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  1. treks

    Mistery leak

    This is almost certainly the A/C drain- no vehicle that I know of drains excess water/coolant in just this exact position. Sometimes when the A/C ices up heavily it can take several hours for the ice to melt and drain. Anyway, even if the coolant does not contain antifreeze it will have a distinctive smell, whereas A/C condensate will have no smell, just like regular water.
  2. Now this is what a Jeep should be.
  3. All I can say is that if I had ten bucks for every time I've had to reprogram/initialize something because a customer thought that disconnecting the battery would somehow "fix" fault codes or "reset" the ECU, I could have retired several years ago.
  4. treks

    Your pet hates on the road

    I don't hate BMW cars- I only hate the drivers of BMW's who are trying to prove something- like for instance their firm belief that they are somehow not bound to the rules of the road, or that their cars are immune to accident damage even if other makes are not, but worst of all, I hate BMW drivers who refuse to allow traffic from the side to enter the traffic flow. Its like there is something wrong with BMW drivers in this country.
  5. I cut my teeth on twin and quad carburetors, but sadly, that skill is no longer in demand. I used to also rebuild slushboxes as you call them, but I have not so much as touched a spanner in almost a year, and with some luck, I never will again. However, as per your OP, I would dearly love to be able to compose music, and particularly guitar music- and off course being able to play the guitar like David Gilmour or Mark Knopfler. I even went for lessons once, but I just don't have what it takes.
  6. treks

    Coolest supercar ever?

    For me it has to be the Lambo Countach LP 500, because it was the first super car (by the standards of its time) that I ever got to drive on the open road. This happened many, many years ago when I was still an ignorant apprentice, but now that I think back on it, I am wondering why the uncomfortable seating position, poor visibility out of it, the very heavy clutch and mushy gear shift did not put me off super cars in general, and Lambos in particular, for life back then. Nonetheless, even though I have lost my enthusiasm for cars long ago, I must admit that my first experience with a super car was my coolest experience with super cars, ever.
  7. treks

    Funny Car Memes

    True, but the second kind (on the right) don't do well in countries where the road surfaces are divided equally between tarmac and potholes.
  8. treks

    Marque specific garages

    I tend to disagree with @Barry on this. No good (read, professional) technician can fix anything, and nor should he try. It may be true that most automotive technologies are common to all cars, but there are sometimes vast differences in how some technologies are implemented on different makes- two examples being the way PID's are set up differently for ABS brakes and active suspension systems between cars of European, American, and Japanese manufacture. Having made a very good living out fixing peoples' cars for nearly forty years, I can confidently say that there is no way one person can know everything about these differences, and in my opinion a technician who says that he can fix anything, should be treated with a good measure of circumspection.
  9. The thing about mirrors is that are only useful if people actually use them. In some parts of the world, side mirrors appear to be optional extras in the same way that direction indicators are, since nobody seems to look into them, or use direction indicators to signal an intention to turn or make lane changes. I've lost count of the number of times I've nearly been sideswiped by idiots that thought their side mirrors were there only for cosmetic reasons, or a diabolical plot by car manufacturers to make it more difficult to fit into tight parking spaces.
  10. treks

    I saw a thing - Mystery

    You think? Somehow I don't think they will understand how our cars work, and I'm pretty sure not many of us will believe that they have really mastered the art of deep space travel at several multiples of the speed of light- or understand how they do it. Then again, not many of us understand how some of our cars work, either; especially Jeeps and Land Rovers...
  11. treks

    ECU of my Ford Escape 2009

    See if you can contact @Barry through the forum here, and twist his arm to run a diagnostic for you. He has a professional-grade computer, and he know how to use it, so he might be your best bet.
  12. treks

    ECU of my Ford Escape 2009

    Richard is right- this is very unlikely to involve the ECU. Best thing to do is to have a diagnostic scan done to get the codes.
  13. The problem with this kind of driving behavior is that the idiots don't learn until they are in a crash, but another problem is that the crashes these idiots cause often kill innocent road users. In my opinion,driver education should be made a compulsory subject in high schools, and if you fail the exam, you can't get a licence for at least 10 years. If you pass the exam after 10 years, you should only get a restricted licence (like in New Zealand), for at least 2 years, but with the provision that if you are caught for reckless driving, drinking and driving, or texting while driving during this time, you lose the restricted licence, and can never retest for a licence- ever again. Moreover, if you have a full licence and behave like an idiot, you should lose your licence for life.
  14. I agree that diagnostic computers can make life a lot easier, but for compression testing, a compression tester is the way to go unless you are waiting for a car with an HCCI engine. These have compression sensors in the cylinders, so I would be interested to see your screenshots.