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  1. Thanks @Frederic ! remembering your first briefing during my first newbie drive one foggy morning.🙂
  2. Thanks @Rahimdad I really miss those days when you, @Gaurav , @Frederic , @Srikumar and @Wrangelddo briefings in the open where all of us listen intently from a legend's advice to make sure we will not get stuck. Yes i still remember your warm hugs in the morning during those winter drives in Qudra where you gave me the chance to be your second lead.
  3. Very interesting idea @Lorenzo Candelpergher 👍 can't wait to make this happen.
  4. Thanks @Srikumar for being too patient with me during those days. You did a demo on the proper shovel technique with my Murano. Thanks Doc @Chaitanya D
  5. Thanks @Mohamed Seidam, @Anish S, @topgear , @Tbone, @Mukundan Nair See you soon in the sand !
  6. Thanks @Wrangeld for learning a lot from you. I'm sharing my first Carnity drive with my Murano. (Credit to the video owner) VID-20200207-WA0011.mp4.99bc9c737cc24036431166011cdb8698.mp4
  7. Thanks @Rinelle Sanaani can't wait to drive again with you as we did during our first newbie drive with @Frederic and my Murano.
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