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  1. Can I join this drive with my Pajero 3.8. Just love Mountains, have driven through Khardung-La and Marsimik La the highest motorable roads in India.
  2. Hi Barry, Please PM me your Garage location. Thanks.
  3. WiLfY

    Pajero 3.8 rpm problem

    I googled a lot. Then on one Australian forum I found the same problem that I faced. To diagnose the MAF sensor it was suggested to disconnect the connector connected to it. I did the same, the car started normally, but with a high idle at 1200 rpm and was not stopping when I let go the throttle. In order to be sure, drove to a used car parts shop and checked by swapping with another MAF sensor. Started and found all OK. Reset the CEL by disconnecting the battery. Drove about 300km, so far it's running OK.
  4. WiLfY

    Pajero 3.8 rpm problem

    Thanks! for the advise guys. The problem is solved. It was MAF sensor problem. Everything normal now.
  5. Hi, Today while driving, the Pajero Engine suddenly stalled. Re-started with a rough idle and black smoke out of exhaust. Engine was stopping as soon as I put in gear. Drove normally on the E311, have ASC, Traction control and Catcon light ON. Mileage has dropped, but no loss of power. No black smoke now. Engine rpm too low in idle making it stop at Signals. Any suggestions before taking it to a garage tomorrow. Thanks!
  6. WiLfY

    Hi !

    Thanks! The rear bumper was the first lesson. :)
  7. WiLfY

    Hi !

    Hi! Wilfred here. Very new to desert driving. Done a few drives with another group with my Pajero 3.8. Getting to know the car and getting better with each desert drive. Look forward to a driving with you all. Cheers!!
  8. Welcome to Carnity.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.