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  1. just top the power steering oil, thats the fix unless power-steering requires major repairs
  2. I had same issue 15 days back, all i had to do was refill the gas worked fine after that
  3. renault duster misfire when cold

    Thanks Barry, the thing is that i went to a couple of mechanics in al qusais and Sharjah all want me to leave the car with them over night to see the issue when car is cold. I dont get convinced because why do they need car to be cold for diagnosis when computer checks generally figures out regardless of temperature. i want diagnosis in front of me, else they will try something, obviously before the car is delivered it will kept on and nothing is wrong when car is hot ..... so next day i may end up having same issue ... I went to another guy who has a computer he doesnt mind running diagnostics but insisted that i should leave the car overnight and he will run test in morning. I am doubtful of o2 or mapping sensor voltages, lastly just a dirty throttle body funny thing by the time i reached home CEL was gone
  4. Hello All, I am a new user here, just registered was referred by Rahimdad. So here is the issue that I am facing with my car, every morning when i start the car it misfires until the temperature becomes adequate. I changed spark plugs twice, spark plug cables are ok as tested by mechanic. there was no engine light on dashboard until today morning when trying to check vacuum for air suction, while checking if there is air suction happening properly check engine light came on. No computer diagnostic were done so far as check engine light or any other light never showed on dashboard. Car runs perfect once temperature is fine . Also got cylinders tested with power loss which also is not there. I had doubts with o2 sensor or mapping sensor but mechanic just wants to try different stuff that I am not convince on. removed the mapping sensor and car switched off immediately, .... Please advise if anyone has any idea about the issue.