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  1. Thanks guys for input, my main concern is spending less on fuel for school run but yet it has to be a good safer car. P.S. I can't be glude to screen here all day long guys, be easy please.
  2. What are the 4 cyl suv / 4x4 options for school run considering safety is prime and then fuel efficiency?
  3. I am not sure who has come up with this intelligent idea of placing radar that flashes before the max speed limit, as a friendly reminder. Great. http://gulfnews.com/news/uae/society/friendly-radars-in-dubai-to-only-alert-speeding-drivers-1.1959174
  4. Thanks guys A LOT, got my super dirty radiator clened and things improved much better. Any idea how often you need to do this like every year or two or linked in kms.
  5. Thanks desertdude, how serious is this?do you know any good place other than agency who can check and fix it fast as i always need the car.
  6. Recently I spotted in some occasion my honda accord is slightly overheating when stuck in long stop and go traffic and then come to normal when on empty road. Checked the coolant level and all looks good and normal. Any more headsup to what to look next?
  7. Very true, of the all idiots once must be very stupid to do all these crazy things unless motivated for money or stupid fame. I know no one who is so stupid even the 6 year old to risk life for bloody video game. I highly doubt cyborg theory is true man, to beat sony in one day by double profit in stocks.
  8. I agree salman, after this incident I was researching bit more and come to know that now SSL is must for anything that we do online, as world has changed so much that site w/o SSL (green padlock in address bar) is not safe for giving your email, let alone the password and other secret data.
  9. Thanks @FaYsaL will do that. Thanks everyone for your input and yes I learn a lot from your guys advice and I hope I wont fall prey to these marketing gimmicks any more.
  10. Wow, changing clusters for such issue. Isn't it better to drive at 130 to factor the variance than going so much hassle. lol.
  11. 150k, 91k, 83k, 74k, 62k. Top 5 users using same password 462k times can't be coincidental, it is definitely what Brandon explain that company making userid's by themselves. lol.
  12. Here you go guys, the video of Rolls Royce Super Luxury Driver-less Concept Car.
  13. If price you meant, then I can agree to bash lesser expensive car for off-road but there are more 4x4 available in Dubai than this Gypsy that offer amazing power-to-weight ratio. I have seen once or twice suzuki jimny and vitara struggling very bad in the desert. Though I am not off-road guy, but been out few times with common friends as a passenger and saying on what I have seen in the Dubai-Sharjah desert.
  14. In simple words bro, Maruti Suzuki is not here in UAE as they specialize the very small engine cars for Indian market and here in UAE no one wants a 1.3 Liter Maruti Suzuki Gypsy with 80 hp. lol. No offence to your choice, it really looks stunning after so many Bollywood movies has featured Gypsy as a macho SUV. Type G13BB MPFI 16 Valve Gasoline Number of cylinders 4 Displacement 1298 cc Maximum power 80 bhp @6000 rpm Maximum torque 103 Nm @ 4500 rpm