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  1. I've seen Jimny's roaming around Badayer and Sweihan a few times now, had 2-3 in my convoys at times too. They are an incredible machine BUT only after you put a bit of investment into them. Putting the 2.0 Vitara engine is a little expensive but many opt for the 1.6 liter engine swap which is easy to do and costs only 4-5K. I think @Gaurav has a point here in that the vehicle in the video does not look stock by its performance. However @desertdude the Jim is an awesome car if you're willing to put 10-15k into it to make it take on the world. Oh, and after you modify it... It will climb Moreeb with ease Cheers, Jas
  2. @Gaurav he was asking about how to buy, not how to list a used one for sale
  3. Look for the 3.5 LE if you want the Full Option. This is the one with leather electric seats and all the creature comforts. PF's are quite reliable so as long as it doesn't look to used and abused you should be in good hands. Good Luck!
  4. This was the Car I grew up in! My dad still says, If I find a perfect condition one... I'd buy it again. @Frederic @Gaurav The Pajero Evo is ANY Rally or Pajero Enthusiasts dream
  5. Great Conversation starter! 1. Cars - I enjoy just learning and reading about anything related to cars, plus the weekly drives! 2. Piano - Played the piano for almost 14 years now, great way to just relax and be creative! 3. Sports - I need some form of physical activity through the week, Particually enjoy Weights and Play Tennis semi professionally. 4 - Always enjoy a good chai with the mates!
  6. Hey Fuad, Personally I've had no issues with the Current Mitsubishi Bottle Jack although some recommend against it, I lift the car from its control arm (make sure you have a wide baseplate). Lifting from the lower control arm means you won't have to raise the jack as much to get the rim and tyre up! Cheers, Jas
  7. You put it in with every oil change? at What interval
  8. Thanks for the affirmation Gaurav, I've done Liwa in the past but it wasn't with the Pajero and thought I'd get some quick Mod suggestions while the car is sitting at the garage anyways. Used to drive my dads Prado before which did the drive within the 80L tank no problem. I guess there's no need .
  9. I guess it's just my right foot then! Anyways while I'm out of the country the car has gone for some serious power updates. Maybe will help me keep my foot out of if (I doubt) lol. Thanks with the Redex, I'll see if I can source some
  10. Hey Gaurav, The 60 liters gives me 325-330 Highway and Approx 280 City/Hwy Mix. It's shitty
  11. Hey Guys, During advanced and fast trips of Around 35-40kms I end up going through 40 litres of fuel approx. are there any other Pajero owners who have faced this issue? My main concern is that in a full on 180km trip in Liwa or so I won’t have enough fuel even if I carry a 20 litre tank being a SWB Pajero having 60 litre tank. I am normally in 2nd and 1st gear in 4H... Cheers, Jas
  12. Firstly Fuad, Congrats on this little beast! R50 is a great choice! Parts are super cheap and the car flies... You need 2 things first, a lift kit and bash plate. With these two you'll tackle Liwa on its own no issues! Secondly if you really want to spend some cash you're super lucky because you share the engine and transmission with the 350Z which has a huge performance market here in the UAE, you can find 4.2 stroker kits and have it installed for less than 10K (which is an actual joke to be honest). As long as this is a desert toy, do whatever you want and it won't let you down. Lastly, if you don't want to go bat shit crazy... Just get some headers, exhaust and a cold air intake (with a dry filter) (should cost less than 5K all. And take the car to Qasim (AlfaTuner), he is very well respected within the UAE offroad community and has tuned almost every 4x4 I drive with (should be 1-1.5K) you'll be pushing 280HP no problems!
  13. Hey Shamil, Glad to know that you're alright! Although the rollover occurred, you were able to analyze the mistake. I would also like to add that in such situations (during the cresting) you should never be hesitant to take the crest even one bit, hesitance will cause a driver to be unsure of what they are doing and slow their reaction time when its needed the most. This is a very serious hobby and one must be alert at all times. Another thing I noticed is that once you took the crest, you pressed the brake. Hard braking in the desert with cause the tires to dig or push the weight of the car to areas you dont want it, if in an emergency make sure you brake only when the car is facing downwards, any sideways braking is asking for trouble! I'm happy to hear that you'll be coming back stronger ! I'll see you in December where I may or may not tease you a little about XTerras ! Drive Hard, Crest Safe! Cheers, Jas
  14. Dubai's Half Desert Road, 25°06'57.0"N 55°26'56.1"E
  15. Hey Guys, unfortunately I am flying out Thursday morning, so I won't be able to attend this trip. I'll see you all in December! Cheers, Jas
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