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  1. @Foxtrot Oscar Yes you mentioned at the beginning of drive, that we all gona have fun. And you keep your words. This was one of my best drive I must say. It was great fun and learning with you at drive. BTW I have signed up for Next Saturday drive with you already. Looking forward for more fun with learning. 20210116_170628.mp4
  2. Dear @Emanuel, I have done my 4 Fewbie Plus successfully and very easily, plz advice when i can be promote to next level. πŸ™
  3. @Chaitanya D Good Morning, My car is not getting start, seems its battery eissu. Sorry, not able to join this drive πŸ˜”
  4. Dear @Vanessa8580 Sorry to inform very late can not join tomorrow's drive, got stuck in abudhabi. I was about to get back to Dubai, but end moment decided to stay back. See u next week ,Sorry onec again πŸ™
  5. @Chaitanya D I am extremely sorry to say can not join today's drive, I have got some medical emergency.
  6. Dear @Chaitanya D Can you please add me in WL for this drive. Let me know if possible for me to join this drive.
  7. Thank you everyone,Yeah it was great fun driving back after long time. Driving along with Hot Balloons was beauty. @Foxtrot Oscar appreciate the way you handle the situation and your patience... hats off. @Brette Thank you for giving apportunity at last moment. @Veedooshee Thanks veedooshi u were great at second lead.... good job. Overall its was great and enjoyable drive indeed. See you soon at desert 🏜 again.
  8. Hello @Srikumar, I got a spot in Fewbie Dirve , hence will sign out from this group. Thank you πŸ™
  9. @Frederic Thank you so muchπŸ™ I will sign out from other drive ...
  10. @Brette Thank you so much for confirmation. what will be the radio frequency for this drive, i couldn't find details on post.
  11. @Frederic I signup in newbie convoy to secure the drive and for liwa experience. Please add me in fewbie drive group if any possibility.πŸ™ Can i exit from newbie once its confirm with fewbie group only?
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