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  1. No Problem! Anytime Yes it's fixed hahah, was a small sensor issue.
  2. Thank you for the Drive Sri! @Srikumar Firstly, sorry for holding everyone up towards the end, the car is all fixed.. was the silly MAF sensor with a broken pin. The drive was slow but still the route had good flow and was a pretty relaxed drive! Hope to see everyone next weekend too! Cheers, Jas
  3. Hi Sri, My Compressor decided to give up on me right now as I was doing a test of the equipment. Are we planning to exit nearby a petrol station? Just don't want to burden one of you as it'll be hot by the time we exit! Cheers, Jas
  4. I am attaching the Relay to pull and My Air Box, keep in mind with these filters is it important to make sure you buy a DRY Filter (Not Oiled) and after every drive you take it off and air gun it to remove sand.
  5. Hey @andy_macdxb!, Welcome to the Pajero life Gen 3's were only made till late 2006, if your car is a 2008 it is a Gen 4! This opens up a lot of computers you'll have to tingle around with, especially for the gearbox. Send a picture of your car so i'll be able to confirm if its a Gen 3 or 4. 1. So you can either get a traction control kill switch installed (100-150Dhs) at your Garage, or there is an ABS/Traction Relay under the hood, I will post its exact picture in a while, just pull that out before off-roading and within 1km of driving everything should shut off. 2. There is no ready-made aftermarket CAI (Cold Air Intake) in the market for the Pajero but what I have done is made a custom box and mounted a cone filter inside there. The Pajero's intake is already VERY high up and is amongst the best in the 4x4 world today. If you plan on crossing deep water above the bonnet, just buy and install a snorkel which can be found easily on Alibaba or Ebay Australia for reasonable costs. Cheers, Jas
  6. Hey Guys! Thank you for all the support I guess the general consensus is that it just depends on what suits me the best. So the experimentation starts soon! Cheers, Jas
  7. Hey! Its 4 Way Adjustable, so I can control low speed damping and rebound as well as high speed damping and rebound. If you could explain that it would be pretty sick! Would lead me in the correct direction for sure Cheers, Jas
  8. Hey Guys, So I'm trying to understand the concept behind shock tuning. Not to the level where you remove the shimstack from inside the shocks and change it completely, rather about the "tuning" knobs on the coiler suspension itself. Top of the Line Coilovers come with DSC adjusters or Dual Compression Adjusters and I am trying to grasp my head at how you would want to tune the shocks in two scenarios: Road and Desert. 1. High Speed Compression and Rebound 2. Low Speed Compression and Rebound Thanks for the Suggestions in advance! Cheers, Jas
  9. Don’t upgrade yet! I’m in contact with a company that are making Internal Bypass and Reservoirs kits for all Pajeros from 1999 and have sent me a kit for testing. If they are genuinely worth it I’ll recommend it. If you’re looking for a kit immediately I’d recommend Profender Monotube Shocks. They are around 3000 and are amazing for the price. Was running them for the past 6 months.
  10. Alllffff Mabrooook Shamil!! All the best with the new level man! Can't wait to have some drives with you soon Cheers, Jas
  11. Hello Lads! Haven't been very active since last year of uni and assignments are absolutely killing Big Plans for the Pajero this Year, half of which are already underway! 1. Full Interior Overhaul, Racing Seats and Audio system etc. 2. Engine Rebuild with a new Camshaft Profile and Lighter Pistons 3. Sprintex Supercharger Coming Up! 4. First +2 Long Travel Kit in the World for a Pajero w Dual Shocks 5. Widebody Fenders for the LT Kit Thats all for now!
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