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  1. Mujtaba

    Ford Mustang 2013 - owner review

    I was a god mustang 2016 model owner also it was a 5 liter engine and I absolutely loved the car. I agree with Gaurav as he said the steering wheel hit me also a couple of times on my knee and it was quiet painful indeed
  2. Yes it’s fixed and I hope it doesn’t trouble anymore
  3. I am also joining is there anything I have to do I am getting my clutch changed by saleem and irradiate the hot oil message problem. Already ordered the part.
  4. I have confirmed with him he says he is an intermediate level driver so it should not be much of an issue. If it all you feel he wouldn't be able to manage I will tell ask him to return back if it is okay. Otherwise we will take him with us and he can park his car somewhere and be a passenger.