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  1. Thanks all for the recommendations. @desertdude How can he get in touch with you?
  2. I am writing this for a good friend. His wife took the car out without coolant (let the jokes come), it seams that the Head Gasket needs to be replaced. Could you advise a workshop/ garage for us? It's a Landrover LR4 2012 V8 5.0 HSE
  3. Technical part between Al Qudra and Solar Park, in a small pocket. Yes, I could have shovelled myself out, but my friend said, just try this. Not too much gas, controlled self recovery (with the Maxtrax). He said, I am not going to sweat if it is not necessary.
  4. I had a look at different models and tried them from a friend and I liked them. First, there is a big quality difference between the one from Ace and the real Maxtrax. If you want something that works and still usable after 1 time usage, you should go for the Maxtrax. It is more rigid, it can handle the load. The reason why you don't see them in a club environment in my opinion: - Expensive - You are with a group, always somebody to help you with a rope or whatever. The Matrax is ideal for overlanding, or solo off-roading. I came once in a nasty situation where I digged myself in with my rear wheels. After shovelling for 10 minutes and trying to get out, my friend offered his Maxtrax. What a blessing I can tell you. Don't be biased because you don't see them in a club environment.
  5. @Javier, I would like to commit, but I realize I have a have a standby. Will notify short notice. Xaf
  6. This is your homework for your next drive; - Read page 187 till 190 please - 196 till 199 is also interesting. https://www.toyota.com/t3Portal/document/om-s/OM35A88U/pdf/OM35A88U.pdf#page187
  7. Hi Jorge, I went quickly in the specs of your car, they come with different trims. As I understand, they come standard with a central difflock, that is only engaging if you go out of the normal highway mode. See below link. Then there is a trim that comes with a rear difflock. does yours come with a rear difflock?
  8. Do you have difflocks? I think you have a rear difflock. The switch is at your rear mirror. Have you ever engaged it?
  9. Trying to catch up with you, hope to see you on one of the drives again. Congratulations!
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