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  1. The 2CV was to the French what the VW Beetle was to the Germans. Clear and incontrovertible proof that the leaders of both nations hated the people in their countries enough to give them cars to kill themselves with.
  2. If you see one of these up your ass, you'd better get out of its way. It might catch fire right behind you.
  3. treks

    Maybach 4x4

    While this SUV is not quite as ugly as some competitors', it is way to shiny for my tastes. In fact, for me it is so glitzy that it looks cheap.Sort of like someone was trying to make a silk purse out of a pig's ear. I think that when it comes to vehicles in this class, the less glitz, glam, and chrome there is, the better. Mind you, some pimps and drug smugglers might disagree with me.
  4. I'll jump in here and say that it looks remarkably like a bloated Jaguar.
  5. Here everyone uses pickups for everything from dune bashing at the coast to farm work everywhere else, including the coastal areas. Nobody here uses SUV:s for anything other than blocking peoples' view in parking lots.
  6. I wonder if this monstrosity is certified to carry flammable material?
  7. This whole Virgin space flight thing is a big crock of s*%t. In fact, these idjits with lots of money to waste won't even leave the atmosphere proper, and all they'll get is the experience of falling at the same rate as the aircraft- i.e., weightlessness for a few seconds. Nonetheless, it is a marginally smaller crock of s*$t than the business of colonising Mars. Nobody of any consequence is really considering it, and the only people who stand to make money out of it are a), the scammers who are offering clueless idiots an "opportunity" to be the first colonisers of the planet, and b), the makers of documentaries about how difficult it would be to live on Mars. SpaceX is planning a manned mission to Mars sometime in the next 15 years or so, but whether that actually happens or not remains to be seen.
  8. Or in this case, the lack of a grille even for appearances' sake.
  9. All I can add is this- SUV's are getting uglier by the day, no matter who makes them.
  10. I respectfully disagree. If transport weren't fashion, manufacturers would never sell their fugly SUV's.
  11. There was a case here recently where a car (neither a Tesla nor a Pinto) caught fire after an accident that did not involve another vehicle. The first guy to arrive on the scene found that the car was completely engulfed in flames but the driver was still alive, although he was on fire and badly burnt. Since the guy who happened to be the first on the scene could not get close enough to the burning car to open a door or break a window without sustaining injuries himself should he have tried to pull the driver from the burning vehicle, he shot the driver in the head through the windscreen to save him from more pain. He was arrested and charged with murder after reporting his actions when the first emergency personnel arrived, but the judge ordered that the case be withdrawn and thrown out of court based on dashcam evidence that showed the "callous murderer, according to some media) trying to get close enough to the burning car to render assistance, but could not without getting burned himself. The judge called the man a "compassionate soul", and ordered the State to pay for the man's therapy and legal costs. The State did not appeal the ruling.
  12. It can happen that the various corrosion inhibitors in different brands of coolant react with each other to form an acid that attacks seals and/or mating surfaces under gaskets and seals. Other times, and depending on the mixture, coolant additives can cancel each other out, so you may think that your engine is protected, but meanwhile, the coolant mixture is destroying it from within in various ways, and the first time you notice something is wrong is when you start getting coolant leaks. So no, mixing coolants is never a good idea.
  13. The various colours on the old radiator core is clear evidence of circulation issues through the core. However, I don't think the fan clutch imprint on the core is the real cause of the water pump failure- from what I can see here, the fan clutch barely touched the radiator. But I do agree with @Barry, a proper pressure test is the only way to find all the leaks. You also mentioned sometime back that you had found a gritty substance in the coolant- which is likely the result of having mixed various coolants, and the most likely cause of the damage to the water pump seals.
  14. Do you mean converting an automatic car to work with a manual gearbox? If so, forget it- much cheaper to simply apply for and get the right licence.
  15. treks

    Best SUV

    True that. Now if only they'd not make them so damn ugly...
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