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  1. Guessing.. The car in front slowed down and you took your foot off the accelerator, losing momentum and then stuck. Hmm.. the car in front looks like a Pathfinder.
  2. About two months back I switched to Kumho Roadventure ATS for my Pajero 3.8. So far it has been good for both on and offroad.
  3. Your right. My wife has named it after my school flame..😀
  4. Love everything about my car. It's so much that it makes my betterhalf Jealous. 😊
  5. Congrats Frederic! Feels good when a Pajero gets promoted.
  6. In my Opinion the Pajero is highly under estimated. I have mine for quite sometime and I have no regrets owning it. Speaking about Offroad capabilities, I was able to drive upto Iftar bowl without a fuss. Have not faced any overheating issues yet. It may not be that quick, but it gets there...
  7. That bull had both front and rear diff locks.
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