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  1. actually @Roshan Abraham downsized from 18 to 17 but because of the bigger tires and rim offset, his tires were constantly hitting the fenders. he then got it lifted to solve the problem
  2. from your profile pic it looks like your thumb is already out of ....
  3. i see a lot of people witnessed hail in many parts of the country and i havent seen anything and i stay in abu "hail" 🤬
  4. The cheapest ride i have owned till date is the truck i currently own - my dearly beloved Xterra which i picked up last year for about 25k. All purchases prior to that (pajero SWB 2002, Pajero LWB 2009, VW tiguan 2011) were more in comparison.
  5. thanks to all for enlightening me on this topic. Up until now, i was giving the cars beside me free car wash 😎
  6. ill most probably have to sit this one out as i have an office picnic to attend 😞
  7. Just like @Frederic mentioned, i have always wanted to get a teeny tiny car for the shorter trips and I really want to get a Tida as I feel it fits the bill. Besides that, I would like to go for better suspensions (adjustable ones to be precise), a cold air intake and get chip tuning done. This is the plan but my wallet is sadly not on board with my plans 😬 #keepdreaming
  8. For me it was when i bought a VW tiguan almost 10 yrs ago. Biggest financial blunder of my life!! A year after using it, the transmission fails on me and I had to spend an arm and a leg getting it sorted. After that, I wanted to sell it but i barely got any buyers and after almost 6 months, i let it go for a throw away price. I mean no offense to any one, as everyone has their own opinions, but after that, I personally decided to never ever go for European cars ever again. I swear by Japanese makes as I feel they stand the test of time and yet they are not as expensive to maintain(or buy) as their European counterparts. Sure their cars are not as teched out as say - german makes for example but I would rather drive a no-frills noisy truck that will last longer than a fancy european car with numerous sensors, features and what not, which probably wont last very long.
  9. you are right, but sometimes while recovering SUVs in the desert, we could perhaps skip a few of these points and still get the recovery done as opposed to a car with low ground clearance stuck in sand without tow points whereby a step by step procedure in a note format could help incase if you have forgotten something.
  10. we were trying to spot something like this but his car didnt have any such provision and this is maybe because hes changed his bumper, see this image below which i got from google which closely resembles the kind of bumper he had and it has no such point thanks @Gauravbhai, this is very useful info indeed, i will save it in the notepad app for quick reference. thanks for the info, yes we tried to locate it but couldnt find it
  11. So i wanted to share this situation i came across this weekend and i thought some of the seniors here might be able to throw some light on the situation. We were leaving global village when i spotted a Ford mustang stuck in the sand. He was trying to park the car in the sandy patch away from the main parking as many other cars have done but the spot he chose had more sand and keep in mind that the mustang is quite a low car. I switch on my 4wd and rushed to see if i could help him, perhaps give him a tug as i could see that the car is crested. Since the mustang is a low car, its easy to get crested and the tires were dug in as well. So i realized there is no point in removing sand using a shovel around the tires because the chassis is stuck to the ground. But here's the real head scratcher - his car had no visible tow points! We looked around everywhere and we just couldn't find any points. Now i am sure there probably were some points that were not visible to us but his front fancy bumper that was almost touching the floor was covering it so even if we accessed it, a tug would result in some damage to his bumper. In about half an hour, at least 4-5 more people came to the scene trying to help out but no one was able to figure it out. Since i had my family with me, i eventually left and i am not sure how he recovered but i thought i would share this topic here and see if any one has come across such a situation before and how can we recover such cases.
  12. well i was designed and made(born and raised) in the UAE but im still indian 😁 so...
  13. i am sure she didnt, shes got a long way to go just like my nameless Xterra 😐
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