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  1. Hi . i would like to thank TJ and everyone in our convoy who helped me out when i got stuck. and Srikumar for leading us to another level of slopes that made our ride more thrilling. Looking forward for more challenging dunes but hopefully not with my Murano unless you guys have more shovels. see you guys on our next event.
  2. Hi Fred , Thanks for seeing Murano on the gallery you posted. It made me proud. Having experienced my first drive in Fossil Rock which was challenging, Do you think Al Qudra would be a little bit easier? thanks
  3. Jun Zamora

    Jun Zamora

  4. Guys , thanks for all the inputs you shared in this topic. Very helpful. Me too has been hunting for a capable 4X4 vehicle for the next drive. I got a friend's advice to go for Nissan Xterra. For it's good Off road performance and also comfortable for city driving. do you think he is right? i haven't driven as X Terra yet.
  5. Guys i want to be honest. Until now i haven't got over yet from the experience that Friday morning. Its like i found the missing piece in my whole 20 years life in UAE. Now i spent more time browsing Dubizzle and other sites for the 4X4 that i can afford. Hoping i can find the right one. I felt my Murano cannot handle my excitement in joining more adventures in the future. I am now a confessed addict and i need help. Indeed thankful to all of you and meeting new friends is such great experience. God bless and more power everyone. !
  6. Thanks Gaurab, Very informative ethics that all club members should know and apply.
  7. Congratulations Fred @Frederic You more than deserve it. You gave us the confidence not to be nervous on our first attempt. Well organized to guide us and the sense of humor at the briefing ! Thanks man!
  8. To Richard, Rahim , Mahmoud and everyone . Thanks for your help when i got jammed on the rock . It happened for a reason guys, to demonstrate the used of kenetic rope , the power of Wrangler and the swift action of Javier to pull me out. Has somebody took photo of that scene ?
  9. Good morning guys, Yesterday's drive at Maliha Fossil rock was really awesome. For me as a newbie and driving an AWD is quite challenging. But thanks God i made it . Thanks Fred, Gaurab, Rahimdad, Shikumar , Mahmoud and everyone who shared us those informations during the early morning briefing, it really help a lot and the instructions on the radio ( Thanks Frederic for lending us your units) is saving us newbies from being stuck (i did twice ) Thank you Javier for the rescue and taking me to the safer route . You guys really did great being patient with us newbies ! I look forward for more adventures in the coming weeks, months and years. Definitely my Murano is not built for this type of thing. Hopefully i can find a pre owned jeep wrangler that would fit my budget. See you soon guys !
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