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  1. Well done @Kenneth Bollhardt! I am sure you’ll enjoy the new challenges of this level.
  2. As always, it was a pleasure to support @Emmanuel's drive. Having @Brette in the same convoy was an excellent extra. Two very calm and patient marshals, which made the drive enjoyable and go very smoothly. I was pleased to see several new faces as well, and have the chance to observe everyone from the back of the convoy and check their skills handling the dunes and their cars. I believe that @JeromeFJ did really well as second lead, rerouting when asked to, which made it easier for the rest of the cars to follow the tracks. @yunus Kazi's Pathfinder struggled a bit to find the path 😁. Howe
  3. I said it first so back off 😁 Seriously now, allocating a position in the convoy depends on a number of factors, and having a GoOro is definitely not one of them 😉. Especially the sweep (last car in the convoy) which needs to be a bit more experienced driver as he/she has several duties such as keeping an eye on the whole convoy and supervising recoveries of the second half of the convoy after the CF position (Center Forward). What I mean by this is that it is not always possible to accommodate such requests for the aforementioned reasons. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say
  4. I'll probably be the last car so do not worry re photos and videos of the drive. I enjoy documenting it and offering drivers the chance to see their cars in action 😉 If @Foxtrot Oscar lends me her GoPro again (which I'll never give back 😝), then I can set it up as well.
  5. Thank you! @Frederic baptized it as Rubi Red and I liked it. So it's that for now, until I feel more inspired at least hihi
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