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  1. Let's just hope then that the construction of power stations will also increase by the same factor.
  2. Question- advancements in manufacturing and distribution of what? Power stations?
  3. Well, if you are thinking of retirement, you have to manage your expectations. I thought that when I retired, I would spend lots of time fishing, touring the African continent, looking after a small zoo on a piece of land I own, and just doing everything everybody dreams about doing in retirement. None of that happened though. I am busier now that I ever was while working, and I have not fished once in three years- much less toured the continent. Now, I am a full-time freelance writer, I consult with local workshops on difficult diagnostic issues at least five or six times a week, and I have to supervise the two persons I was forced to hire to look after my animals. Retirement? What retirement?
  4. ...and they're trying to replace them all with electric cars. Good luck with that- or at least, good luck with trying to do that in less than about 100 years.
  5. Don't use anything that was made in China, ever, or for any purpose. Period. The problem is though that Chinese manufacturers are very good at copying and/or faking packaging, data sheets, and even test reports, so you may not necessarily know that you are installing substandard Chinese fongkong rubbish. Until, of course,what you installed fails prematurely, or you rear end or worse, kill someone because your fake Chinese brake pads faded suddenly.
  6. I hear you, but these types of failures typically do not have the potential to not only kill everyone in the car, but also multiple other innocent road users. Cruise control systems, even OEM systems, are inherently unreliable and therefore dangerous, so fiddling with an already potentially dangerous system by installing aftermarket, or even used OEM components is a really, really, bad idea.
  7. This is true- labs will not analyse the results for you, so you need to know what the numbers mean both in relation to each other, and to min/max allowable limits/levels as published by the oil formulator(s) and/or regulatory bodies. Generally speaking, only lubication engineers and industrial chemists know what the results mean in these contexts. As for laymen, the best you can hope for is to have the lab tell you that the quick lube joint you paid to change your oil used mineral oil when they should have used synthetic.
  8. Probably not, but you might have to change the watchs' battery more regularly- like everyday or something.
  9. $280 000? And they can't put numbers on the face? Honestly, how much extra could that cost?
  10. These fans work really well, but you want to have its balance checked first to prevent it screwing up your water pump.
  11. I'm with @desertdude, I have no problem with our lockdown because I hate crowds- which for me, is equal to three people closer to me than I could throw a brick.
  12. It's not just too radical- it's also as ugly as f*^k.
  13. I would gladly have joined you in this very worthwhile experiment, but sadly, I developed an allergy to alcohol a few years ago so the fate of all humanity is your hands.
  14. And create a massive, high-speed projectile when the fabricated tow hook separates from the towed vehicle during a high-stress pull?
  15. That's true, but I was not referring to overland expedition vehicles. I was referring to common-or-garden variety SUV's like the ones you guys use in the desert. We have hundreds of graded off-road trails, some of which allow unmodified SUV's (so-called soft roaders) on them, and it is on these trails that we often see the weight of an SUV defeat expensive suspension mods. But it is as you say; the OP has the shocks already, so he might as well try them out to see what works best.
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