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  1. Gaurav is right of course, but few people carry water consumption calculators, and when they do, they don't always take them seriously. Nonetheless, a rule of thumb that I learned during my military service in the Namib desert is that drinking a liter of water every hour (spread out over an hour) keeps you more evenly hydrated than drinking a liter of water once every hour. And as @shadow79 said, adding a tiny pinch of salt and a few drops of glucose to every liter of water you take during a hot day goes long way toward maintaining your electrolyte levels.
  2. I agree with @Barry on this. The steering angle sensor forms the heart of several safety systems, and a trying to get out of a dangerous situation is not the ideal time to discover that the steering angle sensor re-calibration procedure was not performed. I have never understood why it is even possible to clear steering sensor codes without performing the required re-calibration procedure. I would have thought that manufacturers would make it impossible to clear these codes, but what is worse is the fact that I have known mechanics who did not know that a re-calibration procedure had to be done, and who then spent days trying to figure out why the ABS, stability, and traction control systems don't work
  3. Thanks, @Barry, I was wondering about the type of gift you sent me, hence my need to contact you privately. However, I have not experienced a flood of PM's, so I will redeem the points but when I do start to get PM's,for stuff that should properly be in the forums, I will donate the points to @desertdude.
  4. Don't knock Scotty Kilmer. I think he is among the greatest hack mechanics on YT, if not the entire internet.
  5. I hear you. I agree that PM's can be pain in the behind at times, but sometimes the purpose of a private message is more important than getting views or likes or whatever.
  6. I must admit that I was too lazy to go through the privileges of each new Carnity rank, but I just noticed that I can no longer send a private message to @Barry anymore. Do I have to have Legendary status to send private messages now?
  7. These days I only check fluid levels, and then only the ones I don't have to use tools for. I'm fine with pulling out a dip stick or unscrewing a radiator cap, and I will even look at the brake fluid and windscreen washer fluid level since both these containers are transparent, but for anything else I will take my cars to one of my erstwhile competitors.
  8. Seems like a waste to spend so much money on a Jeep. BTW- what is the top speed one could reasonably expect to achieve with this monstrosity? I realize that this thing was most likely built for rock crawling and not for speed despite the two turbos, but I would be surprised if it were possible to exceed about 30 km/h with this thing without precipitating a fatal death wobble.
  9. Unless there is visible evidence of sludge in the engine, which there shouldn't be if you have been doing regular oil changes with the correct oil, you will be wasting good money.
  10. By that time the producers might have come up with an actual plot, so I'll wait for #26.
  11. Apart from some world-class opera singers, this country has never produced music or musicians that are worth a damn. Now If I were British, it would be a different matter...
  12. Maybe in amazement that it is still moving under its own power? Then again, how many people realize how much money, love, care, and attention it takes to make a 20 year-old SUV look good?
  13. I'm a retired mechanic/repair shop owner.
  14. treks


    Of course headlights have oil. How else do you think they work- with electricity?
  15. You can replace only the bushes, but if you do, make sure you get them from a Mitsubishi dealership. It has been my experience that most aftermarket bushes wear out within a couple of months, leaving you with same problem again.
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