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  1. @RaYan E's wheels were pointing full left when @Srikumar was making the first two tugs. That's why from your view, it wasn't moving. He later corrected it when someone pointed it out over the radio.
  2. @Mohamed Seidam I uploaded these in the recoveries thread as well as you suggested. Thanks.
  3. Recoveries from SolarPark Newbie Drive 18/09/2020 lead by @Srikumar and supported by @Janarthan
  4. Here is the full recovery video of Xavier.. It has a lot to learn. Listen carefully for the instructions given by Srikumar.. Thanks @Srikumar for the wonderful drive. I have 2 more videos from today’s drive.. Will add it to the post in a while. Thanks everyone and see you soon!
  5. @Rahimdad, I got a slot in Solar Park drive. Please remove me from the waiting list. Thanks
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