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  1. Hey Guys, My 3.8 Gen3 is running really rough and jerky accelerating below 2.2-2.3K RPMS, after that it smoothens out. Any Ideas what could be wrong? Cheers, Jas
  2. Hey Guys! I thought it'd be a good idea to list out any good garages for our custom work people have visited and had good reviews with! Cheers, Jas
  3. Lol Shadow, doing this will be spending 2x the value of the Car!
  4. Hey Hossein, I can't understand that xD so 2800 is the Q4 + Tuning?
  5. I'll check it out more then, I know a few guys in Oman who have made their Gen 3 Pajero's into complete beasts and all recommended me the Unichip. Thanks, Gaurav! If I get it done I'll make sure I try to gather all the details so if anybody else here wants to they can! Cheers, Jas
  6. Hey Guys, Time has come that I miss the power that I had with my Toyota 4.0. Planning to tune my 3.8 SWB with a Unichip. Does anybody have any good places/recommendations where to get it done? Looking to Get the Unichip Q4 and have it with 3 Maps. Cheers, Jas
  7. Yooooo this looks sick! Rims: Rim you'll find a variety of the steelies (2nd pic) and in the first pic, the style of rims are called "deep dish". The steelies shouldn't be too expensive , your best bet would be to go to Sharjah/Ajman/Mussafah - Abu Dhabi for the cheapest (Just google Sharjah Rims) there will be a ton. The deep dish rims will be a bit more expensive as they have a high demand here (for all the patrols and LC's). ** Make sure whatever Rims you buy the Wheel Hub Assembly (Bolt Pattern Matches) also known as PCD. I don't know about scrap yards as I haven't ever purchased from them. Tyres: These i'm sure you'll get for cheap just go around looking for expired DOT tyres (2015 and before) each peice shouldn't be more than 50 - 60 bucks. Hope this helps! Make sure you get some speakers and BLAST Tokyo Drift while you ride it 😂 #stancenation Cheers, Jas
  8. LOL, Will await the drives! Completely agree with the mods, do what is required after you know your driving style! I will always mod a car after I master the technique, Learn the technique and then once you master it you can add a mod which makes your life easier. This way you'll not only be able to become a true pro but will also be able to help and drive ANY car in the dunes rather than only your expensive modded one I am currently away in Canada, coming back in a week so will join you guys for the next drives after the 10th for sure! Cheers, Jas
  9. My old Prado was a high school grad gift. I wish I could buy another Toyota but they hold their value sooooo well! I had the option of going down and buying a Prado SWB full stock or buying the Pajero and spend the same budget in performance and mods. Let's see how this turns out!
  10. Hey Derick, Go for a full suspension system, and I'll tell you why. 1. Spacers will lift the body of the vehicle and not provide an actual increase in ground clearance (You are basically high centering the car and raising the center of gravity which is bad for cresting with no added benefit) (Refer to the pics below). A suspension lift is what allows for that ground clearance increase as you are lifting the car from suspension up. 2. Spend the extra cash and you will get a suspension which gives your performance! Fast paced rides on the sand will be smoother and the car on the road will have less body roll and a better driving style. 3. As far as Camber goes, don't worry.. A re allignment will settle that back to normal - I myself am waiting to get the suspension lift done for my 3.8 SWB, Planning on going with the MRR Dobinsons (Expensive but I intend to keep the car for long + its fully tunable so with time I can get the car suited for my driving style.) Reservoirs will provide you with good cooling in the shocks so they don't fade! You will always get what you pay for! 😆
  11. I am not actually, when buying a car for the main purpose being Daily Driver + Weekend Off-roader, I will always choose a Japanese make. We drive these cars daily and then at the same time push them in 40+ degree heat! They have to be tough and reliable. RR or Jeeps are good, but I have never come to trusting American/British makes just because the Japanese are second to none in build quality of a vehicle and they are inexpensive to maintain! I had a 2005 Prado LWB for the past 3 years and I have very few complaints about it after 276K Kms. Just recently switched over to a 2006 Pajero SWB for a change. For the dunes I prefer having an old car with less computer management etc. It makes the experience on the sand more raw and in my opinion will make you a better driver, anybody can buy a 2019 Prado and get stuck and use Crawl Control to get them out. But if you're really into the sport of Dune Bashing I think knowing the methods/techniques of self recovery etc are just as important and this only comes with Experience. But then again the newer models are much safer so if you intend to take family/loved ones around everywhere the newer models are much better. Lastly, in my opinion, I think any of the 4x4's we have offered in the market (Pajero/Prado/LC/Patrol/JK etc.) are all perfectly capable vehicles. Each has their own USP's but overall they all will run the toughest sands the Middle East has to offer just fine :D. I'm a strong believer of the saying "It's the driver, not the car". If you know your car well and how to take advantage of it, there is no dune that will hold you back! Oh! Also this is my first post here and I hope to be seeing you guys soon on some drives. 😁 Cheers, Jas
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