless ugga dugga
  12. Blame it on Nissan's ridiculous and incredibly bad CVT transmissions.
  13. If I were still active in the car repair industry I would have had something to say about this, too. But I am not, so I won't. What I will say though, is that I am glad I know enough about cars so no mechanic can f^&%k with me when I take my cars in to have something done.
  14. You are right, but the overall contribution of regenerative braking is very small.
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