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  1. There is tons of reviews on the internet about all the cars but you can't make most of them as a reference, I have my car since 2008 and after these years still I'm happy with it, thanks God after this long I never had issues about the engine, leakage or...only routine services, any cars needed, If you compare about price and quality of the pajero, I can say it's best valued 4x4 suv for families, daily use and offroad, off course if you do not care about it even the tank will get damaged, I'm sure if I change my road tires to a/ts offroad capability of 3.8 will beat other cars easily
  2. original ? those photo and video sent by my friends, the RM brand he took from DM
  3. WhatsApp_Video_2019-03-07_at_10_36_10.mp4
  4. first, you have to check the sensors on the gearbox, maybe its blocked or rubber pipe is broken
  5. you can find in DM specific for Pajero dashboard around 1500 with installation included a rear camera and ... or other car accessories in the city
  6. 1997 DAEWOO RACER, in 2002, after 5 years done only 7000Km when i bought it, like brand new manual gear
  7. congratulation @Javier M now Tequila is mandatory 🤣
  8. Nothing worse than for me the people take the last line for overtaking and they don't give way, then after a hard effort, if they give way, when you pass you will see they will back to the same line again behind you and this story continues for other cars they want to overtake 😡 in heavy traffic, your front car leaves a lot of space with another car in front, of course, they are busy with mobile most of the time through the trash
  9. For new models you have to push the 4x4 gear handle then change to other position when gear is on D you can change 4x4 gear from 2H to 4H normally but shift to a lower gear from 4H to 4Hlc or 4llc, gear will shift but not engage, we have to put it on N to engage the lower gear
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