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  1. Zinc-Air batteries

    What you say is true, but the problem with solar power is that it only works when the sun shines, and presumably, the millions of electric cars will all, or mostly, be recharged at night. So far, nobody has worked out a way to store large amounts of solar-generated power for any period of time, which means that when the sun goes down, solar power effectively disappears for everyone but those who have small-scale domestic systems. However, as you say, fueling the power stations is still the overriding factor/problem that prevents large scale electric car production, and at this point, it seems that nuclear power is the only viable option, even though it is inherently dangerous. Water and wind can never generate enough power, but what little of it there is, is always welcome. Nonetheless, some years ago it emerged that the Russians had been planning setting up huge mirrors in space to reflect sunlight into agricultural areas at night to extend the growing season in far-northern latitudes, but several international treaties put a stop to that. If that could be revived and made to work, we could maybe have solar power at night too, even though the astronomer in me will fight this idea tooth and nail, since all the stars will effectively disappear from the night sky.
  2. Zinc-Air batteries

    Electric cars are definitely the future, but one problem that has not featured strongly is the fact that not many countries have the power generating capacity to accommodate the load that comes with many millions of cars being recharged at the same time. I am doing a bit of research on this issue now, but it seems like the six to eight years it takes to build a power station is going to have a serious effect on France and England's plans to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040.
  3. There was a time when I thought that some cars were better or worse than others, and I even had one or two favorite brands. Now when I look at a car, all I see is an overpriced, over rated, badly designed, unreliable, and mostly dangerous piece of crap. Sadly, some are still more or less so than others.
  4. Screenwash in engine oil

    There will definitely be clearance issues. The only thing to do here is to strip it down, clean out all the gunk from the block, crank, cams, check and if possible hone the cylinders, (if not, re-bore), polish or regrind the crank, and fit new bearings, pistons, rings, and a new timing kit and oil pump. Then, pressure test the cylinder head, check, and re-seat all valves, and replace valve stem seals. Oh, and don't forget the tell the idiot not to do this again just after he pays you for all of the above.
  5. Screenwash in engine oil

    Yes, unfortunately they do exist.
  6. Mazda 3 Alternative Gear Oil

    Why would you want to use an alternative oil in the first place?
  7. I have never been a fan of soft-roaders. I once crossed much of the Sahara with a Unimog, and to my mind, there is nothing to beat it in sand.
  8. Power Steering Oil

    Which is exactly what you get if you don't keep your wits about you when it comes to lubricants...
  9. Power Steering Oil

    @Barry, here is a brief overview of the subject-
  10. Power Steering Oil

    I'm not getting involved in this thread, except to say that there is no such thing as a standardized ATF, no matter whether its Dexron 3 or not.
  11. Sad demise of 10 known cars in 2018

    I won't miss the Merc B class. In my expert opinion, this class should never have seen the light of day in the first place.
  12. Reasons for engine oil level going down

    I can do you one better. I once had a (previously owned) Triumph Chicane that did not have bearings at all. I put about 60 000 or so km on it before it started knocking, which was when I discovered that instead of metal bearings, it had pieces of leather on the con-rods and the mains. These "bearings" had little holes punched into them, presumably to aid in lubrication, but not only that, this engine had the shiniest crank I had ever seen.
  13. Reasons for engine oil level going down

    I suggest you try and find a shop that can do an exhaust gas analysis, but they must check at least five gasses, with the most important being sulfur. The reason for this is that semi-synthetic oil contains some sulfur in the mineral base oil component of the blend, so if a properly calibrated gas analyzer finds high levels of sulfur in the exhaust gas, you will know that you are burning oil.
  14. Reasons for engine oil level going down

    The only way that oil can disappear is because it is burnt in the engine if it is not leaking out Remember, all engines are designed to consume some oil, with the amount being burnt depending on the overall condition of the engine, but also on the type and formulation of the oil. Some brands and formulations work better on some engines than others, but the reasons for this is very technical and depends on many factors- from the fuel used to the condition of the spark plugs to the average ambient temperature and even the average humidity. However, changing to synthetic or even semi-synthetic in older engines can do what you describe, since all the molecules in these oils are all of the same size, unlike in regular oil where the biggest molecules can be ten times (or more) bigger than the smallest. In practice, this means that more oil can escape past rings that are no longer perfect, so changing to synthetic oil on an older engine might not always be a good idea. Also bear in mind that you will not always notice if the piston rings are marginally worn. The engine may still perform perfectly and there may not always be visible smoke from the exhaust, but again, if the oil is "thinner" than what the engine is used to, you will notice an increase in the rate at which the oil level drops. Hope this helps.
  15. It would certainly be nice to be able to build stuff like this for a living, but I think that this particular machine is overly complicated, especially given the fact that it does not a proper steering system. I think that for the time and money spent on this thing, the guy could have done a better job. After all what is the point of being able to lift a wheel ten feet of the ground if you cannot steer that wheel, or the wheels that are on the ground? To my mind the whole thing is a bit silly.