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  1. 😁 So @Jehand @Gaurav don't like curves. But it does help improve aerodynamics.
  2. Thanks for the tips @Frederic.
  3. During the hot summer of Dubai I normally tilt open the sunroof to vent out the heat until the car cools. Did the same today and now it's stuck open. I can only hear the motor, but the sunroof does not move. Please recommend a good Garage where I can fix it. 😰
  4. Happened with me when I bought my first car in the UAE. Never thought it could happen here, I only found out when i took it to the dealership for service...
  5. Sri, Keep the Pajero, Sell your Cherokee to me and buy a new Toyota Camry (reliable and economical) for your daily commute. ☺️
  6. Welcome to the club @Pradeep TP. You will feel at home here.
  7. I'm very obsessive about my Car and only let the ones close to me whose driving skills I trust to take my place on the driver's seat. 😊
  8. To me and others Carnity is the dubizzle of the Autoworld in UAE.
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