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  1. Hello @Foxtrot Oscar. Sorry for the last minute drop out but. My car isn’t starting up.. seems like the battery is down, won’t be able to make it to the drive. Please continue the drive without me.
  2. Hi @Niki Patel an 8-10mm plate in aluminum is a better choice. Since you drive an fj, finding a skid plate won’t be a difficult. Lots of garages already stock pre made skid plates for vehicles ( with fjs and Jeep being a popular choice). I myself have a 10mm aluminum plate installed on my car. Try garages in Ras al Khor or Al quoz. Lots of choices over there
  3. Hello Dr. @Chaitanya D please give my place to someone else. Won’t be able to drive tomorrow. Something very important work related has come up.
  4. Hello @Emmanuel I won’t be able to join the drive due to some reasons . Please add someone else in my place.
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