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  1. It was a disappointment for me and Dr. Bert that we had to exit early but then we realized on the way it was a good call or we would have ended up by giving you all a hard time with the Cherokee XJ in middle of no where as it was getting unpredictable that we might have ended up towing it !! I totally agree with @Srikumar its interesting and fun to read the reports (its like catching up with old friends) , I was sure that I'm going to miss the remaining best part of the night off-road drive, Though my initial plan was to exit with Dr. Bert and return with my Pajero. Unfortunately things changed, We had a lot of refusals with the Jeep due to 4wd gear not engaging at times, heating issues, fan not working, couple of fuses broke etc. As I had invited him to somehow make it to this iftar to experience the joy of Carnity off-road club, getting to meet different kinds of people from all over the world in one accordance, I'm glad that he was able to join after his late shifts, Considering the reason I did not want to leave him alone so we decided to drive back together thinking we can leave the Jeep somewhere safe on the way if it fails and come back later next day to pick it up However, by Gods grace - We managed to reach Al Ain safely without any difficulties on the highway I thank @[email protected] Hussain @[email protected] and each and every one of you who were able to participate by making this event a great success with memories, good varieties of tasty food along with the Filli chai which I enjoyed very much ! Looking forward to the next drive soon and also looks like we will have a new topic from @bvmbics for the Cherokee XJ, workshop suggestions/ major service requirements and overhauling Have a good week ahead, Cheers !!
  2. Dear all, Ramadan Kareem ! Fasting has quite the physical effect on the body, and when combined with the summer heat can lead to dehydration, distracting hunger and low blood sugar, which can affect our reaction speeds, alertness, concentration and sight. In addition to fasting, the unusual and irregular meal timings and sleep patterns can cause fatigue, impatience and distraction. Right before the sun sets, motorists will be rushing home to be with their loved ones for Iftar, meaning those of us on the roads must be wary of other drivers. Eight tips for staying safe on the roads during Ramadan: 1. If you feel tired before driving, try and take a short nap, or use public transport. 2. If you feel sleepy while driving to the point of distraction, pull over immediately and rest. 3. Be more courteous with other road users, and leave plenty of space between yourself and the car in front. 4. Try to avoid the roads before the Iftar rush. If you can’t, be extra wary – some of the road users will be looking to rush home to break their fast. 5. Allow yourself plenty of time before you set out for a journey – being safe is worth being late ! 6. Keep yourself visible – make sure your headlights, tail lights and signal lights all work properly. Turn on your headlights shortly before the sun sets. 7. It should go without saying, but follow the rules of the road – sudden merging or swerving will not only endanger yourself, but other drivers too. 8. Road safety doesn’t just apply to drivers. Pedestrians and cyclists should be wary when using crossings, even if the light is green !
  3. I have used several windshield washing formulas, but been using the dish washing liquid now (easily available in the kitchen ). https://www.amazon.ae/Xcessories-Windshield-Washer-3-78-Liter/dp/B07MVWTF8P?ref=SQAE-WEB-DP301 The best way to remove that oily film on the inside of your cars windshield is by spraying about 2 ozs of white vinegar.....spray on and wipe of with a clean micro fiber towel or any old paper (news paper)
  4. @Pajero_Mo I love and would suggest the C or the E55, 63's as these are common in UAE and finding spare parts wont be a big deal but if you want to stick with pure Japanese engines you might want to see the reviews of the boxer engines of the Subaru's or 86's but for sure to find a well maintained vehicle in 30k price tag will be impossible, However, 350, 370'Z should be a good option to hit 100km/hr in 5 - 7 sec. range. All the best !
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