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  1. 🌷💐🌹🌸🌺, these I had to send you from Kate, and these you get from me> 🍷🥂🍺🍻🥃🍾🍸 😆
  2. You and the garages are both correct regarding the amount. The difference lays in just draining the fluids or flushing and renewing. If you have the service manual and you follow the instructions for the service intervals, most probably you will only drain and add fresh fluid. If you are going to flush (for any reason, like a mix up of different fluids and you want it homogeneous again), then you have to renew the whole system. The Pajero guys and girls will help you and shed more light on it.
  3. Anyone knows where to get Michelin's LTX AT's ?
  4. Any preferences in taste? 😁
  5. And then there is a flush and THE FLUSH. Draining just the pan or the whole system. I assume the service manual guide you only to drain the pan, you'll only refresh about 1/3rd of the fluid. This is fine if you do it at the recommended intervals/ or increased intervals like said above. You can also flush the whole system, check your car's fora.
  6. Just for the info: Adnoc, Ednoc, Epco, Life Pharmacy, not available. Big carefour at the MOE had 1 gallon bottles.
  7. As Gaurav said above, I have a big military bag with everything in the bag (multiple compartments, yes also the jack). I always secured it with bungie ropes (or how do you call these things) up to last week when I made a big jump. I realised that it might be not strong enough if you start rolling or in worse case scenario a forward flip. Don't underestimate the g-forces that occurs during an accident. (Imagine your jack flying on to your head) After this incident, I bought tie down straps and secure the bag firmly. Yes, it takes more time to secure, but we are talking about your life.
  8. Hi All, I want (need) to flush my coolant. Where to get distilled water in Dubai? Preferable in south Dubai.
  9. Bought myself a groupon ticket for interior detailing. Let's see if it is something.
  10. Thanks, it is the buy 4 pay 2 promotion I assume?
  11. Could you also provide us the size of the tires, "size does matter", especially regarding price
  12. If you can find a LX470 in reasonable condition (without bends) and fair price below 250K km's, I would definitely go for that.
  13. There has to be balance between buttons and screens. The main advantage of touch screens are costs. Imagine how many functions you can put under 1 screen, everything if you want, right? I think there has to come a regulation for this that specifies which functions need to be operated by buttons for redundancy and safety.
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