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  1. @sertac this is what workshop diagnosed today, thursday they clean and flush cooling system and said nothing @Gaurav thanks for detailed advise ,Car is with workshop now will check with them for all instructions.
  2. My wrangler TJ is showing getting over heated just after driving 15 km on road at 90 km/hr where coolant level is full any advise ,cooling system flushed and new coolant added yesterday by workshop
  3. Start counting from scratch 🤣 Joking
  4. @Gaurav thanks your advise quite convincing ,
  5. if it is not a requirement why should I invest , tham thanks for advise
  6. @Wrangeld thanks for info , so presently I will not be needing extra light as I am only a newbie .
  7. Please advise what extra light I need for night drive , I am driving Wrangler 2005 sport (mini) some pictures will be helpful and also from where I can get them thanks
  8. @Frederic Thanks was just asking to understand Carnity system , hope to be with you in coming morning drive
  9. Please someone explain what is FEWBIE Number of drives 10 (16 Newbie + Fewbie drives) Intermediate: Number of drives 10 (26 regular drives) Expert: Number of drives 10 (46 Newbie + Fewbie + Intermediate drives)
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