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  1. @Emmanuel sorry mate. unfortunately something else has come up for friday n i've to backout. i was really about this drive for the iftar bowl. hope i can make it next time. c u s.
  2. Light bars are kind of over kill in my opinion, unless you are the marshal or lead of the pack. Else a good pair of spot or flood light will serve the purpose.
  3. personally i feel, its not worth it. it can potentially damage your throttle body. id rather go old skool.."pedal to the floor".
  4. If you are interested in DIY, you can buy a suction mount and a flag pole from dragon mart for ~60 aed and fix it.
  5. Febin Frederic

    Febin Frederic

  6. Today's drive was quite exceptional. Being the second lead of the convoy was an opportunity to become more responsible. Much appreciated @Rahimdad bhai for believing in me , i hope that i was up to your mark. Eventhough drive was short, we got to learn some of the important offroad recovery techniques, great cooperation made it so natural at troublesome occasions particularly when fj's tire got blasted Nevertheless, a big shoutout to those who provided refreshements. Hanging tight for my next drive.
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