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  1. @Emmanuel sure no problem i did not see the requirement when i signed up on my phone, hope you guys enjoy a fast paced drive.
  2. @Goutam also wanted to add that there are different ways to clear a dune, I have a friend driving a lifted Armada and given its size he takes his own angles which involve longer turns to avoid sharp crests when following for example a Wrangler which has a shorter wheel base in comparison. But the 5.6L V8 helps for sure. In my opinion the new Xterra is under-powered and ill be surprised if it makes it to the top of Iftar Bowl . 😅
  3. Hi @Emmanuel wont be able to join this afternoon drive. Wishing you guys amazing dunes
  4. @Niki Patel the amp is where you will see the difference along with the sub. Right now your new speakers dont have juice to power. them. Get minimum 4 channel amp 😉.
  5. @Niki Patel under seat sub is also a good option which will greatly improve the sound quality in your car especially if you want to save trunk space. However a sub in the trunk always sounds more powerful. Custom subs can be created to fit the space on the side of the trunk where the JBL sub would be (sold on older VXR FJ's in the past) but this requires some effort to make or find someone to make it for you. I did not mind the space the Pioneer occupied so i opted for an easy trunk sub option. Look at some pictures or videos of FJ sound setups, there are plenty out there to
  6. Hi Niki, Regarding the FJ sound system, as an audiophile myself I found it to be terrible in the 2013 FJ Cruiser that I have. First thing I did was to replace the stock head unit with a Pioneer head unit with touchscreen display. I immediately felt a noticeable difference in bass because it has a small amp in itself. About 50W. Compared to the 15W headunit from before (Im sure the one you have is much better than the old school radio knob one). The next thing I did was to replace the front dash speakers with Kenwood 4''. Slightly better sound than before, I recommend you get
  7. Some dune surfing from today. 😁 Captured for as long as the battery lasted. @Ale Vallecchi it was a great drive with some interesting criss-crossing and some really soft patches of sand to test our skills. Especially at the beginning in the tight technical area. See you guys in Liwa!
  8. @Tero Vallas alternatively you can install a kill switch for your Prado at xxxxxx xxxxxxxx, i paid 250AED. Kills the ABS, traction control and airbags. I did that for the FJ i dont think the electronics are that much different. Ah forgot i was not supposed to mention garage names on this forum.. Any good offroad garage will do it. Ras Al Khor area is where i go.
  9. Thanks @Emmanuel yes you can confirm. Now ill look for some Jerrycans 😂
  10. Thank you @Chaitanya D for showing us some long range ridge riding. It just proves the point that we should never fight gravity and stay on top of the ridge , in the center of it as much as possible and if the back of the car starts fish tailing and being pulled by gravity its better to exit than to risk a flip. Also it was my first intermediate drive and i learnt the importance of a bash plate at this level having hit it pretty hard at one point during ridge riding 😅 Also thanks @Pancho and @Foxtrot Oscar for drive support. @Mehmet Volga im never bored driving behind you 😄
  11. @Emmanuel the FJ version I drive has a 70L Gas tank instead of 150L. Is it sufficient for this sort of drive considering it will take half a day. Also if possible please add to waitlist thanks
  12. Today was a long and interesting drive. Experienced my first pop out that was quickly handled with the help of the team, thanks guys! Just a quick edit of our trip and a tire pop out at the end 😄 The front tire was at around 11Psi and the sharp turn at high speed can make these things happen. Better to go for a smoother approach next time. See you guys on dunes again!
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