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  1. @Kieran McKeown my friend got some used coils and wider tires in Sharjah for pennies , increased his ground clearance and made a huge difference in his 2006 trail blazer. I think it would be a good upgrade for your car 😁
  2. @Gaurav @[email protected] S @Janarthan @Rahimdad @Tbone @Frederic @Chaitanya D Thank you guys for the promotion, just saw the message now. I am really glad I joined this group, learning lots from the professionals here! Going for some holidays outside of this heat so I will rejoin adventures in three weeks, on fewbie this time 😃. Cant wait! See you all soon.
  3. Oh wow this drive filled really fast. Please add me to the waiting list @Gaurav appreciated.
  4. Not seeing a similarity with a Pajero but since we are talking about new defender I gotta say Im not too keen on its air suspension, I don't think a rugged car should have an air suspension.
  5. @Srikumar Thanks for your invaluable tips on checking my psi gauge (which isn't accurate) with the one in the petrol station as I should have deflated my tires more. Great group and fun drive 😎
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