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  1. Why do these limitations apply only to SUV's? Sedans and hatchbacks also have to conform to strict safety regulations, and yet they don't all look alike.
  2. I'm late to this thread- has the OP's problem been resolved?
  3. Can't argue with that. I also appreciate things for what they are, so I hate all cars equally.
  4. What went wrong is that engines in the good old days were dirty, and terribly inefficient. Modern engines, and the technologies that make them cleaner and more efficient are the result of that. In fact, you could say that it all started going wrong when the first internal combustion engines were put into large scale production.
  5. This reminds me of my travels in Africa.
  6. If I had to choose I'd choose muscle car with a proper engine, every time. I don't like things with screaming chainsaw engines- they may be quick, but who wants to drive something with an engine that works at its upper limits all the time?
  7. How about this "fact"- Electric cars will replace all fossil-fueled cars in 20 years.
  8. At least you guys all got your vehicles back. One time I got so badly stuck in Central Africa that I was forced to abandon the vehicle because I could not wait three weeks for the mud to dry out enough so I could dig it out. For all I know, my Land Cruiser is still stuck in Central Africa.
  9. For me it has to be answering the phone and an idiot on the other end says, "My car won't start, what do think the problem could be?" Drives me absolutely crazy, that does.
  10. How about this- Learn to think for the ten idiots around you- one or more of them could cut in front of you unexpectedly,or crawl in the fast lane,or suddenly swerve into your lane to avoid idiot #11 who is doing something idiotic, or suddenly slam on the brakes to answer a cell phone, or even forget that they are driving when they are on the phone, fiddling with the radio, or doing something else equally stupid. Learning to think and read traffic patterns could save your life...
  11. treks


  12. I was also burned rather badly when an asshole lit a rag in my pocket. I made sure he got fired. Later, when I had my own workshop, I maintained a strict policy against pranks of any kind- you prank someone in any way, you are fired on the spot before you can hurt someone or damage something. Pranksters should be taken outside and shot- survivors to be shot again.
  13. They say that time heals all wounds. Perhaps @sertac has forgotten about the last small fortune he spent on his Jeep?
  14. Yes,it is possible. When water (or large amounts of water vapor) is present in the cylinder the water takes up some of the volume of the cylinder, hence, higher compression pressure. Once the water is expelled through the valves the compression pressure will fall back down to about normal- depending on the size of the leak path in the gasket, or worse, the size of the crack in the cylinder head. However, as someone else mentioned, it is best to these types of test with the fuel system disabled to protect the catalytic converter when the engine starts again. Nonetheless, bear in mind that the object of a compression test in these circumstances is not to find a definitive compression pressure; it is to determine the position of the leak, which will be on the cylinder(s) with the lowest compression pressure.
  15. You are right about the unreliability of these gearboxes- in fact, the one developed by Ford was such a pile of crap that they gave up on trying to work out the bugs. Instead, they just gave it up as a bad idea and abandoned their use altogether.
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