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  1. Apart from whole car, what is the one thing you love the most in your car and whyt? I love my car performance and zippiestness whenever i hit the gas to max
  2. How is GMC Sierra 4 door twin cab long wheel base pickup in off-road guys? My friend is selling one and I am thinking of switching from sedan world to pickup truck as it look really cool and stylish, but I want more than just office daily driver, so that I can justify the pain driving every day long wheel base and suffering in parking and turnings?
  3. For sure loose spark plug wire must have caused this, whenever happen again just tap on wires and see if it correct the issue then you need the new spark plug wires....
  4. Are you serious that in US car dealers sells GCC speced cars? woah
  5. Bugatti Veyron, SL63 AMG and Mercedes 6x6 truck.
  6. It must be coming while driving too, but with road and engine noise you might not be hearing it. Slight extra AC load on engine due to low rev while idle is normal for all cars especially in summer months, as AC work harder and frequent but what grinding noise you get, can you attach an audio file here.
  7. Thanks a lot guys, you all here are really knowledgable and god send for me. I check this point with several colleagues and friends and no one gave me clear cut answer. My common sense logic was going in line with your replies but heart was scared to stretch. Now I can do that comfortably and will change oil after 8-10 months but much before 1 year. I do use car once a week for grocery run, so I guess im good there
  8. Is there any lifespan of engine oil if I am not using the car that much? Service advisor advice that it's 5k - 10K (based on oil) or 6 months whichever comes early, is this 6 months clause is legit or just an excuse for frequent servicing? please advice, thanks in advance.
  9. cool man, will get it done this weekend as i drive long distance and dont want to screw thing in mid way. cv boots are the steering joint to the center of the bar that directs the tires. How to check that water went in cv boot or not? I have driven in quarter of my Honda accord tire size last week in shj, where my bit of alloy must be submerged in water, thankfully nothing came in cabin and i quickly pass that area at moderate speed. but this is hitting my head all the time to lift car and see whats going on down below.
  10. Thanks trek, now im reading more about reduce rolling resistance tire that can increase the fuel mileage and rating comes from A - G. Does anyone know how much practical difference these eco tires rating make from A-G rating in terms of saving fuel. Example: A rate tire use 12L/100 then how much G rating will use XXL/100............hope you understand.
  11. Thanks barry for explaining the flooded scenario. Can you please explain what happen when we drive too much in water puddle area, since last one week my car is actually swimming and taking endless showers and im really concerned if there is anything I can do to prevent the underbody, sensors, suspension, engine etc...!
  12. thanks rahimdad, mine is 2010 model Honda Accord should have 215/60/16 and i have 225/60/16
  13. I am about to change the tire next month and notice previous owner opted for slightly bigger tire size. Is there any specific reason for someone to upgrade the tire size like better comfort or increase fuel mileage or increase tire life etc. Although I don't have any rubbing or noise issue with this slight upper size, but wanted to know the reason why he has upgraded it?
  14. Thanks guys for input, my main concern is spending less on fuel for school run but yet it has to be a good safer car. P.S. I can't be glude to screen here all day long guys, be easy please.
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