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  1. What is the reason of those dots? Please enlighten me, because I don’t know.
  2. I want to buy some tools, where to go in the UAE? Quality: Between home and professional. One time buy, but not daily use. looking for the following: - Torque wrench (up to 200 Nm) - Jack stands, 6T - Grease gun - Floor jack, one for at home, one to carry with me (not too heavy) maybe one that suites both? I’m thinking to go to Dragon Mart, sure I can find everything there, but would like to hear your advice/ opinions.
  3. It all depends on the background, experience, character. What seems obvious for us, may not for somebody else. I think it might be addressed in a briefing for totally newbies. But keep it briefly 🙏🏻🤣.
  4. Ok cool, thanks all, Sand Dance it will be.
  5. Xaf

    CRC dry PTFE lube

    Anyone knows where I can buy this in a store?
  6. They called me for a freighter trip, coming back on Sunday. Have a nice drive!!!
  7. The modified car, the never ending story, the money pit. Anyway, I have ordered wheels with the correct offset from Europe and they arriving soon. I already have tires for them. I am looking for a reliable wheel balance/ alignment fitting garage, preferably south of Dubai. A shop that knows what they are doing with lifted suv’s. Please let me know. To come back to wheels with correct offset. What I don’t understand from our region. We have maybe the most LC200S driving around than anywhere. The lc200 comes with a positive offset of 60mm. Almost all shops they have only wheels with 0 offset. When I ask them if they have wheels with positive offset, they ask me again why I want positive offset. Because I want something that works? And not only look good, without chopping here and there??? So thats why ordered wheels abroad.
  8. Desertdude made a good point. I am very biased because of experience. But lets be open minded. So you want to talk, you have to push a button, or it is activated by voice. I can already tell you; you don’t want to use the function that you will transmit as soon the mic sense audio. A lot of distortion on the frequency. This is maybe interesting for an open mic environment, 2 people on one frequency, but not in a group. Can you imagine, “please can you repeat that?”, “oh sorry, I was just taking a sip of my coffee” So we still have to use one hand to transmit. I am sure it is possible to fabricate a button on your steering wheel to transmit, but I am also sure that this will be expensive. We are not rally drivers who need a hot mic with our navigator. Another thing, the quality of sound, transmission, language, accents, I don’t want to imagine how terrible it has to be to receive this direct in my ear the whole drive for 4 hours. The reason why they wear headsets in Rally, because it is very noisy, you would not hear the guy next to you. Same Counts for planes, for example Gliders, they don’t wear a headset, because you have no engine that is rumbling. First thing I do during work, when the conditions permit, is hang that bloody headset behind me and put the speaker on. Can’t imagine to hear all the guys/ girls talking continuously direct in my ear. But this is my point of view! Lets keep this discussion open regarding equipment/ solutions if we want a hands free radio in a group environment. Desert dude said it already, ANC, aviate, navigate, communicate. It is a strong model that is used as foundation for pilots. We can use this model also with our drives. - First drive, have your car under control - Navigate, where do you want to go? Or do you want to go anywhere from here? - communicate, talk or answer a radio call The benefit of using such model is, that it gives you thinking capacity, we believe we can multitask, but we don’t. (greetings from Lagos, unfortunately not able to join tomorrow’s drive)
  9. Trying to catch up with people/ playing backgammon (with real people)
  10. Xaf

    Best weight loss ideas

    Remove the seats, all the carpet and fabric, ow wait, it is not about the car. I am struggling on and off with my weight due my work. For the info, I am a pilot and fly long haul. Going through different timezones, sleeping in different beds and I like a beer. Tried different diets, I don’t believe in that anymore. Yes it might work, but then u have to continue with that lifestyle and often thats too difficult. It is all about a balance of everything and have enough exercise on regular basis and good night of sleeps. This works for me; Start with a balanced diet with enough nutrients. For example, I start with 3 eggs half avocado, oat with blueberries and cacao, and some cheese next to it. Then I heavy lunch, more like a dinner for most people and in the evening a light dinner so I have a full stomach to go to bed. Whats important, if you start cutting stuff like meat or milk, what many people advise, you might have a lack of some acids that are important for your sleep. Don’t do these shakes and fatburners, change your lifestyle here and there. Start working out or walking, cut the desserts a bit and change the juices for water. It will take time, take small steps, all small steps come to a big change. If you take big steps and you will fall one time (fatburners, extreme diet, working out crazy), you will less likely start again. Good luck!!
  11. Unfortunately I have to bail out, also when the schedule will suite me. I changed the tires and wheels. Also the offset and size. Had to remove the mud flaps, but I am still not sure if in deflated condition, I will have any rubbings in my wheel fender. Beside this, I want first to get used to the handling characteristics to avoid any disruptions.
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