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  1. Oh finally some shots of the soon to be launched Rolls Royce Cullinan. I was expecting a nightmare after seeing how retarted the The Bentley Bentayga looked, specially the front end! But this I think looks snazzy, mostly because it looks like a Phantom Station Wagon more than a new SUV as if you ever seen a Phantom up close ( who hasn't it Dubai ) it is a pretty large a tall car in itself. And mostly because I am biased towards Rolls Royce and specially the Phantom. Although finding the dashboard a bit iffy and although I have no doubt it is like wafting on a cushion of air surrounded by the best materials money can buy, but I hate to admit it the Bentaygas interior looks a lot more plush than the rolls. A perfect combo would be the Rolls exterior with a Bentley interior. I do like how they have gone a step ahead of range rover by not just having the splt tailgate which is now iconic for its use as seating for two or even a table outdoors. Rolls have actually included two seats and a tiny table to make the tailgating experience even more fun! Would be great fun to go for a drive around the local sandbox for some dune bashing bufoonery in one of these
  2. Yeah its good all round fun and the best bit is the community is constantly developing new cars and maps so one doesn't bored. Although like I mentioned its got the mud, jungle and rock simulation down right, the desert and dunes maps are basically mud which looks like sand in the game. But all hope is not lost, I've been following the development of this and should be out soon. Dakar 18 and since majority of the rally is on sand they should get the desert driving simulation right, or atleast I hope they do. Check out the official trailer Also check out their facebook page for more videos https://www.facebook.com/dakarthegame/ Oh and @shadow79 I remember Driver and Driver 2 pretty cool with a hip 70s vibe, loved doing burnouts in that! And my all time favourite car sim is GT and if I ever buy a Playstation 3/4/5 or whatever is out at the time will be solely because of GranTurismo
  3. I'm surprised no one has mentioned this here till now, specially seeing there is a big number of offroaders here. I've been following this for a couple of years now ever since a few beta version was out and must say have quite enjoyed it and around 2 years I actually bought it, something I rarely do, I usually "borrow" it for a while and get rid of it once I'm done. Oh what am I talking about, if you haven't guessed from the title already Spintires of course on the best ( IMO ) off-roading game ever! Now I dunno how many are into gaming, and to be honest I'm not really into gaming either but if its car related and more a simulation than an actual game them I'm game ( pun intended! ) Anyways there really isn't much to do game wise other than to drive all sorts of awesome vehicles over all sorts of difficult offroad terrain and like I said its more of simulation than a game and real world off roading knowledge does come in use, you could find your self bogged down up to your diffs in mud, water or sand. Forget to engage 4x4 and you could find your struggling on gatch tracks, to cross that real wide gully, difflocks will come handy and if you had it, you can even winch yourself out or take control of another vehicle or if playing online ask your buddy to come over and give you a pull. Its now developed into a huge online community with tons of terrain maps and every possible vehicle you can think of available for download for free I use my PC to play it and it was developed for the PC but its available on Xbox and PS as well, so no excuse not to get it. Just a taste of what kind of vehicles that are available And just so no one feels left out even the cozzies Admittedly the sand terrain maps I've able to find and download have not be totally realistic or at all, but thats mostly because the game was developed with mudding, trails and rockcrawling in mind but I still find it awesomely fun. Like I said infinite number of cars and terrains and maps available, so give it shot and let us know what you think Download the demo and if you like it buy the full version, its pretty cheap for around $15, money well spent I say OH WORD OF WARNING THOUGH. Don't buy the sequel, Which is called SpinTires Mudrunner, its pretty limited in car and terrain choice
