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  1. Looking at all the fun the Carnity family is sharing - we are fine to be a toddler and play around - after all “who wants to grow up” 🥳😝😉😉
  2. Guys !! looks like I missed the big Carnity family this weekend !! but not for long - am coming this Friday !! yeahhh
  3. I have just got an urgent meeting at 11 am on this Friday - so I won’t be able to join this Friday - will miss the amazing weather and the drive with all of u guys
  4. Thank you 🙏 Sri - for the heads up and personalised calls to all of us - see you next week hopefully let’s enjoy the rain outside desserts chilling at home for now 😊😉
  5. After Christmas and New Years holidays - am looking forward to seeing you all and have a good drive tomorrow morning- see you Team and let’s have some fun !
  6. Team ! i won’t be able to join this Friday as I have to travel - will keep checking for next weekend drive and will join for sure
  7. Amit0103


  8. Team ! let me start with a BIG thank you to all of you ! this was my 2nd new bee trip this Friday and the first one as a driver- the last one – I was a silent spectator and an accompanied driver with @Navinchandar – thanks to him that I gathered the courage to get my car (without the insurance- it should have) – the excitement and the energy I felt in the first gathering was more enough to get me going and wake up this Friday for the drive ! I would like to share my experience as a new comer and my reflections on my learnings and observations from the day- Warmth and Frie
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