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  1. First car i had, first mistake! "Opel Manta 1980 Berlinetta" 80 slightly tired horses was not able to overtake any car what so ever, winters in Sweden carburetor froze while driving and car died have to wait about 10 min and could drive for a while again until it froze again...
  2. THANK GOD FOR GPS! i could get lost in my own pocket so for me its on always but i switch between google maps and Waze as Waze has the road speed and all cameras and will scream at me if im going to fast. But google maps has better navigation or maybe im just used to it....
  3. Haven't seen one ever. But i haven't been here so long either so... Maybe they are not available here.
  4. Know this is an old post but i have to give my 2 cent! I have had a Toyota corolla T-sport it had 200hp but small as a shoe box and with some lowering coil-overs its below 15k aed and oh my its a fun car to drive!
  5. Checked fluids and they are still good so have to be vacation hangover... Was driving a 2019 seat suv that was new so probably lost all my arm muscles and i will test to jack the car when i can.... but should't be issue cause it has only run 46000km... Thanks for the input.
  6. Social media fills a role specially for us expats to keep in touch with friends and families but there is A LOT of garbage on there to. Some people don't know how to use it as a contact to your loved once or some casual entertainment and get stuck as it is easy gratification for your brain and chemically it acts the same on your brains happiness center ans some drugs. So there will come a change in the future i just hope it will be for the better. /Per
  7. checked the fluids a while a go i will do it again to make sure, good idea, cause its heavy enough to make me think that there is something wrong....
  8. Repair costs and that stuff is standard when you have a car but the issues i have here is if the garage is rely doing what they say they are! I have helped a friend with a car and i knew that the break pads needed changing that was fixed it looked like but 1 month later when he goes to the same garage same mechanic they tell him the pads need changing cause they are worn?????
  9. Hi After being on vacation and driving another SUV for a while i noticed when i got back that my steering is real heavy, it was like this before too i just didn't realize. For you other guys driving Pajeros is the steering heavy or is it the same as any other car?
  10. That would be great!!!! and its probably working but the problem is most likely user error cause it has the same issue on both sides and on both low and high beams.... Just tell me when and where!
  11. Wondering if any one got any experience? I found the below post and my headlight backs look the same and i managed to adjust the low beam up (before it stopped about 7m in front of the car) by doing aiming against a wall but i cant seem to change the high beam at all today its abit cross eyes and i have a white beam in the middle but nothing at all so i want to pull them apart but nothing seems to happen?? For me the lower screw on the outer light changed the height but the inner as i then took for side to side does nothing?? https://www2.pajeroclub.com.au/forum/showthread.php?t=56720
  12. and i have 18 inch today so i dont know how big change it would be maybe better to try and find if possible a wider tire than the 265 i have today.
  13. Thanks @Frederic for that reply. IF in changing im going to 17 and a wider taller tire to stay at the same rolling offset but it will affect onroad handling i think. And i have the same issue cornering a 40 ton truck is a good comparison, i thinks it "built on" to it im afraid we came from the same car also a 3 series BMW and before that a lowered Corolla T-sport that cornered like it was on rails. so its habit i think...
  14. Yes listened and listens to a lot or strange music not only Front... Nitzer Ebb from UK, Laibach from Slovenia Front Line Assembly from Canada to mention a few if you have any good ones please share
  15. There is a lot of question what is the best tire out there for off and on road to use all day and all night for business and for fun. So what about the best tire and rim size to go for for the best overall performance? less rim and more tire is better off road but you want to be able to go around a corned on-road without tipping over. Im running 265/60R18 which for my car is the middle ground there is a 17 inch option and a 20 inch option, the 17 wuld be better offroad as it will be more tire but risk of being squishy onroad. Or am i way off here? What are you guys running? Is there a measure for stiffer sidewall, as with a stiff sidewall you can have a taller tire and not be squishy? /Per
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