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  1. Hi @Michael sammy, Totally agree with @Srikumar as his experience with Pajero is an advantage as he owned one for many years, he knows the good and the bad of it ;), As mentioned removing the rear lip should be only a 10min job if you have the right tools or any garage that can do it for you, I was able to manage newbie drive in full stock without breaking anything but from the 2nd onwards it was difficult to manage without any damages so its highly recommended to have those skid plates installed especially the rear ones (Front and rear plates for sale in the UAE paj group, You can check it out). Additionally the lift kit that you are running now should be able to save you from not having any damages to your footstep that I faced over the last Intermediate drive. All the best and enjoy !!
  2. Mike, Welcome to Carnity - Hope you are enjoying ! Why would you want to buy a weekend offroader since you have 3.8 with those MRR dobinsons lift kit, I would suggest to join Newbie drives and then to decide as you progress that if you really want to have a weekend offroader for those roller coaster above intermediate drives that the LWB Paj sotck might find it challenging !! Hope to catch up soon for the upcoming drives next month, as Ill be traveling out this week. Cheers!
  3. Looks like he has plenty of water and bottle of cola to beat the heat, Oh wait ...I see a magic carpet as well !! (Aladdin inspiration
  4. Thanks @Rahimdad @Gaurav Let me guess @Roshan Abraham drives a LWB Pajero 3.5, Let me know if this is wrong, Buddy, If you do not have the rear bumper protection, I would advise to have the rear bumper center plastic piece removed before driving if you do not want any damages and you can have the rear skid/bash plate fixed before the next drive, I think you can speak to @Shamil on the damages that we had in my Paj or most of the Pajero's owners went through during their off-road drives. @WiLfY Long time, Wanna join ? I know you got those nice led twin side lights and the Dobinson lifts 😎 In Sha Allah - Look forward to meet you all for the drive, Happy & Safe Weekend ahead !
  5. @Emmanuel - We are going to miss you and the sweets for the upcoming drives Enjoy your holidays BON VOYAGE !!!
  6. Hi @Gaurav @Rahimdad Awaiting your feedback to confirm my attendance to join this drive, need to plan my weekend accordingly, thanks
  7. 2 years in KSA from a beginner to intermediate level sand driving. 1 Newbie + Fewbie drive with Emirates Offroaders 5- 6 drives with Carnity including the Iftar bowl participation and the previous Fewbie night drive where I broke my Pajero rear bumpers though got the bash plates installed now and the front bumpers trimmed 😎 2 early morning drives with Dune Riders, Al Ain
  8. For some reason, I do not have or cannot find the off-road ranking. Please advise @Rahimdad @Gaurav
  9. Same here, Just to make sure your on the right track and more than that it shows the ETA which is very useful for me !!
  10. Hello Pradeep, Welcome !! I'm sure you will make a lot of new friends, all automobile enthusiasts, whether it be surfing through the forums, discussions or joining the off-road club under the guidance of expert off roaders to experience the UAE desserts and wadis enJOY !!
  11. Hi Javier, I believe what you mentioned as prefabricated part would be the stock FJ air dam that's available as an additional accessory for the TRD roof rack, Not sure if those are available here in the UAE market as I have seen them only on the US spec FJ's but several roof racks are available in different weights and designs for the FJ's locally. @Chirag S. guess an online purchase would do if its cheaper than the fabrication but for sure it would be a perfect fit than the fabricated ones - Good Luck !
  12. @Chirag S. - if your using the TRD roof rack, you can fabricate something similar which might reduce wind noise
  13. @Chirag S. - Thanks but jokes apart, I think you should give a try what Sri was suggesting, if you are having frequent long drives then probably you should go to a fabricator like Radical Ras Al Khor and ask for their expert opinion on how to reduce the wind noise, they might be able to suggest few options by reducing the height or even customizing something for you. Would you be able to share a picture when you have a chance !
  14. @Per A I second at Gaurav & Barry's comments, after the required inspection you should be able to figure out ! If all well, I would say it must be a vacation hangover You will again get used to the Pajero steering !!
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