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  1. Here is the thing- when the OBD II standard became mandatory in the USA in 1996, all scan tools had to be able to communicate with all ECU's, regardless of the communication protocols in use on any vehicle that was going to be sold in the US. However, this only applied to the American market, and even today, cars made and sold elsewhere will often not communicate with scan tools and especially scan tools bought off Amazon. So, since your US-spec Lexus was sold in the US, your cheap scan tool worked, but with your GCC-spec car, you may have to upgrade your choice of scan tools considerably.
  2. Increasing the master cylinder diameter actually decreases braking performance unless you either fit (much) bigger discs, or (much) larger pads to increase the contact area between the discs and the pads. Much of a vehicles' braking performance depends on the relationship between the master cylinder diameter and the diameter of the caliper pistons. For instance, if the caliper pistons are say, four times as big as the master cylinder, the force/pressure generated by the master cylinder is multiplied by four in each caliper. Therefore, if you increase the diameter of the master cylinder by say 15%, the multiplication factor decreases non-linearly; ergo,you get reduced braking performance if nothing else changes. In practice, increasing the master cylinder diameter causes not only the brake force multiplication factor to decrease almost exponentially- it also causes the force required on the pedal to increase linearly, which means that the average driver may not have the leg strength to stop the vehicle at all. It's like the guy in the video says, there are a whole lot of variables to take into consideration when you upgrade brakes. In Africa we do much the same thing this guy did when we upgrade the brakes on overland expedition vehicles, but one thing we never do is increase the wheel diameter, because the added brake torque can (and often does) negate the benefits of the upgrade. I do agree however that in purely desert conditions, this particular brake upgrade is more trouble than it is worth.
  3. It might not even be the main seal- it's just possible that the tappet cover gaskets are leaking and the oil is running down the back of the engine. Sometimes the oil can seep past the mating surface between the engine and gearbox, and if it that happens the oil drips out the bottom of the bell housing which makes it look the main bearing seal is leaking. Which is bette to remove- the engine or the gearbox depends on whether or not the vehicle is a 4 by 4. Some gearboxes are absolute bitches to remove, so it really depends on the vehicle. Speaking for myself, I have often removed the engine instead of the gearbox because it is sometimes easier this way- but only if I could do it without disconnecting A/C lines.
  4. Yeah, I can see how this would work for habitual payment defaulters or people out on parole. However, I was thinking more along the lines of alcohol sensors being mandatory equipment on all new vehicles to keep the people off the roads who habitually drive while drunk but never get caught until they kill someone.
  5. Phones working as car keys? This is just stupid. Why don't they spend some time and money inventing and implementing useful stuff instead? Like for instance, sensors in cars that can both detect alcohol vapours, and disable the starting circuits for as long as it detects alcohol in the car. Now that would be something I'd be willing to pay something extra for in a new car.
  6. Lack of motivation is the least of it. What is also lacking is the money to build power generating capacity, and the infrastructure to distribute it. 2035? In their dreams...
  7. Can't they just let the whole F & F thing die a peaceful death? It's getting really old.MInd you, they should probably have scrubbed the whole thing after the first movie.
  8. I am a long-time amateur astronomer, and I have three questions about this scheme that I have wanted to ask since this madness first became known- 1) Since Elon Musk is all about astronomy, and space exploration, and was he perhaps drunk when he thought up this idiotic plan? 2) What idiot, or group of idiots, approved this moronic plan? 3) Did NASA play any role in approving this idiotic plan, and if they did, was it because they were afraid of losing SpaceX's boosters, (seeing that they have no lifting capability of their own) if they did not go along with this asinine idea? As I said, I spend a lot of time watching the night sky, and while I don't do astrophotography anymore, nobody in the world who does will be able to take long exposure pictures without capturing God knows how many satellite trails, as well. 'Nuff Said.
  9. It is not always that easy. I have seen mechanics mistake the natural resilience of rubber bushes for excessive freeplay. You really want someone who knows what he is looking at.
  10. Some tyres are bad right from the start. Have them checked out at a proper tyre shop.
  11. This is true for many small / light aircraft.
  12. The important thing is to get the nose gear off the ground successfully. The rest of the aircraft follows automatically. That's the theory at least, but as I was building hours learning to fly real aircraft, it soon became clear that if you screw up while getting the nose into the air, the rest of the aircraft tends to follow the nose gear into the ground. Funny thing though, the more experience I gained, the more attention I paid to keeping the noise pointing upward during departures- just to keep the rest of the aircraft following the nose downward.
  13. In my country it is illegal to honk at anyone or anything unless there is some sort of emergency, and honking is required to warn other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, drunken/unlicensed taxi drivers, and/or drunken/unlicensed bus drivers of the danger. If however, everyone who honked illegally were ticketed by real cops and the fines were collected and not stolen by bogus cops, we could wipe out our national debt in a few days.
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