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  1. WiLfY

    Buying a Pajero!

    @Per A I have added a 2 inch lift kit from dobinsons. This has transformed the drive and stability. Added a rear bumper protection just to prevent the rear bumper from being ripped off. Alternatively you may just remove the rear bumper before driving and fix it back later.
  2. Found another app "Track Navigator" which can follow a saved track.
  3. I will take another route rather than wade through water so deep that the bonnet will be under it. I'm not that adventurous. Agree with @Frederic that it helps to reduce intake of dust.
  4. All of us made it to Fossil Rock.
  5. WiLfY

    The hatchback appreciation society

    My Fiat Palio 1.6. I still miss it.
  6. WiLfY


  7. WiLfY

    Pajero Diff locker?

    It also happens in 2008 model when Engine rpm crosses 6500 rpm. You can get anything done in a Pajero once you know how to handle it. I'm still learning..
  8. WiLfY

    GPS Tracker System for Cars

    Right Gaurav, One can use an Old android phone, insert a sim with a basic data plan. Load a suitable app (I used MyTackingOnline), create an account and leave the phone in a discreet place connected to a charging port in your car. It worked well for me. The only cost is of the monthly data that you will use.
  9. This is Geotracker for Android.