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  1. I was in prime position behind you for that jump but it was one of the few moments I didn't film. It was amazing - who knew a Pajero could fly?! Glad you both and the car were fine
  2. While our heads are still full of our fun drive this morning, here's a recent picture of Mars for comparison...
  3. Great drive thanks to you all especially @Rahimdad and @Brette for all the hard work. Lots of learning opportunities for everyone today and I'm sure we mostly ended the drive having picked up some new skills or tips. See you on the next one.
  4. Gregory Perkin

    Gregory Perkin

  5. @Gaurav @Frederic Thank you very much! That's excellent news to end what has been a tough week. I'm very much looking forward to continuing to learn from you all and seeing you on the upcoming drives. Thank you for the help and support so far. Greg
  6. Have a great drive out everybody. I'm not able to attend any drives this week as I'm on a 14-day post-flight self-quarantine. Such a shame, but I'll be thinking of you all. Enjoy 🏜
  7. No idea what that emoji is but yes I've read the COVID instructions. Thanks
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