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  1. Congratulations @Ale Vallecchi. This is awesome news and truly well deserved.
  2. My apologies for penning a report on this drive late but I was quite tied up the last few days. Well for starters, Jun 19th, 2020, will be a memorable day for me as I managed my first official trip lead. @Srikumar has covered most of the details but from my perspective, I believe i was blessed to have such a lovely group of drivers to join me. @Roshan Abraham as my second lead did a great job in rerouting when we came across tricky spots. Followed by @Chaitanya D who was testing out the offroading prowess of his recently purchased X terra. I hope you get the heating issue sorted out soon buddy. I am glad we all had a lot of fun climbing up pink rocks and i could see that most of us weren't satisfied with just one go 😆 The rest of the lot - @Szymon Stankiewicz, @Febin Frederic, @Kalahari, @Rinelle Sanaani and @Najeeb Mohammed managed extremely well as I slightly bumped up the level at certain places and you all pulled through with flying colors. And a special shout out to @Desert Dweller for keeping a watchful eye on the convoy and providing support whenever required. I owe a majority of the success of this drive to @Srikumar as his guidance on my maiden lead trip was key. Thank you all for joining me on this special day and i am glad that you guys had a fun drive. I sincerely look forward to more. And a special shout out to the carnity seniors who taught me, supported me and believed in me, thanks to whom I finally managed to lead a drive - @Gaurav bhai, @Rahimdad bhai, @Srikumar, @Emmanuel and @Frederic.
  3. DRIVE RSVP IS CLOSED Convoy Numbering for tomorrow 1 Shamil 2 Roshan Abraham 3 Lucky sAm 4 Rohan H 5 Chaitanya D 6 Desert Dweller 7 Kalahari 8 Febin Frederic 9 Rinelle Sanaani 10 Najeeb Mohammed 11 Szymon Stankiewicz 12 Srikumar Jeffrey Osito Pilgreen - (Removed from the drive, for not agreeing to the COVID19 precautions) Please make sure your radio is set to Channel 2: 446.03125 Mhz and switched on when you arrive at deflation point. Also make sure the other Carnity channels are programmed into your radio so we can switch to another channel when needed. Members who have not clicked "totally agree" on the BAN post as well as this drive post, will not be allowed to join the drive, as we want to have formal acknowledgement that you have understood our rules and precautions. Keep your distance when deflating and do not "gather" upon arrival. Deflate your vehicle and step back in the car so we can convey the briefing over the radio. Make sure you have a deflator, flag, and your radio. See you tomorrow !
  4. Just a quick reminder, i will be posting the final list of participants with the convoy numbering by 6pm today. @Mahmoud Hamzawy, i believe you are signed up for the newbie drive on the same day and since you have clicked on "totally agree" on that drive, i assume you wont be joining us - please reconfirm. Also @Jeffrey Osito Pilgreen - please reconfirm your attendance by 6pm today by clicking "totally agree".
  5. by the way we also have @Nivin who is an xterra owner in the club who will hopefully join us soon for our drives once his car is back from the garage.
  6. many happy returns of the day @Jeepie 😃
  7. Cant wait to see an Xterra majority convoy finally. Alright everyone by the way, I have quickly gone through the list of attendees for this drive who have not clicked the 'Totally Agree' button and I would urge you all to please do so as everyone needs to be on the same page with respect to acknowledging the covid 19 policies outlined for our safety and well being. @Najeeb Mohammed, @Febin Frederic, @Kalahari, @Mahmoud Hamzawy, @Jeffrey Osito Pilgreen please ensure you have clicked - "totally agree" prior to the drive.
  8. hi @Mahmoud Hamzawy, i have added you to this drive so please go ahead and sign out of the other drive.
  9. Thanks @Rahimdad Bhai, it’s all thanks to the support I have received from the seniors.
  10. Thank you @Mahmoud Hamzawy and sure no problem, ill add you to the waitlist
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