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  1. Congratulations sir @Ale Vallecchi looking forward to learn more from.u
  2. @Ale Vallecchi it was a great lead sir. I really enjoyed following your lead and ..and learning from u and the crew @Srikumar @Vanessa8580 @Foxtrot Oscar.. its always fun to drive with u guys
  3. Thank u @Ale Vallecchi .i already agreed yesterday Looking forward for the fun and exciting trail under ur wing this friday..
  4. Very well done! @Shamil @Srikumar @Desert Dweller.. for the nonstop adrenaline drive trail... most exciting drive so far... it was really super fun
  5. @Rahimdad im so sorry for the misunderstanding.. it was the post from Gaurav that i reacted about the BAN from carnity drive.. I went back tompage one of this post.. amd reacted already..
  6. Thank u so much for the kind words @Rahimdad...specially the quick wit advise along the ride..i am always watching out and admiriing, how u react and how u move around the convoy . The freedom . u are a great sweeper.. saying to my self , i wanna learn more to be a sweeper.. its really fun art to watch.. Ive been willing to ask, at one point in the tricky trail where we one by one go down then up, where i didnt hav the momentum and power to push thru.. donubthink its best to put the gear to 1 while going down to hav more power uphill? I havent tried it... but i would love to learn it.
  7. Nice video JJ.. it was a fun and techinical ride with u guys.. Also @Emmanuel it was really a great lead from the past 2 drive with u..
  8. @wrangled thank u so much for also leading in front of me.. im learning a lot following ur trail.. and watching u drive
  9. Thank u bro.. i always learn a lot watching u drive..
  10. Vanessa, its always fun to hav u around in the drive. Lead the way
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