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  1. The only "Shelby" in this car is the color scheme.
  2. ...and perhaps an alternator that has not been whacked with a hammer to keep it running.
  3. Let's start with the basics- does the engine crank (turn over) when you turn the key to the "START" position?
  4. I agree, I can't think of a single practical advantage this set-up could possibly have. I'm also thinking that this was a proof-of-concept design that was dropped when the designers realized that the whole thing was more trouble than it was worth.
  5. Low oil pressure will illuminate the warning light regardless of whether you are in Drive or Reverse. I agree with @desertdude, this is more like to be a ground or wiring issue than anything else.
  6. All of this is true but at the time this thread first came up, I was too lazy to type out a long post.
  7. OK, I'll go all in and say that a fully working, and road legal version of this monstrosity will never see the light of day.
  8. I'll see your Meh!, and raise you a couple of Pftts.
  9. Especially the bit about the "black part of the crankshaft". I should remember that one...
  10. It will just come back. There is no way that disc run-out can be polished away.
  11. This describes the difference between mechanics and professional mechanics. Being a professional is NOT all about how much you know- it's is ALL about having the best interests of your customers foremost in your mind. The doctrine of "Do No Harm" counts for professional mechanics as much as it does for doctors.
  12. I've always found this set up weird, but somehow they go it to work based on the firing order, which limits scavenging during valve overlap. I agree though, one barrel for each cylinder makes more sense.
  13. It is unlikely that the springs will settle. They were made to support a specific load for many years without sagging or losing their tension, so if they do "settle", it means that they have lost some of their temper, and therefore, their ability to support the load they were designed to support.
  14. It's a question of what comes first- A) the springs settling, or B), Gaurav's spinal vertebrae giving out...
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