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  1. Thanks everyone who attended the meetup session and those who tried their best but could not! Everybody managed their cameras really well! It was superb to see amateur photographers with very bright ideas and newbies eager to learn and practice! I was pleased to have this opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with you. I hope that now you feel more confident with the star photos and you will go to the wild on your own to enjoy the starry nights and practice your skills! As promised, I post my RAW and Lightroom-processed photo here. As you can see, photoshoot itself is only half of the process, post-processing is very important too! There are a lot of post-processing tutorial in the internet, you can check it on your own. It is important to remember that you can make a good photo great using the post-processing tools. However you cannot make a bad photo good! That's why, basic skills are fundamental and cannot be replaced with the computer power. My RAW photo (Nikon D7200, Samyang 16mm F2.0, ISO 3200, 15sec): After Lightroom processing: Feel free to post you photos here and in the gallery! It does not matter if it is good or bad, we all are learning! Thanks!
  2. Hello everybody! Excited to see you all tomorrow evening! I would like to remind you to check if you have a red light head lamp. It is tiny but very important detail for the successful event. Besides of all your photo gear, feel free to bring your camping chairs to feel extra comfortable! Operating a camera on the tripod sitting in a chair is so easy Thanks!
  3. @Foxtrot Oscar well done! You managed to stuck in a beautiful place! And thanks for freeing me from my crest 30 minutes later!
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