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  1. Thank you everybody, Enjoyed the drive today. Could not say bye to everybody. Shamil, you were the gopro’s star today. Will have a look this week. Send me a private message with your phonenumber. What a toys at the end, water dripped out of my mouth.
  2. I get flashbacks of my journey to find an adapter. Honestly, I gave up. Can't give you a direction where to go for this adapter. I can tell you though that at, Dragon Mart, Ramy, and a few screw and bolt stores they couldn't help me. If you find somebody or a shop, please share it with us, you were not the first and will not be the last who is searching for this.
  3. A friend’s sister found a job in Dubai for a grooming brand. When I asked her what she does, it was the first time I’ve heard this “profession”, she is a digital influencer. I asked, a what? Yes a digital influencer. I thought it was a joke, but I hear it more and more around me. Yes, social media is ruling the world.
  4. one way is through the police application.
  5. Was wondering if there is guideline to post Carnity's related posts on social media. Is the Carnity logo in high res available, can I use it in my videos? Maybe an idea to write a guideline and a house style to use for social media for the people that want to do the effort. What about tagging etc?
  6. Correct, but officially they should ask for a signature for the verification then... "officially"
  7. Bumping an old topic. Besides the group that Saigal72 mentioned, any other clubs that are active on other days except Friday?
  8. If you give you your card, and the person makes a copy of both sides, he or she can do with it what she wants. Some banks have a verification for online transfers (after a certain amount), where you have to verify your transfer by a code that you'll receive after putting al your details (also the 3 numbers on the back). Better to pay cash.
  9. It is not the tap thing, because a full tank for mine costs 260 AED. It is probably the old school magnetic swipe with signature verification, but instead of that, they type your license plate in.
  10. Unfortunately not, ran out of batteries. Still need to find a sweet spot for my gear. Practiced today, I think I found a solution.
  11. Shared a video in the gallery, but because that the limit is 50 mb, the quality is bad, for better quality:
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