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  1. Working as a support engineer in a VMS company. answering phones and helping people who have issues with their systems...
  2. 2016 Pajero and i have the same when driving over 100 and no unusual vibration in the rest of the car....
  3. How bout a beige one for me number one is tailgaters and theres a lot of them here, i try and follow the 3 sec rule where ever i can... Second the lane changers trying to get there faster changing from lane to lane to pass one car, what they don't realize is that they are causing everyone to break and slow down traffic for everyone else...
  4. HA HA HA Proper Swedish meatballs = Haram, but ill see what i can do about the girls....
  5. @Rahimdad You said you had some good insight on shops to do the rear bumper guard, can you please post a tip or too please. Im located in Tecom/Barsha in Dubai but can travel so that's no issue. Just whant to find a place that knows what they are doing and that understand a bit of English...
  6. At the moment all i have is an IKEA toolkit and dont think that will do and dont want to be a too big free loader on all of you guys... /Per
  7. Hi i know the part i want to have sorted is the rear bumper guard just so there wont be a ripped off bumper
  8. Hi Sorry have to cancel, don't have time to sort the car or gear. I will make sure im 100% till next time, there will be a vissit or 2 at DM for flag and radio and if they have a good shovel there too... /Per
  9. Liftkit will have to wait a bit but i need to get the rear bumper guard....
  10. Will try to come with if i have got my car and have had it modified so i don't lose the bumper....
  11. oooh great, i will check. this is kinda a rear skidplate right? any one know if there is any at DM that i can buy?
  12. 4 door i wanted a big car cause i haven't had that before so i have to live with that is is not as good off road.... but 3.8 and locking rear and all the options i wanted and then some.... Next step is to get the car, fix the front bumper and strengthen the back bumper.
  13. It was moved back after test-drive so couldn't get any good pick but got one...
  14. Maybe i was a little impulsive but papers signed..... Checked and it was a little late for service but it is being serviced at Al Habtoor before i get it. I was pristine underneath so no off-road or hard driving at all, no accidents only some small dings on the fenders and got a good price for a close to full option car so couldn't say no.....
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