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  1. Hello @Emmanuel, Sorry but I had some work on Friday luckily got over today itself and I don't wanted to loose this apportunity so I sign-up. Anyways Thank you for your advice, will take care in future. Enjoy your drive guys, see you next weekπŸ‘
  2. @Emmanuel I have just sing up for this drive. I don't have additional light on my car.Hope its OK to drive with regular headlights for this level of drive. Please Advise..
  3. Dear @Shamil I am so sorry not able to join today's drive, got some emergency, I was getting ready to move from home for drive but due to sudden incident can not continue. Accept my apology πŸ™ Lucky Sam
  4. @Srikumar Sri Bhai, Sorry i will not be able to join tomorrow's drive πŸ˜” ,got something urgent to address. I have already signed out from tomorrow's drive. See you at next time πŸ‘
  5. Hello @Srikumar, I would like to join this evening fewbie drive,please do let me know if its possible and can be managed. I cant log in my self as RSVP is full. Thank you, Lucky Sam πŸ™‚
  6. Hello Gaurav, I am not able to Sign in for this drive, I can see only 9 cars are going and post says 12 can join, plz let me know is any possibilities I can join this fewbie drive if yes how to proceed.
  7. Hello Everyone, Since I have joined carnity, I loved each and every trip along with you'll, My son & I always wait for fridays to join you guys. @Wrangeldyou are right - I can find symptoms that I am at risk of addiction ... actually I am addicted already This friday I enjoyed the most by driving at fossil rocks trip also faced new challenges, learned more about new skills & all thanks to @Gaurav🀘 and there was one more reason why I enjoyed more because I cut my car's half bumper from down and it was a fearless drive (not to get hit again at the edge of sharp dune while coming down ) and thanks to @Srikumar for great advice, It worked out really well πŸ‘ I have attached the pictures of the new look of my car (adviced by Gaurav Bhai ) and I didn't spent a single Dirham to get this done, apparently I myself just cut it down 😝 .... Gaurav Bhai🀘 (last picture was before I did changed ) Also thank you so much for upgrading my profile πŸ™πŸ™ Thank you team and see you guys on weekend.
  8. Hello Everyone, first of all I am extremely sorry for not to reply you all at/on time and thank you so much for all your messages and lovly wishes. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ And thank you so much to all senior team members and decision makers of Carnity Group for showing confidant in me and upgrading my profiles to next level....πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ I have enjoyed every drive and time i spent with you all and wish to continue in future as well with more enthusiasm and positive energy .....πŸ‘ @GauravYes You were right I couldn't check my messages on form as I was not having habits of cheking regularly πŸ˜”... but now onwards I will do so...... πŸ₯ @Gaurav I didn't check the messages that's why I was requesting/ reminding you all to promote me this morning ....... I wish I knew it that I have been promoted already. πŸ˜” Thank you @Rahimdad @[email protected] and all group members for all your support πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ Regards, LuCky sAm
  9. Hello Everyone, Hope you all are well. I'm writing to just let you'll know that tomorrow I won't be able to join the tribe as I have got some urgent work to do. Will surely join next week Enjoy you the ride folks!! Regards, LuCky sAm
  10. Good Morning, Exited to see you all again on Friday for another exiting drive ....
  11. Hey Srikumar, Thank you your prompt reply, will be there shortly. Please advise if I can bring my 7 year son along with me ?
  12. Lucky sAm

    Lucky sAm

  13. Hello Srikumar, I have joined this group just an hour ago, and interested to join tomorrow morning (03/01/2020) I am new to off-rode, i have Nissan Petrol 2013 model. Please let me know how can i contact ( any mobile number to call ) , please provide the exact location details you to join and what to bring along. I don't have any off-road equipments ... hope its ok for first time . Regards, Lucky 0503534834
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