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  1. ooh thank you for this, i did not know this!
  2. ooh i hadn't thought of that, normally i turn off the traction if there is a lot of traffic on a main road that i try and enter specially when its from a brick road cause even when dry those can be slippery, but i have not put it in 4h. I will try that next time instead and see if there is improvement. Thanks!
  3. i have had a few situations where i have almost been in accidents due to it cutting power due to a tire slipping so in certain situations i would like it. of course it should be on 99.99% of all times as it serves a purpose. when offroading it is easy just to pull the relay so for that part it is not necessary. And of course more buttons = cooler car
  4. That works manually but with a switch so i don't have to pull a connector or a relay?
  5. I have been searching but not finding any good information regarding an ABS Kill-switch for the pajero. I have not done much offroading but i have realised even when i go out from a gastation ans the ground or tires are wet it will kill the power, even with the "traction control off" button pressed. it only reduces the effect but dont turn it off and its realy anoying when there is alot of traffic. any one who had one or know where i can get one? /Per
  6. Golden brown here and if i could i would have gone white, and all because of heat! if you park a black and a white car outside in the sun, ill select the cooler one
  7. On the topic of the peppa pig image before, think its from here!
  8. i want a bit more rubber on my wheels to get a bit softer ride and im not sure just switching from HTs to ATs will help with that and 17 is the smallest that will fit according to whats sold with the 3.8
  9. Today i have an 18' rim and im looking for a 17' to get some more meat on the rim to get a bit softer ride hopefully. So if any one is interested in changing rims with me i have 5 18' rims 4 with used but ok tires (made 2016) and one spare unused (made2016) and want to trade me their 17' rims. Im going to change tires to ATs so the mounted tires is not important.
  10. Had BMW with tyre sensor before and i know Mercedes work the same. when the sensor warns you you go check your pressure and make sure all corners are the same then you reset the pressure warning. It is just a change warning not a set value varning.
  11. Sure send me a message on [Deleted], ill delete my number as soon as you message....
  12. the quotes i got... and it was 1600....
  13. Just renewed my 3.8 2016 and dropped RSA as they were the most expensive, found Qatar insurance company had cover for everything including rental car for about 1500Aed and when doing insurance market you get one number for roadside assistance and claims and that is nice.
  14. Maybe i can help, i'm not in the desktop/end user field but i have some knowledge. What do you need advice on?
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