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  1. Thanks Frederic, I own and use this radio and found it easy to programme and very robust. Seems to have quite a following with enthusiasts in the US too. A bargain for the price.
  2. If any newbie is looking for a radio then the Baofeng is low price in Dragonmart. 70 AED and they unboxed and tested before sale. Shop BAI05
  3. Hi all! If anyone withdraws their RSVP I would like to be considered please. All drives full this weekend, I missed the boat... Greg (Red JK Rubicon)
  4. Thanks all. Had a great time in Convoy 1 today. Had a lot of fun meeting some awesome people. See you all again soon. Greg
  5. Thanks all for the great welcome
  6. Haha many thanks for all that. Hopefully I've jumped on this quickly enough before I get to the damage phase. Looking forward to meeting you.
  7. Hi everyone. Just to introduce myself as a new member. Father of Chloe and Harvey, in Dubai for 8 years now and living in Mira for the past 2. Off -roading is a relatively new part of our lives, just 6 months playing in the sand. It's the hobby we never knew was missing. I have been going out regularly, making mistakes and learning the hard way. Very much looking forward to meeting you all and learning from your experience and gaining confidence in a group. All the best, Greg
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