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  1. What many don’t know, is that Angela is the first friend I met here in the UAE, a work colleague that quickly became a very dear friend, showing me around and including me in every adventure she planned, and as you can guess, she plans a lot of those 😂 I still remember the first time she talked about trying this desert driving thing. She did do a couple of drives with other clubs initially, but I suggested Carnity as I liked their approach when I was looking for a car and used their forum to get reviews. once we both started driving with the club, it quickly became a hobby. However,
  2. I had the pleasure of being part of @Foxtrot OscarAngela’s Newbie drive and hence Marshal promotion 🥳. It was totally worth waking up at 4:30 am, although the very big Jeepers convoy at the gas station made me late despite the early start... It was a delightful drive, starting with rain and ending with some wildlife, giving us all the opportunity to take some cool pictures and videos. Being the sweep allowed me to watch all drivers and also take pictures of everyone (check the drive’s gallery). Thanks everyone for the relaxed drive and hope to see you guys and ladies soon!
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