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  1. Is there any possibility of a ridealong?
  2. Per A


    Thanks for all the great advice, i have been looking at both Xterra and Pajero the other are a bit out f my price range as im looking for a newer model car. The problem im finding is that the Xterra doesn't seem that common and there aren't that many available ad the Pajero that's at 13 to the dozen but mostly the 3.5 for now it looks interesting with offroading but i dont know what its like, have only ridden a few times, so the idea is get a "cheap" good car that has the possibility so i can test/learn and then get something better/dedicated if i like it. For that the Pajero 3.5 would work right or is the 3.8 a must? Regards Per
  3. Per A


    Great advice thanks! Starting stock and if its fun it seems to be a lot of upgrades you can get for it, like the ARB bull bar and a skid plate!
  4. Per A


    Hi @Rahimdad Thanks for the heads up! Right now im looking at used newer Pajero both for daily and desert,i know its a bit bigger than what i need but haven't had a big car so its also a bit "i want". If i can find it a 3.8 otherwise a 3.5 just need to find one with the stuff i want. And when some drive comes up i will jump on the chance to be a passenger! Regards Per
  5. Per A


    Hi New here and kind of new to Dubai and the desert. So im looking to get a 4x4 to get out and about in the area and start trying a new hobby, have always been an outdoor person so exploring the desert and mountains is going to be interesting. But yes Im a complete newbie but have always been a petrolhead. Regards Per
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