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  1. Thanks for tagging us on this thread @Gauravbhai. Being a person who used to drive a pajero for about 14 years and then switching to the Xterra, i think i can throw some light into this discussion. When i got rid of my pajero(i had a SWB 3.0 and a LWB 3.8), i was in fact, about to purchase a FJC but then the xterra presented itself as a much more viable option in terms of passenger comfort, adequate amount of power for advanced offloading purposes and all in all a more family friendly SUV compared to the FJC. The Xterra, In comparison to the pajero, even though is more powerful (4.0 vs 3.8), surprisingly consumes lesser gas. Yea surprise surprise! Its probably to do with the weight aspect since the xterra is lighter than the 5 door pajero. Bottom line, the pajero, as @Gauravbhai mentioned, is great for beach cruises and in general a more comfy on-road ride(if passenger hauling and light offroading are the primary objectives). But if you want the best of both worlds whereby you are able to SLIGHTLY compromise on passenger comfort (its almost negligible by the way) and yet require the brute engine strength to go crazy on offroad terrains, then look no more as the xterra clearly has all those boxes beautifully checked off. Only downside being is that you will have to settle for a pre-owned option as production of this vehicle has stopped since 2015.
  2. I concur with @Halit Mert Issever. Primary reason for that incident was not keeping a safe distance. 😂😂
  3. @Rahimdad bhai, can i pay you for these soft shackles by carnity points? 😁
  4. @Rahimdadbhai, sure, please bring it along and ill pay you on friday
  5. This being my first drive after my unfortunate roll over incident 2 weeks ago, was mentally challenging at first as we encountered some rather tricky dunes right from the get go. Added to that, i was driving a friends vehicle so I had some default inhibitions as well. But however, once we proceeded further down the route, I started getting a hang of the vehicle and the track and I found myself having a lot of fun. I would probably describe this area as a giant egg tray!! This was my first time in the Lisali area and this is by far the most technical area I have ever driven in. This is an area that truly tests ones technical off roading skills. All in all a fun filled day with great people and as usual, looking forward to many more of these as the climate keeps getting more and more favorable.
  6. if you ever intend on driving down to oman with your car, then it would be better if you could ask them to include oman cover(and maybe the price might bump up a bit) on the second option that has the accident cover and that way you have the best of both options. If you arent planning on oman trips, then the second option is obviously better.
  7. Haven’t paid yet but total estimate is about close to 5k 😓
  8. Congrats @Frederic. Kudos to this much deserved rank. Love you buddy.
  9. Thanks habibi @Fuad. We have missed you buddy. Try and join us soon. I know you are based in Al ain but if time permits then please do join us.
  10. I am glad that @Gaurav and @Srikumar said exactly what was on my mind. I just didn't want to say it first as i thought it would be best for the seniors to give their opinion. I too, totally agree that this mishap could have happened on any drive level as this particular incident had nothing to do with the "drive level" as such. In fact, this could have even happened in an absolute newbie drive. I have successfully crossed ridges on an angle, quite a few times before, so i know that i am capable of doing the same in an error free manner. On that particular day, it was an error on judgement in my part and in no way am i allowing this incident to discourage me from driving again on any level that the seniors deem fit for me to drive. In fact, on the contrary, I will be exercising way more caution going forward which will actually help me to become a better driver who is aware of the risks associated with ridge crossing.
  11. tease my X, haha. Will ensure you will be eating my dust when you are back in december.
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