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  1. Thanks @Frederic for booking me in this exciting drive. Unfortunately work deadlines are still unfinished and i’m afraid i will not be ready till tomorrow to prepare all the required preparation for this drive. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Hi @Frederic Thanks for booking me in this exciting drive. But unfortunately all my work deadline is still unfinished till now . I’m afraid i will not be ready till tomorrow to prepare all the requirements. I can give my position to @Francois Germishuys or anyone in your waitlist. Thanks
  3. Hi @Frederic please put me in the wailtlist on this drive. thanks
  4. Thanks Gaurav, We were able to fix the issue and she is now part of the convoy list. Thanks again!
  5. @Srikumar hello man , by mistake i pressed the manage option. 🙂By the way i had a friend who tried to join tomorrow in this absolute newbie drive. But her RSVP attemps were unsuccessful. She is already registered as member. Already tried many attempts to book . Can we help her? Her name is Kylie Barrameda. thanks
  6. @Arun Mathew, i have it installed with extra fan and transmission cooler. and everything went fine even during hot summer drives.
  7. Dear @Emmanuel, Sorry for this late information. i just noticed my radiator collant is spreading inside my engine. Needs to check to be sure and avoid delaying the convoy. Please cancel my RSVP and maybe give it to somebody in the waiting list. My apologies.
  8. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi and for the rest of our convoy. More lessons i learned in today's challenging drive.👍
  9. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi very well said. . That drive seems to transport us to the real African safari with all those shrubs and acacia trees along the way. Though we did not encounter some lions ang giraffe but we were greeted by few donkeys, cows and of course camels. Nice drive !
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