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  1. Congratulation @Tbone... verywell deserved. Lookonf forwqrd for ur lead drive.
  2. Congratilations @Vanessa8580 very well deserved. Looking forwqrd for ur lead drive
  3. Congratulations @Chaitanya D buddy.. well deserve!!! Looking forward.for ur lead
  4. Hurray ! Congratulations @Kalahari well.deserved.. i am proud of u
  5. @Ale Vallecchi congratulations!!!. U so deserved this.. ur the DUNE MASTER.. U read the dunes like a book..
  6. @J J we wont let you down... hahaHha.. @Febin Frederic surely has a lot of tricks to deal with @Chaitanya D .. hahahahah
  7. @Ale Vallecchi m really sorry for the short notice.. i wont be able to join todays drive. I wont be able to make it on time .. i hav and early morning patient emergency.. Thank u.. see u all soon in the next drive
  8. @Islam Soliman ur very much welcome.. first tine i saw ur beast in the meeting point... my first impression was Wow thats an elephant in the desert. But as we drove along, ureally dod well handling ur big belly beast... its impressive.. looking forward to see u again with ur beast. @Biju Abdul thank u biju.. im just like u all.. still learning the ways of the desert.. ow learning the ways of handling responsibilities in the convoy.. Thank u so much @Ale Vallecchi for having the confidence in me handling the center forward. Il continue to learn the ways of convoy responsibilitie
  9. @Jun Zamora just believe in ur jeep.. then believe in urself.. step on the gas full throttle and go....
  10. Go to.formula trading.. u can pick a lot f options there.. the al barsha branch
  11. @Ale Vallecchi thank u so much for a wonderful and cool lead.. ur the DUNE MASTER.. U read the dunes like a book.. ur knowledflge od the dunes amd terrains is pretty impressive.. Its always fun to follw the lead of the Dune Master
  12. @Srikumar m so sorry, i wasnt able to make it to the correct meeting point..i arrived to the wrong location 10min before the meeting time.. i was going round and round looking for the group.. When i double checked the location..it was a wrong location..
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