  4. Well we have all heard of hybrid engines but now engineers have developed a different type of hybrid engine, No its not electric combined with fossil fuels, but actually a engine that uses both diesel as well as petrol, and as one would assume as I did at first was like traditional hybrid engines the fuels are used separately, as in you pull a switch the engine switches over to diesel from petrol or vice versa, but this is totally different, it uses petrol and diesel both at the same time, as in petrol and diesel is injected into the cylinder at the same time and then just before TDC another injection of diesel. Here is a detailed explanation as to how exactly it works Hopefully you guys got at least a basic understanding of how it works, Well the skeptic in me always sees things in a different light, one question I think that was left unanswered was can it only run on petrol or diesel and if yes how would it perform then, and then in real life situation imagine your vehicle would have to have two separate totally independent fuels systems, which is not too big of a deal at the moment as many people run dual systems even today like CNG or LPG, but imagine having to stand in line to get your gas first then turn around and then wait in line for diesel again and with the prices of both different. But lets see how far this develops This is really a great time in automotive tech, Nissan has come up with what they claim is the game changer VC-T engine or Variable compression, Mazda with their skyactiv engine technology and after going through a huge PR disaster thanks to VW some new ultra efficient diesel efficient and emission which claim to even beat Teslas emissions in the pipeline and then of course for the tree huggers there is always alternate fuel which basically in todays worlds mean electric. I dunno if anybody here was old enough but this reminds me of the war between Beta and VHS, both striving for the number 1 position in the home entertainment segment. Even with a better format resolution wise Beta eventually lost out to VHS as basically the standard format in home entertainment for the next almost 4 decades, before being pushed out by DVDs
  5. Ok...... long time coming I think, so late last month it was announced that SandStorm motors has launched Al Reem UAEs first 4x4 vehicle. From the press release "Sandstorm has launched 'Al Reem' - the very first Emirati 4x4 sport utility vehicle (SUV). The car has been launched in the local market and will be available in the rest of the Arab region by 2019. The company will produce 1,000 cars in the first phase followed by 6,000 cars in the second phase. In addition, the company has a plan to launch its pickup" And literally no other details were given, what engine, transmission, options specs, nothing. And surprisingly the manufacturers website also has no mention of it although there are also a lots of pics of the Pick up mentioned in the press release but only pictures and once again nothing else And the pick up From the pics the Pickup looks to be a manual while the SUV an auto. Its a ladder frame chassis so thats a good thing for a tough off roader Once again no mention of pricing either so no idea what these are going to cost. The pick up for sure is the better looking one from the two in my opinion. Question is would you buy one, and if so what would you be willing to pay for it and what kind of engine do you think it has? I'm guessing the motor is derived from another manufacturer.
  6. And I'm entitled to mine Like mentioned earlier they won't stop in Europe as its thier bread and butter there but for other big markets they are crappy, just like until last or is it this year, the Mustang was never officially offered in the UK, because its not for that market and didn't make sense to invest in doing a RHD conversions for it. Just like most muscle cars arn't. They probably are all that you say. but for the people who like big roomy trucks with hollering V8s under the hood, and like to haul a lot of stuff or family in relative comfort or just enjoy the roominess, these dinkys could be the best thing on the planet but they will still never buy one, Just like here in the UAE, the only people who have these are because its a company car, rental or something to get to work and back until they can save up for something better and the odd actual hot hatch fan. I've been through times when I had a mid 90s Golf GT, A Mondeo and a Fiesta ( a really old boxy looking one, think it was early 90s ) as my daily rides, cute and efficient as they were I would never get one again if I can help it, that is. Maybe the mid 90s Golf as it really wasn't as ugly as the rest and drove pretty well and wasn't poverty spec even in its lowly base model form
  7. Just like oil is cheaper than engines and transmissions.
  8. Leather seats a few pieces of fake wooden trim, doesn't make one comparable to Lexus luxury. Sorry mate, if your arguments held any water a multi billion dollar company would not be ending production of as you say such awesome cars.
