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  1. In...shalah. Hitchhiking again... Shotgun with whoever isn’t leading 😁
  2. That’s why I was impressed and proud of @Mohammed Yaasir who drove his own wrecked car back to the road and kept calm at all times! He didn’t even get stuck while driving up and down Maliha dunes 😁
  3. I have to add that the info and instructions given during the briefing couldn’t be more useful and accurate to avoid mishaps like this one. Rahim and Sri’s words recommending drivers not to fight gravity when the car is fishtailing were stuck in my head after the incident, as I saw what might happen if drivers don’t do so. The driver bought the car with the mods already done. Which can be an inconvenient such in this case...
  4. No one got hurt, and that helped us all get over it and still enjoy the day and have some laughs
  5. It was interesting to witness it, and for Rahim to be shot gun. Luckily everyone is all right and no one got hurt. It didn’t stop us from having fun and a nice breakfast. 9F2C9A33-FF71-46C4-957D-695E98B47592.MP4
  6. Yep! She mentioned hiking, camping, drones... it has my name written all over it 😁
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