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  1. Thanks @Gaurav for the early advise. See you all soon ! Take care God bless & protect us to be safe from this difficult situation.
  2. Getting excited on the next drive but a bit anxious upon the news that authorities are urging citizens to stay home. So i had doubt that our schedule might be postponed. In my desperate need of confirmation, i called a couple of desert safari tour agencies, they answered that desert safari tours are closed until March 31. Maybe you guys have more reliable info on this. Yes Gaurav we'll wait for your confirmation .
  3. Thanks @Rahimdad for that opportunity for me to learn being a second lead. Still hungry to learn more from the legends and yes you did lead us to some tricky dunes that added to our experience. One thing i learned was getting out of being stuck. Though you asked me to wait while you were recovering the other vehicle, i was also busy finding solution of my situation. Until i remembered what @Gaurav said during the briefing to apply 4L as the last resort to self recover. With the help of @Pancho we succeeded without giving you much headache. For me it was an opportunity to learn and experience being stuck on that inclined angle. My passengers were bit scared, but knowing that we are driving with veterans , no need to panic. Thanks for all the rest of our convoy , we did great on that day.
  4. Hi @Gaurav my apologies for not being able to make it for today's Maliha afternoon drive. ( And also for this late info. I just came from the workshop) No matter how i pushed my mechanic to fix the steering fluid leak that happened during yesterday's Qudra drive, still we were not able to finish replacing the faulty part on time. My self discipline says that i really don't want to arrive late at the meeting point. I'm so sorry , i miss this event . Hope to drive with you next time.
  5. Well deserve ! Congratulations @Salarios expect more challenge for your V8 ! Can't wait to see your Black Beast on our next drives.
  6. Murano Rescue Part 2 One thing i love in this club is the spirit of community. Thanks @Srikumar for not only leading the convoy for the drive but also to demonstrate to us the proper rescue procedure when being stuck. To all those who gave a hand to remove the sand, @tjsingh, @Ren for the shovels and all the rest of the convoy that i've not known yet...Thank you guys. I went home with a smile and my car still in one piece and even more lighter due to some missing protectors from underneath the chassis. ☺️
  7. I'm so grateful for this promotion ! This calls for responsibility. Thank you @Fred, @Gaurav, @Rahimdad and everyone for your trust. Looking forward to learn more from you guys on our next drives. Always excited, see you !
  8. wow Thanks @sertac for these photos and video of my Murano rescue . Its so memorable for me, my first desert ride.
  9. Thanks @Frederic and @Gaurav for taking us to highest peak for our picture taking break . Very nice view from there. And also for allowing us to experience a few leap of faith moments to prepare our confidence for the even more challenging adventures in the future. Very nice ride today guys. Good job to all !!
  10. Hi . i would like to thank TJ and everyone in our convoy who helped me out when i got stuck. and Srikumar for leading us to another level of slopes that made our ride more thrilling. Looking forward for more challenging dunes but hopefully not with my Murano unless you guys have more shovels. see you guys on our next event.
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