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  1. Hey Guys, Everyone here is always talking about how to drive and the do's and dont's... For me each drive's mood is normally set by the Tunes I'm playing whether it be some wild switches or just a relaxed newbie drive. I thought it'd be a good idea to share some of the songs that we listen to while driving, the language or style doesn't matter as I'm sure there's someone else who is gonna love it too! Here's my Top 5 Tracks: 1. Waqqaberry - BÖ 2. Fast - Juice WRLD 3. Abusadamente - MC Gusta 4. Love You Zindagi - Club Mix 5. Jenaak B Hwaya - Nour Al Zen & Ghazwan Al Fahed What're yours?! Cheers, Jas
  2. How you gonna call this ugly! Probably my go to car to enjoy with the roof down on a road trip from Níce to Monte Carlo a long the coast 😂
  3. This feature was launched after the release of the Tap function, of you remember before we had to give the Pin to the pump attendant or type it in. It’s considered safe as it’s below 200 Per Transaction (meaning I can swipe unlimited in amounts of 200 if the bank doesn’t recognize the pattern.) Banks nowadays have liability clauses in the contracts and if you file a complaint for a charge the pump number and time is noted so it’s very easy to track who was using the card without your approval.
  4. Okay... $250,000 is AED900,000. I'll just go buy BJ Baldwin's Trophy Truck for that amount. Every now and then when I feel like leaving planet earth I'll jump it multiple meters off the ground at 150KPH
  5. Gaurav I doubt it can be the Air/ Fuel system, otherwise he would have stuttering and jerking even while driving. I don't know how it can be mounts either.. because if mounts the higher the RPM the more it should vibrate... I had read something about this issue being with a vibration damper/ heavy counterweight at the rear of the gearbox. It's an easy fix according to the forums. Give it a shot?
  6. @desertdude trust me, 3 years back I would be the first to laugh every time I saw someone say Pajero as an off-roader. But after actually owning it I can only wish I had taken back those comments made! Yes, its not factory ready to tackle everything like some other cars out there. But with just one or two traction mods and switches it will fly. Another thing, this is the reason I am building the Pajero up is because it will be Unique! When the car was stock I used to get honked from left right and center in the fast lane, but after slowly modifying it I don't think I've even gotten high beamed since. This taught me another thing about the UAE, its not so much about the Car model which gets the respect, its about the build and effort that goes into one which is respected. Yes Gaurav! I agree with the Body comment you made 100%, might be overkill. Also, drivetrain wise... Hopefully I'll be able to say that a Supercharged JK isn't gonna have a chance against this Make no mistake lol I have no intention on spending 150K to twin turbo this engine. But with the right research and a little TLC I'm aiming to make 280-290 HP to the rear wheels. All I need is your Manual Gearbox Can always expect Rahim Bhai with some kind words!
  7. Thanks Gaurav, The plan is to have the drivetrain being modified while all this work is going on. So by the time everything will be ready and assembled at once. I'll keep you updated, I think the issue I find with UAE garages is that most owners have all the know how and expertise on the works but they aren't there 24/7 to monitor labor, just a way of doing business. Line-X is probably the line I will take for the Chassis!
  8. Hey Fredric, 1) Yes I think my passenger front side is a little bent in, had a nasty ditch at the top of Super Bowl when they were doing the digging there last winter. So just want to get everything in perfect shape and strength for the future. 4) Thats the issue right now, every month or two something electrical goes wrong, blown fuses or interior relays. So just want everything redone properly and professionally. My main thing is I don't want to cut corners anywhere with the build as it's a project which i look to keep for a long time, being something unique. The day I can afford his labor, you'll see me driving an Urus in the Dunes
  9. Hey Guys, So I have been looking to do a Restoration of the Pajero, main focus would be the Chassis, Body and Electrical Wiring Through out. Complete Restore. Reason being there is a lot of Performance Mods that are going to be done to the Car during 2020 and I just want everything to be perfect (I have OCD that way.) It will not be a factory restore in terms of Drivetrain, but some what a Restomod project, hopefully first of its kind! Things that I would want to do: Chassis correction and repainting/rust proofing, Body Panel Correction and Full Repaint, Electrical system Overhaul, All nuts and bolts galvanized and refreshed. Was looking for any Garage recommendations that can carry out such a restore diligently and within justifiable costs. Any leads would be much appreciated! Cheers, Jas
  10. Gaurav, I would just like to add that when we add suspension lift, we have to keep 2 things in mind. 1. Make sure you select the correct springs for the weight of your car. Too stiff and you'll be bouncing all about making the car hard to control, too soft and you'll feel all the bumps and it won't ride well on the road and will have a lot of body roll. 2. Everyone always remembers to lift the car but everyone forgets that in order to maintain the OEM center of gravity, you need to widen the wheel base too! A good quality wheel spacer will cost you 800-1000 for 4 Pcs. When we widen our track width, it allows the car to have a lower center of gravity which helps in such situations. A good example is to take one finger and roll it on the table sideways, see how easy it rolls? Now put 2 fingers and do the same, the force required to turn the fingers is much harder! Physics is your best friend! "Drop a Gear and Disappear"
  11. Thanks @Gaurav. I agree, LC70 is a machine! Wasn't aware about this gearing issue! Thanks for pointing it out. Jeep, LOL Something tells me you prefer Japanese cars for a reason.
  12. I am going to keep my list to only Automatics, as it's what is used by most off-roaders here. Although I agree that a manual is the ultimate machine. I have given an overall rating keeping in mind Fuel Consumtion, Power, Customization Potential and Drivability/Reliability. My List: FJ Cruiser - 2010 Onwards with Dual VVTI - 8.5/10 Nissan Patrol - SWB and with the 4.8L VTC 8/10 Jeep JK or JL (SWB) - 2012 Onwards (3.6L Engine) (Only if w Warranty) - 7.5/10 Reasoning Behind each. FJ - Its a Short Wheel Base Toyota, Period. It is known as the Japanese Jeeps because there is every possible off-road upgrade made for this car. Fuel Economy is comparatively good, and has the option of 2 tanks giving 120-130L of fuel. 270HP and 390 NM of torque is more than sufficient to perform. Although you lack in the interior and visibility, you can't have everything. Patrol - The Ultimate ShababMobile, street credit and off-road capability is there in this, although parts are expensive and you're gonna pay like crazy for fuel, there's a reason it is only sold in this market till date. 250HP and 420 Nm of torque will see you flying! Being a solid axle vehicle you loose some ride comfort, but it makes up for that with its amazing levels of wheel travel needed during off-road. Jeeps - The 3.6L is an efficient engine and gives good economy, its a jeep so it'll do almost anything. Has a 300HP engine with Torque around 380NM which is again plenty. Extremely light with the soft top option so you can glide . I agree reliability can be an issue by Trading Ent. has good service as long as the car is under warranty and will replace anything and everything if need be.
  13. Excitement got the better of him! Know your car, jeeps are very light and have virtually no weight at the back, which will cause it to nose dive in jumps. Same goes for most SWB vehicles. Understand the weight dynamics of your car! As far as driver error, he either lost his brakes or didn’t slow down while coming down, even if you don’t want to use your brakes to preserve them you can put the car in a low gear so that the car engine brakes and gives you control of the car going downhill!
  14. Even I am curious as to how this affected it... But if I were to guess maybe the Engine is running cooler with the new Coolant hence the ECU isn't having to compensate combustion cylinder cooling with the use of extra fuel (AKA running a bit leaner)? The only way I can relate the two.
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