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  1. Hello Dr. @Chaitanya D canyou please have me added in the waiting list please. let me know if someone cancels their plan. i will then remove my name from the Brett and Vinod's drive then
  2. Congratulaions Mr. @Asif Hussain. Hoping to drive with once as soon as thing get back to normal.
  3. Hello fellow Carnity members. Hope all of you are having a pleasant day. I have started this discussion because as I have been off- roading for a quite sometime now and finally have decided to buy a new car. So while searching the perfect one, I was recommended by a friend to go for the Ford Escape AWD between the 2010-2012 models. However a certain instinct in me say that the car is not capable one. I have did a few research and found out nothing that much about it in the off roading scene. I really need advice now to whether go ahead with this certain model or continue my search.
  4. Hey everyone Im sorry but due to some reason I won’t be able to make it to the drive. Really sorry for ditching at the last minute
  5. No flag. no communication. Did not confirm and check whether the fj had cleared or not. Just going through in like 5 seconds was not a wise decision.
  6. Thanks a lot showing us this place. Me and my friends are always on a lookout for such spots to explore.
  7. Agreed. Driving for a box from RAK for a doesn’t sound economical at all 😂
  8. Yes, but the quality is very good. Most of my equipment is sourced from Ace
  9. Better try ace in Dubai. They have more good ones and you will be better able to judge when you see them.
  10. Boxes are great idea for storage. Less movement in your trunk and easy to store your equipment. Also you get a extra of just grabing up your box before the drive and be on the road and your trunk doesn't stay full for the whole week.
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