  9. Translation : Only in Europe and maybe a few other places where gas is expensive and they have tiny, narrow and cobbled streets Also Up until VERY recently also only available in Europe
  10. As suggested, duct tape, there is nothing duct tape can't fix!
  11. LOL seriously man! After four pages of debate on this topic you ask this question! Start reading from page 1
  12. A lot of newer cars ( not the ones bottom rungs one like corollas and sunnys ) are coming out with braking assist features that if they detect an imminent imapact or an emergency situation they electronically apply full force brake, so it pays to have a car with a few bells and whistles.
  13. About time I say they stopped making crappy like matchboxes like the fiesta and focus
  14. These are known as Trophy trucks created originally for the Baja 1000 ( pronounced Baha ) race in Baha Callifonia which is purely a 100 percent off road race And Robby Gordon is a big name in this and he uses same trophy truck abiet slightly modified, mostly a station wagon shell to carry a spare tyre and recovery eq rather than a pick up shell for the Dakar Rally which I'm sure you are aware of is considered the worlds toughest off road rally And I use to own a early Range Rover Classic which didn't come with a factory sway bar for good wheel articulation and rolled around the corners similar to these trucks and even had a warning on the sunshade not to take corners at speed because of risk of roll over! LOL But I had no issues with it on road or off. Infact the extended wheel; articulation of the classic was an asset in the sand
  15. Well generally I'm not a big fan of sports including motorsports. I will occasionally watch some off roading action from something like the Dakar Rally, 8x8 truck trials or Scandinavian forumula offroad. But this relatively new, and something I think i can get into, started somewhere in 2013 and combines some really good ingredients from many other motorsports, It has some awesome Baja Trophy Trucks, love the suspension on those! They soak up jumps and bumps like no tomorrow, some spectacular jumps, some real skilled circuit racing driving skills and tension which are 100 time more difficult with such wobbly and high trucks, some dirt sections in some tracks and my favourite, some real spectacular jumps and nascar style crashes and even md air collisions! Have a peak And some crashes just for fun Once again love the suspension set up on these things, anything similar we can get locally, which wouldn't cost an arm and a leg? I would at least once want to set up a 4x4 with such suspension, I'm no great expert on suspensions but I'm thinking long travel shocks with fast compression and very slow rebound rates. Anyways what do you all think about stadium trophy trucks, cool or meh, just another useless thing.
  16. Its absolutely true, until they can come up with an equivalent or better system that can replace the current one, these things are not going to take off. I would consider buying a EV if I don't have to worry of range and if I forget to charge I can just stop at a recharging station and be fully recharged and be on my way in 5 minutes and not having to worrying about charging atleast for the next 400kms or more. Also I shouldn't have to pay 3 to 4 times more for a reasonable EV and not have to worry about replacing the very costly battery in s few years time. Tesla is a novelty, I admit they make some cool vehicles but did you know they don't sell you any parts, you can't go into a parts shop and buy a window motor for example, either go to Tesla or get your car repaired only from Tesla approved shops and with parts waiting times up to two months, hence scrapped salvaged Teslas are selling at ridiculous prices as DIYers are gobbling them up. Also this is my firm belief, electric vehicles is NOT the way to go, there needs to be a better, more efficient and green, yes green, do you know how polluting it is to make those EV car batteries and then special care has to be taken to dispose them. https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2017/aug/24/nickel-mining-hidden-environmental-cost-electric-cars-batteries https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2017/aug/10/electric-cars-big-battery-waste-problem-lithium-recycling I believe something like nuclear powered vehicles, not fission but fusion is a step in the right direction, you know how much energy is given off in nuclear fusion, 500MW from just one gram of hydrogen, fusion is the process that powers our sun and its clean with no radioactive waste. Imagine running your car for a year on just a small bottle of water. Entire neighbourhood on a gallon of water. https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/123837-500mw-from-half-a-gram-of-hydrogen-the-hunt-for-fusion-power-heats-up But of course none of the big wig players want fusion or anything that can provide unlimited virtually free energy, like Nuclear fusion or zero point energy, which at the moment is theoretical but could become a reality and I also believe such research is purposely being held back. Otherwise imagine the entire earths current energy industry defunct and obsolete. trillions in assets now worth no more than scrap metal, millions out of jobs, many many countries who held power because of their fossil fuel reserves no longer have it, No petro dollar, no monopolies. Bleak scenario all around Anyways I digress, but I feel its all interlinked and we are being force fed this EV crap just to keep up appearances to show something is being done and to keep the tree huggers at bay.
