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  1. I am joining morning drive , hence removed my self from wait list. See you in next drive 🙂 Thank you
  2. Hello, I will be taking my new FJ cruiser ( Black Color) 🙂
  3. Exited to join tomorrow's drive after long. What's the Redio Frequency for tomorrow's drive.
  4. Hello Shaaz @Shaaz Sha, Sorry by mistake I entered in this drive, I suppose to login for Monday. Sorry I can't join tomorrow.
  5. Hello @Ale Vallecchi Would like to join this drive, do let me know if possible. RSVP please 🙏
  6. Hello shaaz, Yes it's confirmed from my end , see you tomorrow morning. Thank you 😊
  7. Hello @Reggie Landicho, Yes I would like to join drive, if possible. Thank you 🙏
  8. Dear @Foxtrot Oscar, Hope u doing great. Let me know if possible to join this drive , already added my self in wait list. Thanks
  9. Hello @Tbone Sorry will not be able to join drive, I have got some problem in Car AC . I sent car to garage and I was expecting to receive today, but seems its difficult. Don't want to keep it block till last moment ,hence going to sign out from this drive and wish to see you soon 🙂
  10. @Foxtrot Oscar Sorry will not be able to join drive this Saturday , got some sudden work came up. Will catch u at next drive.
  11. @Foxtrot Oscar This is my first drive for this week, I haven't booked for any other drive yet
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