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  1. Nissan is existing since 70's in Dubai and almost everyone I know have ever owned a Nissan car in their lifetime. It's the most successful brand and you can never go wrong with it. You can close your eyes and buy it and enjoy. My only suggestion is to slightly upgrade from tiida to sunny or sentra if you can afford, as buying any brand start-up range is bit risky due to cheap price comes with cheap quality.
  2. Don't worry i am sure only 0.0000001% can afford it. It's nice and hi-res pictures anyways looks good for my desktop wallpaper
  3. I agree with your point bean, that let expert advice should take precedence in such major attribute.
  4. This sounds def crazy, but I think this is mor in line of creating a balance in service interval as Japanese cars ask 5ks is too less and German cars offers 15-20k is way too much so splitting the difference to 10k is good move. I hope japanese car with good synthetic oil can go for 10 thousand service, as then it will make perfect sense for having any car any model fix service at 10,000 kms in UAE.
  5. American have also gone too far with this awesome designs now, like a German and Korean automakers. Now only left behind is Japanese old school cars. 2 Liter Turbo for mid-size sedan with great bells and whistle at 80k is very competitive price tag. Hope chevy has now improved on reliability and durability on these rides, as that was my personal turn-off when I used one few years back. Car literally fall apart as soon as it runs out of warranty, as if everything placed inside was having a ticker of 100,000 kms.....!
  6. drive arabia gives a price of 95,000 for 2016 model, which seems weird as I called Habtoor motors and they confirmed that they dont have Pajero sport for 2015-2016 model and they only sold it in 2014, I can check again in few months if habtoor bringing the new shape of 2016 model Sorry to be a party pooper, guys.
  7. There is one placed in barsha just behind MOE area when you exit from the backside towards al khail road. Very smartly placed that you will only see after crossing it....! Btw, good thought for the list..... hope it grows.
  8. Have you tried Emarat Shamil or do you mind trying Shamil....? They are in mankhool road in between bur dubai and satwa area. I have gone their multiple times and got the car test, registration, insurance and transfer in less than an hour. I am not sure if they do comprehensive check or not, better call them and go.
  9. Well after seeing fuel price changes = Petrol up and Diesel down, silver lining looks like more people will start driving diesel cars in UAE. Get ready for more pollution and black smoke hitting the streets.
  10. This area of echnology will take some time to grow at least another 5-10 years to fully grow and meet demand. Until then, keep paying the toll of rising fuel cost.
  11. I am highly confused with my next car buy, and appreciate to see people rational on choosing their car based on Luxury (the most) or the performance (the most). I am in love with both, but it seems I am at the crossroad to choose super performance (hi speed) cars that truly lack ultra luxury option and vice versa. Please help.
  12. May be all we need is little push toward new technology and then realize how cool these new electric cars can be. I was reading few days back on fb that tesla launched new electric car that is capable of doing 0-100 in 3 seconds, I mean when we first hear about electric cars we used to cry and crib about it's speed, then mileage per recharge and now price. This is never end crib, unless we learn to accept and move on.
  13. New Pathfinder and X-trail looks likes a twin brother so similar that buying X makes more sense than Pathfinder now. Previous Pathfinder looks were so rugged and manly that Nissan has brutally ruined it and transformed new Pathfinder into choclatty girly FUV (female utility vehicle) than a SUV.
  14. Well from your quick explanation it definitely sound like weak compressor in 90% of chances however in some very cases if car is low on freon behaves like this. If it's low on freon then when you move the car it will take time to get proper cooling. So note for yourself, if car cools immediately within 10-30 seconds of driving then it's a weak compressor. If car takes 2-5 minutes or more after driving on free road that mean your car is lower on freon.
  15. Seriously guys 40% cheaper.....? Any contacts of such shops...?
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