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  1. Looking at all the fun the Carnity family is sharing - we are fine to be a toddler and play around - after all “who wants to grow up” 🥳😝😉😉
  2. Guys !! looks like I missed the big Carnity family this weekend !! but not for long - am coming this Friday !! yeahhh
  3. I have just got an urgent meeting at 11 am on this Friday - so I won’t be able to join this Friday - will miss the amazing weather and the drive with all of u guys
  4. Thank you 🙏 Sri - for the heads up and personalised calls to all of us - see you next week hopefully let’s enjoy the rain outside desserts chilling at home for now 😊😉
  5. After Christmas and New Years holidays - am looking forward to seeing you all and have a good drive tomorrow morning- see you Team and let’s have some fun !
  6. Team ! i won’t be able to join this Friday as I have to travel - will keep checking for next weekend drive and will join for sure
  7. Amit0103


  8. Team ! let me start with a BIG thank you to all of you ! this was my 2nd new bee trip this Friday and the first one as a driver- the last one – I was a silent spectator and an accompanied driver with @Navinchandar – thanks to him that I gathered the courage to get my car (without the insurance- it should have) – the excitement and the energy I felt in the first gathering was more enough to get me going and wake up this Friday for the drive ! I would like to share my experience as a new comer and my reflections on my learnings and observations from the day- Warmth and Friendly Welcome:- this group has tremendous warmth and welcome and not even a single person I met (first time and this time) who is not welcoming and not an amazing support to the new members ! so guys – 3 cheers to all of you for being so good ! @Rahimdad - that big hug is surely a big warm welcome ;) Amazing patience from all other seniors for the briefing and waiting it to finish for the new bee:- I would like to highlight this point really- as I saw how the whole group listening to the detailed briefing to me given by @Srikumarand the expert comments from everyone- till they all felt that I have been briefed extensively well and was mentally ready for the first drive with them. Small and important tips from seniors and @Atif bhai – on 2nd lead – this was informative as I learnt that though the 1st commander and his leads are important in the convoy- its also important for everyone to keep an eye on the 2nd lead and they shared the right reasons for the same – which made perfect sense for a new bee like me ! Right sequence of the convoy- to ‘protect’ the new bee – The sequence of the convoy was strategically placed – keeping in mind – me and my car are protected and are covered from any possible danger as the first time driver- I was placed at the 3rd position just after @dri and @atif bhai and was followed by the most experienced person in the group @Rahimdad – thanks to all of you for making me feel so safe and protected from the very start ! really appreciate ! Amazing leadership – for @Srikumar and @Rahimdad – Guys- I am sure you know this and have noticed but these 2 gentleman are amazing leaders and gives you goosebumps with everything they do ! from planning to being there for you and from engagement to helping you out in any situation and from guiding and taking the first risk on themselves and encouraging you to do your best and push yourself and the limits we have in our mind and making us believe- “we can do it” – big applause to both of you and others too ! Things to note and learn from @Srikumar- Looking at the new routes which are full of fun and adrenaline rush Keeping an eye on the new bee - he actually was driving as a lead- and making sure i 'follow the tracks in the right way' Keeping an eye on the ‘other adventurous groups’ that may be a potential disruptor on our way! giving a heads up warning to all of us Driving himself a manual along with talking on the radio! Wow ! what an amazing coordination and leadership skills – hawk eyes ! @Rahimdad – Thanks for taking us to the next spots ‘the big red’ and not letting me drive right now - really appreciate- It was amazing to learn about the start of the journey and how did this group came to this point – I really enjoyed learning the history of carnity and the group’s accomplishments ! Your insights and amazing tips – learnt a lot from you in that an hour ! first hand experience of sitting beside a legendary driver – priceless !! Playing and also keeping an eye on everyone- Making sure everyone is with the convoy and well taken care of People do got stuck and everyone came over to help each other ! We played and some of us played more and extra ;) and when we got stuck – even in less than a few minutes- we saw people coming and helping you out to take you out of the situations- saw how to use a shovel ;) and how do we tow away a car- just saw and did not participate as I really didn’t know what to do in those situations ! but next time- if need be- I will ! Breakfast !- another best part- @Atif bhai – getting the ‘karark chai’ for everyone ! that early morning ! hats off ! that was super needed during the break And yes no one can forget the aaloo paranthas and the love behind and how its been served ! thanks @Rahimdad – Plus super good snacks from everyone else, the nutrella roles- thanks ! Stories over chai’s and snacks -Also @mert – thanks for sharing your experience in bumping up with me and @navin in our office and marking you during your serious presentation ;) it was pleasantly surprising to see and meet you 3rd time in less than a week ;) a small world for sure And yes, to all their contributions and sharing more about different markets in Sharjah and where to find what ! Plus ‘the washing machine’ and the lassi (sweet laban) stories- All those who missed- we can surely ask the group to repeat ;) @gaurav- missed meeting you in person- but we will catch up soon I hope- at one point we thought you were there in the same dunes but with another group ;) there was someone just like you – that the group thought it was you ! you must have got some hikups while we were talking about you (all good things for sure) ;) Photos and videos:- PS:-As new enthusiastic- and as everything is new to me and anything I see for the first time- I grab my phone and start taking photos and videos – I took some photos ! and these are not to mark anyone or any situation- but if any of you feel I should not upload these- I will delete them from my phone and here-
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