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  1. I am not, not after not seeing the four different feed buttons on the home page as they are shown in this thread. Kudos withdrawn. ETA- Oh, my bad. It now takes an extra click to get to the home page where the feed buttons are located. Kudos still withdrawn.
  2. I agree with @Barry about going for electric fans. However, electric fans can be tricky since they have to be built into shrouds to force air through the entire core's surface area. If you can manage that, and provided the electric fan can displace at least the same volume of air as the original viscous fan, your problems should be over.
  3. I don't have a problem with 4x4 drivers asking questions about the workings of their vehicles. I have a problem with the large number of posts announcing who had been promoted to higher levels in the off-road realm. These announcements were beginning to crowd out everything else related to cars, including 4x4's. So, kudo's to Carnity Admin for getting this very irritating aspect of the forum under control!
  4. Congratulations to all members who have recently been promoted to higher levels in the off-road world! However, can Carnity Admin not create a dedicated announcement thread/channel/forum for these announcements? I only speak for myself when I say that I do not visit Carnity as often as I used to simply because I don't want to wade through long lists of promotion announcements before I get to something worth reading/discussing. I am, however, reasonably confident that many other members find these announcements clogging up the discussion part of the forum equally irritating. So how about it, Admin?
  5. In a perfect world, we should not have to pay a tad extra to get top-notch work from any garage. But then, we don't live in a perfect world so we often pays our money and takes our chances- written guarantees notwithstanding.
  6. It's really difficult for me to understand how this problem came about. The vehicle went is for a radiator replacement, and now the PCM is not working? All I can say is that I have removed, rebuilt, and reinstalled many Jeep engines, radiators, and transmissions in my time, and never once have I either destroyed a PCM or any control module in the process, or found that some control module "just stopped working" after a repair. It just does not seem right or possible for the mechanic to claim that the PCM is now faulty after a simple radiator replacement, unless he purposely destroyed it, so if I were in the OP's position, I would sue the shit out of both the mechanic, and if he works for someone, his employer as well.
  7. The only thing that will break non-Chinese OEM lug bolts is if they are over tightened. The thing to do now would be replace all th lug bolts with OEM bolts, since you will never know if the ones you buy from a scrap yard were also not over tightened at some point in their lives.
  8. If there were no issues with the engine running hot before the coolant change, then the problem is almost certainly related to poor coolant circulation caused by improper purging of air from the cooling system. I would have this looked at first before anything else, but under no circumstances would I lock the fan.
  9. True, but only up to a point, that point being excessive amounts of money required for expensive and never-ending repairs.☺️
  10. Nice idea this paint, but I think it would be wasted on a bog standard Toyota Tazz...
  11. Maybe I missed something, but did this genius mechanic ever take live data on the actual coolant and/or cylinder head temperatures during the test drives? For all you know, you may just have a bad temp gauge.
  12. Let's just hope then that the construction of power stations will also increase by the same factor.
  13. Question- advancements in manufacturing and distribution of what? Power stations?
  14. Well, if you are thinking of retirement, you have to manage your expectations. I thought that when I retired, I would spend lots of time fishing, touring the African continent, looking after a small zoo on a piece of land I own, and just doing everything everybody dreams about doing in retirement. None of that happened though. I am busier now that I ever was while working, and I have not fished once in three years- much less toured the continent. Now, I am a full-time freelance writer, I consult with local workshops on difficult diagnostic issues at least five or six times a week, and I have to supervise the two persons I was forced to hire to look after my animals. Retirement? What retirement?
  15. ...and they're trying to replace them all with electric cars. Good luck with that- or at least, good luck with trying to do that in less than about 100 years.
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