  17. I'm sure most of you have heard about the beast. the limo of the President of the United States, but don't think the Russian presidents ride is any less. Unlike The Beast its not based on some ready made cadilliac truck chassis, but a specially made bespoke car made from the ground up. Powered by a 4.6 liter V8 592 Porsche Engine attached to a 9 speed Russian transmission. Not cheap either costing around 85GBP million. Obviously costing so much, it probably has a lot of tricks up its sleeve, along with the obvious being heavily armoured, jamming devices, air tight with its own oxygen supply, run flat tyres, specail foam cell fuel tank, protected engine bay, but we can only imagine what the full extent of these are are as they are keeping it all under wraps for obvious security reasons. Looks like a love child of a Maybach and a Rolls though.
  18. Ceramic or BB pellets are small enough to be dropped through the valve stem with the core removed. Wonder if they will all come rushing out when deflating though?
  19. I agree, partly....because what you are talking about is over landing and I love expeditions and overlanding, where you are doing long distances over mixed but nothing too hardcore by choice and most of the time miles from civilization and basically living out of your car, you car is your home base. We are talking about off roading here, and there is a difference, offroading is where you go of the beaten track, do a day trip, do a trail for a couple of days or a more relevant local example, is do a crossing or stretch of liwa over a long weekend. Where you spend maximum time as possible tackling off road obstacles, like mud bogs, rock trails, dunes etc etc. and the more hard core the better Just the car selection is totally different. Would I got off roading a Jeep Wrangler or FJ Cruiser, of course, but would I go on a overland trip with a Jeep or FJ...hell no. I would choose a diesel ( if middle, centeral or southern africa )110 defender or Cruiser Troopy and then mod it accordingly and of course it will be a manual, can't do bush mechanic-ing on an auto in case of a breakdown.
  20. How is it biased? The guy explained every point even though he himself drives and prefers a manual. If you disagree, we would love to hear what points you agree and disagree on and why. Well then we wouldn't have any discussion and life would be boring I don't think of it as a win or lose thing but rather what works best in a given situation but of course you are free to make your own choice and what gives you the most amount of pleasure. And this kind of information I think is good for people who are getting newly into this and looking for the pros and cons on any given subject.
  21. Sorry just not possible you will just crash into the firmanent ! lol....I must admit I've had a lot of fun with flat earthers and whenever bored in mood for some comedic entertainment I open some flat earth facebook page or youtube video and read their comments! And yeah it really does become really hard to differentiate who is trolling and who is serious, but is super fun none the less! lol As for the OP sounds interesting on paper, but usually jets burn up a lot of fuel and rockets even more, because that burns at an alarming rate, You see all those rockets like the FalconX and Ariane 90% of all that mass and size is just rocket fuel. Just so a tiny payload can be sent into orbit. So I dunno how big a vehicle will be needed to haul passengers up in space and back and still be reusable. Maybe they can squeeze in to the size of a AN 225. But don't think it will be able to carry a lot of passengers. But its a good step in the direction of making space travel more accessible to the ordinary man, personally I don't have much hope from Virgin Galactic They have been at it for so long without any real results and don't think Branson has that kind of money left to throw into such things. Musk and or Bezos will get their way before that. IMO Virgin Galatic is pretty much out of the race
