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  1. Hi Richard, I got space in Brette drive you can remove me from waiting list . thank you .
  2. @Vanessa8580 was such a lovely ride really enjoyed going up the Faya Dune , thank you guys for an amazing weekend @Nivin @Salarios.
  3. Hi @Frederic , looks like I wont be joining the upcoming Liwa drive , please offer my space to the next person . Enjoy the drive guys , will catchup on the next one .
  4. @Frederic @Pancho thank you for today , was a beautiful and relaxing drive . @Foxtrot Oscar always happy to see you part of the convoy , thank you for being around
  5. @Wrangeld really appreciate your feedback will work on it for sure looking forward to our next ride . @Jeepie thank you for covering our back and pulling us out at all time . @Athula Dharmadada great pics man , thank you .
  6. @Ale Vallecchi @Foxtrot Oscar thank you so much guys for another great weekend . Such a smooth ride , learned a lot today .. Looking forward to the next weekend .
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