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  1. I'll tag along next time then for sure, now that I know there won't be a problem joining any of the drivers.
  2. Ok. Going to pass then as I didn’t hear from anyone. It was such a short notice though from my part! I’ll surely join next time though
  3. Newbie might be better, although I was excited to go to anew place. But it’s preferable to redo the newbie one
  4. Absolutely! And it would be nice to explore that new area. Where should I meet you? Rahim has my whatsapp number, in case you need to contact me faster. Thank you!!! I’m so excited
  5. I’d have loved to join (despite the early start 😁) but as you all know I’m still on the hunt for a car. Hopefully it’ll be resolved within the next 2 weeks, inshala! Meanwhile, have lots of fun tomorrow!
  6. Thank you! Happy to be back I know I still have a lot to learn and I'm definitely willing to restart as soon as I can.
  7. Prado was my first choice, but even for 50k the models I checked were too old and used, a lot of kms too... I didn't find any descent one and got frustrated and tired looking for one. Which year and model would you say? and reasonable price? Because a brand new one is 160k... and As Rahim said, I wouldn't be keen to taking it to the desert hehe The car would be for me alone btw. No passengers to take into consideration, at least right now and the near future
  8. I considered it too! I definitely am interested in knowing more details! You can pm me
  9. More chances to get parts for an FJC? as it's newer and can get Toyota dealer to bring them... this is just hypothetically speaking. In the past I had a similar issue driving around Africa in a motorbike (Suzuki DR800) and had to get the needed part sent from Spain... with all the inconvenience that the situation imposed, having to wait for 2 weeks in a village in Gambia
  10. True. I need to stop thinking I can use one same car everywhere and for everything It does make sense to get one that will work well for what I actually want and will be using it for here, which is learning off-roading...
  11. Thanks for all the detailed info. I remember Gaurav mentioning that the Xterra has been discontinued, and that might make it difficult finding spare parts... is that a huge downside?
  12. Valuable and sincere piece of advice. Thank you! I was tired and done with going back and forth checking options and being indecisive. So suggesting specific models is a great help.
  13. I can get a cheap sedan for daily drive, and my commute is only 20 minutes now. The offroading is more for intermediate and exploration, as much desert driving as I can, and cross country expeditions. Not necessarily Africa, but yeah, rough terrains... like taking a boat to some parts of Asia and driving from there... If you know of any better option that I can get within my new budget, please feel free to advise 😅
  14. Hi guys and ladies! I truly missed the desert drives but couldn’t join after what happened to Angela’s car (Scots lass...). Surprise surprise, I’m finally taking the step, have made up my mind, and know what car to buy... (well, almost sure, that’s why I’m back here 😁). 2 choices, both pajeros (descent and cheaper than Prado). Brand new but older versions (one is of 2017 another of 2018). Attached you can see the descriptions of the 3.5 one. The 3.8 is similar but of 2018, 18 inches tyres, has sunroof to and is more powerful, dah! Price wise, I can afford both as it is a price I can pay in installments, that is the same I’m paying for a monthly rental car now anyway. But obviously I’d go for the cheapest if you guys consider it to be enough for off-roading and travel drives... but if it’s significantly better to go for the more expensive one as the difference in price ain’t too big then I’d do that. The 3.5/2017 one is 76K, the 3.8/2018 is 99K. Both cars are brand new but in liquidation as they are last units and older versions. thank you in advance! Jamy
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