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  1. Guys, I just finished back gammon, don’t count on me tomorrow. have a safe drive and enjoy!
  2. Interesting line up with cars. If i didn’t sleep well, I might come as a passenger and do some recording from a passenger seat. Any seat free from one of the Marshalers? The sweep would be better.
  3. LED lights for the summer night drives. I hope my tires last one more season, if not, 17” wheels. So my Rays TE37 might go for sale, not sure yet. If anyone is interested, let me know.
  4. and the winner is......!!!! 7,45 AED for 95 the Netherlands....
  5. Having a backgammon match on Thursday evening. Depends how long the post match will take, if not too late, will join you on Friday morning.
  6. Yes thanks, traveling through different time zones and languages, I get sometimes lost in translation
  7. I put it on my roof window, as Gaurav mentioned regarding the settings I agree. Narrow gives the best footages.
  8. Happy new year to everybody, greetings from Maastricht.
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