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  1. Agree with @Srikumari did that mistake once thinking that's the track should be taken, then realized it was a refusal from the front and we all went down and re attempted. yes it was dangerous indeed, could have been avoided. speed of video made it look more scary. 😄
  2. My apologies about short notice.i got a last min call from my boss..heading to office now. Stay safe and have fun guys.
  3. Mabrook @Kalahari enjoy your promotion. It was always fun driving with you.c u s on sand.
  4. Congrats mate @Chaitanya D. Well deserved for your enthusiasm. C u s on sand.
  5. Thanks @Gaurav. I've leant something new. Always impressed by carnity marshals about the level of knowledge in this sport, they possess. Looking forward to more drives with you in future. Ps: location was amazing, we should plan bbq there someday, may be post covid.
  6. Agree..re routing can be done. I was saying the real fun of intermediate drive is keeping the pace. I didn't mean to highlight churning up is the only issue. I was surprised to see some drivers who had done really well in other drives struggling to keep up. I wanted to say, some drives require a little bit of preperation. Peace !
  7. @Emmanuel never disappoints me. Lead was excellent as usual. Badayer is one of my fav, because of rich tall dunes and bowls it has. I wish to highlight few things. I feel, When we plan an intermediate level drive on a terrain like this, we should limit the convoy to 5 or 6 vehicles. Also driver should prepare themselves for a faster pace , tall climbs. I saw a bunch of refusals today which could have been avoided with more pace. Not to mention, at some point , i felt our guys were going easy on throttle where they really needed to push. Not sure if it was due to an early morning drive, perhaps you needed some warmup. It ruins the fun when u have refusal at the same spot again n again, and leave a churned up track for the guys at the back. We maintained some good pace at the beginning, but when we started the climb, we had a lost situation. Nevertheless, everyone did exceptionally well in climbing the bowl, that actually proves your vehicle's potential. We were so unfortunate with couple of pop out situations, now you know why i don't like bushes. Again, it is strictly a personal opinion, no hate to anyone. I am no expert to judge anyone, I am still improving my offroad skills. Its just me who was frustrated at the back of the convoy due to some high expectation of intermediate drive.
  8. Jeep wrangler has a range of colors unlike other brands. I have an orange one ..not the ordinary orange fruit color..jeep call it punk'n metallic (kind of pumkin red). I find it unique n suits well for jeep.
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