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  1. Jamy B.

    African Overland Trip

    Sorry for causing all this 😂 But I have to admit that I'm really enjoying reading it. I'll get a notebook and start making notes hihi
  2. I definitely will! Thank you for offering. The one that was advertised today is already gone... I'll have to keep looking all the time and be faster next time, but I'm patient enough
  3. I'll write it all down and make sure I follow it step by step! I really appreciate your help, guys! Can't thank you enough
  4. Hi again, Okay so I'm now actively looking at buying a Prado. I have seen this one for sale on dubizzle https://dubai.dubizzle.com/motors/used-cars/toyota/prado/2018/12/8/toyota-prado-2008-v6-40-ltr-vx-limited-edi-2/?back=L3NlYXJjaC8%2Fa2V5d29yZHM9dG95b3RhK3ByYWRvJmlzX2Jhc2ljX3NlYXJjaF93aWRnZXQ9MSZpc19zZWFyY2g9MQ%3D%3D&pos=1 I know I can't go by an advert alone and will def go and view it etc... but this one looks decent to me. What should I be looking for to ensure it is "clean"?
  5. Which model/year and max of km would you recommend then? Thank you again!
  6. I totally agree! Pajero is, in fact, my second option. As you mentioned, it would do both everyday drive and off-roads when needed being greatly reliable. I do appreciate your opinion. Thanks for sharing it
  7. Thank you all so much for your advice, it has been invaluable. I'm considering the Prado, however what option should I consider in terms of year, model etc? V6 4l LTR? It's a minefield out there haha Also would you recommend that I buy direct from the owner or via a dealer? I'm wary of both options to be honest.
  8. Forget about the last question. I've just looked it up and the price is way too high...
  9. Noted! I'll give it a try then with Carnity off-road group, as soon as I get a lc... Thanks for the tips Should I consider getting a brand new car? As second hand options might also end up being expensive depending on what needs fixed and adjusted for my needs...
  10. First of thanks a lot for your quick response. Is converting an automatic to manual relatively easy and affordable, here in the UAE? What other goodies would you recommend me to get? The trip around Africa is for 6 weeks max only. I intend though to go on road trips here in the UAE and nearby countries during the weekends and other holidays... When you say "but it's a diesel one" does that mean it's not a good option? I get what you mean by patience and thinking out of the box... I do have some of that and I definitely intend on "training" some more through joining some off-road driving groups and learn as much as I can from the experience. Thanks again!
  11. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a second hand car but I'm kinda lost when it comes to which one to go for. I've been considering Wrangler, Land Cruiser, FJ Cruiser, Montero Sport... Definitely a 4x4 or SUV as I camp a lot, sleeping in the car (for now I use my friend's Montero Sport). The dilemma is that I have been reading a lot about the best car or 2nd or 3rd best for off-roads, but I'd also need it to go to work (I live in Dubai but work in Ajman...). So... here goes my requirements: - A 7 seater preferably. Or at least a big car that I can manage to put the back seats down and use it to sleep, as I don't always feel safe while camping on my own. - I would need it for off-road driving. I always end up driving in wadis, over big rocks, mountains, gravel, in the desert, etc. I'm also planning a road trip driving around Africa this summer... - As I mentioned above, I'd need to use it to go to work. I can't afford having 2 cars... - Budget is around 40K. Can push it to 50K for the right car. - GCC specs, not too many km... Please, I can change tyres and have basic knowledge of mechanics, and I'm also willing to take more advanced mechanic courses or whatever if needed. So no 'this is not an option for a woman' BS. Thank you in advance Jamy
  12. Welcome to Carnity.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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