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  1. Six wheels might be kind of useful on something like a Land Cruiser. But on a Jeep, six wheels are only good for what exactly? It does not even look good- in fact, it makes this Jeep look like donkey with a serious birth defect.
  2. Great news, but who did the valve timing?😉
  3. Has to be my V6 Ford Cortina XR6. Bought it new for 7 300 ZAR in 1981, and sold it for 12 000 ZAR in 2005, with less than 60 000km on the clock. Only major repairs were a new starter, an alternator- and several sets of wiper blades. Never even changed the brake pads/shoes. Its fuel consumption was terrible though- hence the low mileage.
  4. There is something wrong with these guys. Something serious.
  5. Banning ICE cars has far less to do with combating climate change than it has to do with wining elections. The green movement is growing by leaps and bounds, so what do governments do? They leverage the growth to win votes without telling people that the infrastructure to replace ICE cars will likely take another 100 years or more to build and install. The saddest part of all of this is that many people still tend to believe what their governments tell them.
  6. @Barry, one can expect anything from the Yanks. They once accidentally dropped a couple of nuclear bombs over Italy, and while they paid for the massive cleanup, they still have not compensated the local tomato farmers for the loss of thousands of acres of tomato vines. If the mountain behind your house does turn out to be contaminated,they will probably either deny that its their fault, or they will bury the mountain and village and then make guys you pay for it. Either way, the Yanks will weasel out of their responsibilities.
  7. Not sure about that- sometimes I feel older than the mountains.
  8. I did not take this picture, but it shows the view over the village of Hartbeespoort as seen from the top of the mountain directly behind my house. I might mention that with an age of 2.4 billion years, this mountain is among the second oldest mountains in the world.
  9. This is my kind of town. Nearest neighbors at least half-mile away. It's very pretty though, and I can only envy all the green that stretches as far as the eye can see. Definitely my kind of environment.
  10. So a fewbie is an expert newbie? Makes perfect sense, that does.
  11. It was worth a try, though.
  12. I've been meaning to ask; what is a "fewbie"?
  13. Yeah, and that makes them good to block people's view in parking lots. Nothing more.
  14. This is just a theory, and leaving @Barrys very valid points about DPF regeneration aside for the moment, I am thinking that the only people who don't like diesels are the ones who have never driven a modern diesel.
  15. It's not about not being OBD II compliant or not. It about the fact that OBD II standards allow several communications protocols, some of which cannot be read by 50-buck scanners. And its not only NIssan Xterras that are affected- almost all manufacturers use at least some proprietary programming (including algorithms and look-up tables) that require scanners that can read all, or most communication protocols because the programming of any given system can be based on one, two, or even three different protocols. NIssan XTerras is just one example of that.
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