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  1. It was a fantastic drive! I visited Al Qudra desert or the first time and definitely I enjoyed it a lot! Thanks to @Frederic, we were able to experience speedy dunes in the first half of our trip and challenging soft-sand areas in the second. Completely different feelings! @Brette provided outstanding help and guidance! Thanks a lot, mate! Also I have to admit that convoy behave very well! All stayed inside of the cars at all time even when we had to wait a bit due to several stucks and recoveries. No gathering, masks on, everything is in accordance to COVID-19 guidelines! Well done! Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi, Brette! Thanks a lot! Unfortunately, can't attend in the evening.
  3. Hello! I would like to join the drive if somebody change their plans. Thanks!
  4. @Rahimdad what a great idea! Totally support the idea of a small drone photo / video club for those who is interested! 👍👍👍
  5. Hello, guys! Thanks so much! I'm so pleased to be promoted to the next level. Thanks for your trust! Hope to see you soon!
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