  22. Ok so I thought I carry on this discussion afresh, so this info doesn't get lost in between all those pages. I found this very informative video on this subject, The guy is well known personality in the world of 4x4s and offroading downunder and presents a very good point by point rundown on the subject. So to go over, there are some places where manuals are better and vice versa. Although there are a couple of points I don't 100% agree on. 1: Manuals use less gas. In my personal experience I've found autos use less gas. I've had the chance to run two exact similar cars on a long term basis on and off road and found the auto used slightly less gas. 2 Automatics more likely to overheat than manuals - Agreed 3. Manual more wear and tear - Agreed 4 Can't bump start an Auto - Agreed 5. Damaged box situation, Manual wins - Agreed 6. Which is cheaper to repair, manual wins again - agreed 7.Sand Driving . Auto kicks manuals ass -agreed 8 Dune climbs Manual is better. Disagree, but he later also makes the same point about locking gears as we have in the previous thread so I still say its a win for the auto due its long gears, thus not really requiring frequent changes. So IMO auto wins here again 9 Rock crawling : Auto wins : Agreed 10 Mud. Manual wins : Somewhat agree 11 Water wading : Auto wins. Agreed 12.Steep hill climb Auto Wins Agreed 13 Down steep hill Manual wins. Disagreed. I've personally gone some very steep tracks in the hajar mountains the steepest and trickiest being Zighy beach climb which is now tarmac and closed off due to Six sense spa, but back in the day in was a very thrilling climb and descent, and not possible without low range up or down and Ive done it both in auto and manual. For auto low range 1 is good enough. Overall winner : Auto. Do you agree with this, if not why ? Which points do you agree or disagree with? Watch the full video to see why one wins over the other in each given situation
  23. They should do a reboot, lord knows everything else has been, sometimes more than once. Ahem Spider-man, don't think I can take another Spider-Man reboot, I was happy with Tobey being Spidey in the current reboots
  24. I think just like movies, people have run out of ideas for good fresh new material and going back to known and well tested formulas, with reboots, prequels, sequels, rehashes, rewrites. Or in these troubled economic troubled times very few big players want to take a risk and roll the dice on new projects. But in the car world I think thats good news, specially considered the boring, crappy, unexciting, mundane, washing machine type of white goods type of cars being made today. Rumours have been around for years that Dodge might revive the Plymouth marque and with that revive the Barracuda, just saying that name out send tingles down my spine! But seems like this could actually be becoming a reality, althought at the moment there is not even an official artists rendition of what it might look like, so we have to go with fan sketches for the moment and as dodge is current doing along with many other car companies of today are making their cars very similar looking to each other. But the sad news is, they might be basing it on the crappy Alpha Romeo platform, hopefully this news is not true. This is just an artists rendition of what it could look like But wont be surprised if it turned out looking like this instead! Thankfully, unlike Ford, Dodge haven't lost their marbles and putting their crappy V6 ecoboosts in everything and phasing out the V8s. I though I would never live to see the day when an icon like Mustang would be offered a 4cyl engine from factory! Dodge/Jeep however are delightfully going in the opposite direction with first their 700Hp Dodge HellCat and Jeep Trailhawk and the totally insane 1000hp out of the factory Dodge Demon! Its just not good news for the muscle car community though. Ford has decided to revive their classic 2 door 4x4. The Ford Bronco. And this time its official. Ever since they unveild the concept in 2004, people have been going nuts over it, me included I thing its absolutely awesome, modern looking yet has the classic boxy shape all us old 4x4 boys love. Last year they made it official that it would be in 2020. Although as stated earlier, ford is on some treehugging mission and will probably put some 50cc moped motor in it, Even the 2004 concept had a inline 4cyl motor fitted to it, :/ Hopefully Ford doesn't ruin a great classic even before its rebirth and drops in a proper engine in it. Just like Land Rover did with the Defender, by offering it with only one 4 cyl diesel under powered motor from a van. This among many reasons was the reason for its demise. Just look at it,
  25. Correct, hence don't bother with semi-synthetics where it could be literally 2% syn and 98% mineral, fork out a little more and go full synthetic.
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