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  1. Sorry @Frederic, very last minute drop out for reasons out with my control 😞 However, my very competent copilot will Now be in the driving seat.
  2. In Xterra Mafia whatsapp group they sell stuff like that. That is the one I had before, shorter and not covering the license plate area, got it for as low as 350. Additionally, the tuning with the Xterra logo is optional, when you get it brand new made for your car. You can just ask them not to.
  3. I had this in my previous car, which was kind of short. The new one has a better one, one piece but without the Xterra cutout. @Rahimdad you forgot @Tbone 😁
  4. You’re right! In my case saying less was better 😉 I don’t have bigger tyres, but other added buttons, yes. And the club doesn’t do dune bashing! It’s very responsible desert driving.
  5. I don't think we are allowed to recommend businesses here. However, I got it done at this address 4 34th St - Umm Ramool - Dubai. I went back to the same place to get it fixed. I had done it before to another car I had in the same place and it worked fine from the first time. This time I had to go again as it wasn't as nicely done as the previous time.
  6. I use RSA too, for the same reason you mention, and they have a good off-road coverage. It states in the attached booklet: 6. Off Road Assistance: We will recover the Insured Vehicle from off road areas including sandy areas, desert and/or basement parking’s within the UAE. However, recovery in the desert applies to Insured Vehicles that have four wheel drive capability only, excluding competitive events or carrying passengers as part of business. This service is limited to three times in a year. Off road cover: The coverage under the Policy is extended to include loss or damage to Your Insured Vehicle and/or Third Party Liability, whilst being driven off road. Provided that: (a) Your Vehicle has four wheel drive capability (b) It is a private vehicle only In the event of a claim the Police Report should be provided. What we don't cover: If You are participating in any kind of dune-bashing, competitive event or race. If You are carrying passengers in the Insured Vehicle, for hire or reward. new_motor_policy_booklet_effective_1st_october_2016.pdf
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