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  1. sorry I have kenwood head unit instead of oem, I think bought for 500 dhs 2 years back that comes with usb and bluetooth and now I am thinking of upgrading the speakers. You are right after the head unit change output improved susbstantially, and now I like to spend little bit more to make it even better.
  2. Which is the best brand and model car speaker that can be loud and clear without the sub woofer and amplifier. I dont have much space in my car but I want to upgrade my car audio system original speaker to nice grade powerful speakers. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Relax rahim bhai, I was just joking. I don't have tiida. But it's a good initiative from your side.
  4. Nice guys, can I bring tiida too.....?
  5. Copper is better in removing heat faster, but aluminium get half as thin than aluminium (by keeping same strength), so resulting in more space in the tube to run more coolant faster. All of the performance radiator are full aluminium, incl the tank at the top and bottom to sustain higher psi pressure.
  6. Mazda3 has HUD, woaaaahhhhhh. It's a BMW initiated feature. Def complain to dealer and let them fix it.
  7. In short Prado is amazing in desert. Have seen flying on dunes.
  8. Camry comes in two door too, never knew that. Sorry but my impression of camry is the RTA taxi only, so can't gulp this TRD racing camry doing the burnouts.
  9. Does anyone know here the best website that provide good quality car repair or simple DIY videos with good instructions?
  10. sounds like fun, do post the video of the results. I am equally excited to see inside the engine without opening it.
  11. Sounds like your car need a proper service and inspection of all spark plugs and coils. Weaker spark or irregular spark throws difficulty in starting and hesitation what you mention. Hope your engine oil is changed on time like every 5000 kms, if not I suspect that's why car shut off if engine oil is not providing enough lubrication.
  12. They measure the temperature under the shade, that's why it's always lower than actual sun-baking temp.
  13. Please define your best car repaint definition: Extra shine or wet look? Chip resistance and hard to wear off overtime? Fade or heat resistance esp from bonnet and roof due to extreme sunny condition?
  14. Are you sure on this, as somewhere here I read that this clause only applies to commercial grade of pickup and not to leisure ones like Tundra, Silverado etc. General public can get it registered even without a trade license.
  15. quick visual inspection inside the car tell a lot about if mileage done by vehicle is fake or real. Pay extra attention to brake pedal, accelerator pedal as in high mileage these pedals rubber wear off from one corner and tell a lot about actual kms driven.