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  1. I don't listen to anything- none of my cars have working radios.
  2. Perhaps because all Lucid models will be equipped with automatic fire extinguishers? Another reason may be that the makers of Lucid cars have no immediate plans to make self-driving cars.
  3. Yeah,like a lamb to the slaughter...
  4. treks


    Yeah, and the idling speed seems fine, too.
  5. I dont think @maharufgot screwed. I think he got screwed and robbed at the same time.
  6. treks

    Rather quiet in here!

    Did your friend's Mustang have wider or better tires than yours? If so,the added traction will increase the tilt because more of the engines' torque is being transferred to the body because it is more difficult to make wide tires spin. The same is true for tires with high traction ratings.
  7. treks

    Gear ratio for desert driving - High or Low?

    @desertdude is right, but I will add that messing about with final drive ratios is generally a bad idea, since it always upsets gearbox ratios,and you might end up with a result that is opposite the one you were hoping for. If you want more power, do some engine mods or reprogram the ECU with a performance tune.
  8. treks

    How to tell the age of a car

    Sure, but my point was that a VIN number is a more accurate way of checking a car's age than going by date stamps on parts. That said though, your idea of using an online VIN checker is a whole easier than actually learning to decode VIN's.
  9. treks

    Rather quiet in here! perhaps he should. This is not the time to learn to drive a sports car.
  10. treks

    How to tell the age of a car

    Learning to decode VIN numbers might come in handy, too.
  11. treks

    Tesla rated least reliable

    I'm surprised that Land Rover actually made it to second last place
  12. treks

    Cayman S 2007 Tune up

    I agree. Getting live data is the only way to figure out what's going on here.
  13. treks

    Funny Car Memes

    Haven't you had enough of Jeeps to last you a lifetime?
  14. treks

    New music

    I have never liked KiSS or their genre of music, so what ever it was that Simmons did, passed me by. What did he do that was so bad?
  15. treks

    Post apocalyptic cars

    That's exactly the reason I watch these types of movies- to see when the fuel runs out. Never happens, though. However, if an apocalypse ever happens, I'll go with a Unimog until the fuel runs out. If it's a zombie apocalypse, I can just run over hundreds of zombies on my way to the next fuel storage tank. It it's any other kind of apocalypse, I'll bet my Unimog against Barry's puny Lada that I'll make it to the next fuel storage tank first- If he gets in the way,I'll just drive over him.