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  1. for the private sector is from Monday, next week
  2. @syedyaseerI checked with Police and insurance for my friend, he has the same condition with your brother, there is no problem to drive any car in UAE with IDL with the same category on the license as police said, I ask insurance also, they said in case of an accident if police issue the report the insurance will accept, I shared my experience but better you check and make it sure, its not on my responsibility good luck
  3. I have been checked with some Pajero owner friends who used this chip for more than 1 year, all of them was happy and there is no issue on the engine and lot of more hp on road and off road, but anyone wants to install is on their responsibility 🏁
  4. yes you are right, but with omani hack its sort out when you active that but there is D light on the dashboard and other light start blinking but gear not shift even on 6*1000 rpm , people they using but i can't recommend it USER GUIDE - Pajero Gen 4 Gear Hold (Omani Gear Hack).pdf
  5. This is Ramadhan offer, yes I think so AED 2800 for chip and program and installation, better you call them, this is the same company based in Oman
  6. not only, but they install on the Pajero also, for more information better you check with them
  7. Thank you so much dear @Frederic and congratulations for promoting to the next level, yes you are right because at the beginning I decided to leave the drive because of stress and fear I saw on my sister, they came here to enjoy not to give them stress, see you on next drive
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