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  1. Its "easy" for a company like Sony to make a car like that to show off but to make it cost efficient and make money on it that is something completely different....
  2. Anyone have a clue if a pair of 275/65/17 will fit without rubbing?? or is a lift needed for that?
  3. Per A

    Selecting tyres.....

    Great!! Thanks that was EXACTLY what i was looking for!
  4. thanks to the one splitting out this i realised we were hogging a thread not about this....
  5. Starting a new thread as i was hogging another that was not just about tyres. i have today 265/60/18 but want to go with a winder tyre and smaller rim. If i remember correct the second number is height of tyre and its part of with so if i go smaller and wider i should go for 275/60/17 or will it be 275/65/17? I want to keep as close to the circumference as possible cause i don't think changing will do anything positive.
  6. oooh good to check. but if i have 265/60/18 and go to 265/65/17 with original rims it shouldn't be an issue as the offset and circumference is about the same....
  7. Thanks for all the info, not looking for "aftermarket" i want the same style i got but only 17 instead of 18 so there is more rubber Not shure if they come in 17 cause i can only find 18 have the thin spoked alu look.
  8. know where it is, think ill need to go there....
  9. Do you know if there is any ues rimm place in Sharja too? need to go to 17 when i get new tyres....
  10. and i need to find out where its located on my 2016 3.8.... cause it was not the same.....
  11. This i will try, i can just pull it and plant one tyre on sand and hit the cas. If the crunching is there its not the abs....
  12. i have been getting curious about the traction control on the pajero as i have a few times heard a "crunching" sound from the rear when accelerating and one tyre is slipping but i wrote it of as the abs working for the traction controls. Today i know i would have the issue as i was exiting a gas station and it was wet stone so i pressed the button to turn it off. The crunching in the back still there but atleast the engine did not cut power. Can someone confirm to me that the "crunching" sound is the abs working for the traction controls. And as far as i know the button dont turn it off completely as you have to pull the fuze when in the desert so some parts of it should be working, right?
  13. Dont really care about looks, i want better headlights but having to change back to pass and the risk of fines and probably points if fines then no ill live with the once i got....
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